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  1. If i'm posting in the wrong section then I apologise, please point me in the right direction. I have been playing golf regularly for the past 4 years and I've managed to get down to 8.9 even though I suffer from severe inconsistency. Over the past few months I have seen little progress and I'm really starting to struggle. The first video below is from 2015 when I was playing well, the others were taken today during a trip to the driving range. - I have dipped in and out of trying 'Stack and Tilt', usually it works well for me but I end up reverting when others discourage me or give me other misinformation - Also may be worth mentioning I get pain in the lower right side of my back above my glute and I often get told I am stopping at the bottom and not getting through the ball. If anyone has any ideas on why my swing can be so inconsistent or any other advice on any flaws they can see it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Toby