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  1. No shortage of it over here!!
  2. Hey, I'm a 15 handicap golfer from Galway, Ireland. Local club is Athenry.
  3. Get there about an hour before I tee off. Hit the range - starting from pw to 7 iron to 5 iron to rescue to 3 wood to driver. Then hit the chipping green for about 15 mins before heading to the putting green for whatever time I have left - usually about 15 mins. Then down to the tee and let one rip!!
  4. Hey, Maybe instead of buying a new club get a couple of lessons. A hour or so with your local pro could have you hitting the driver at least as far as you'd hit 3 or 5 woods. Worth thinking about before splashing cash on new clubs.
  5. Hey, I have to agree with you on that - Taylormade woods are easy to hit well - not to mentions are easy on the eye.