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  1. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Thank you Support. I'll take it back just what i post it earlier, got real email with the copy of the receipt that stated the fun already back to my credit card, will check with CC company. So far they are good to me with their response even though the club wasn't work for me. This company is real, i'll do the business with them in the future.
  2. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    I bought the GX-7 on January, received the club 2.5 weeks latter, tried it didn't work for me. Returned the club never received the refund to my credit card yet this already one month since they got the club back. Sent email to the support the reply was from robot. I'll give 2 more days check with the CC, good think use CC.
  3. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    They shipped my order for GX7 yesterday, I got called from them last Wednesday told me my order will be shipped on Thursday or Friday at the latest. Please be patient they will take care of you. This isn't scam! Well can't wait till i receive the club, let you guys know the out come. Thanks...
  4. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Just got another email, seems promising email. Let's see if this will send me an active tracking number, I'll wait for the next email. Let you know guys the out come. Warning: HAEA Information Security has determined this message contains suspicious characteristics and has originated outside our organization. __________________________________ Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Customer: Subject: GX7 Order ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ David Brooks | FEB 01, 2017 | 11:50AM CST How nice was my reply ? http://www.nicereply.com/golf-tailor.page4/21833201/929967 Anthony, Your order for the GX7 is shipping today. As soon as it ships, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number. Kind regards, David B
  5. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Just got the robot email from them, i din't order C3i wedge, what kind of support is this!!! GX7 this my order. See below email, Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Customer: C3i Support Subject: Your C3i wedge order ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chris Davis | FEB 01, 2017 | 11:33AM CST
  6. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Not yet. Yea, I called this morning she told me that some one will get back to me but didn't hear none from them, this wasn't the first time. I'll give couple of days if still doesn't here from them will go to my CC get my money back, never had this kind of issue before, ordered from Revolution Golf for many times no problem at all. FRUSTRATED!!!
  7. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    I ordered the GX7 on January the 18, but haven't received it yet, email support told me will send yesterday but didn't hear yet, will wait today let see the response from the support.

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