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  1. It's a double edged sword. So many people want police videos released directly after an incident. There have been protests and riots over the release of police footage. Now to be fair this is usually involving a use of force incident but so many people distrust the police these days (and sometimes you can't blame them) that it's a common thing to release this footage during a high profile incident. Also this is an instant gratification culture we live in. Body cams are the new normal for most of law enforcement. I have been somewhat against using mobile recording devices like that. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I just think it's an invasion of privacy during some people's most private and vulnerable moments. It's also just another way Big Brother can monitor us. It's sad to see Tiger this way. And it honestly does make a difference to me whether someone with a medical issue is driving under the influence versus a partying drunk. Unfortunately in this litigious society everyone must be treated the same. It's also difficult sometimes to differentiate those who are on prescriptions just to get high and those with an actual problem.
  2. Maybe. Probably not. If he was involved in a traffic accident and left the scene, parked and pulled the keys out of the ignition the police would probably still be able to articulate that his current level of impairment led to striking an object. Basically hit and run. Probable Cause is all you need for an arrest like that and if he WAS involved in an accident and a subsequent search of the area led the police to his vehicle where he was parked on the shoulder they have all the PC in the world.
  3. As a cop, I see this kind of thing happen every day. 90% of DUI's this holiday weekend will not make the news. In Tiger's case the media will be determined to make money off of him regardless of his victories or failures. That just goes along with the territory, like his 40m dollar mansion. I don't want to sound like an after school special but this helps remind me that regardless of the area I'm in, be it Windermere or the ghetto, impaired drivers are all around us. Drive defensively, protect your families because someone out there is too drunk or high to care. Shutting up now.... (btw, if I ever do get hit by a DUI driver and god forbid it's serious, I hope it's by Tiger because I'm getting an autograph and then getting paaaaiiiiiiiid)
  4. Thanks everyone! I play at Callahan pretty regularly, it's my favorite course so far. Fairways of Canton is also a good course, it's not even 5 minutes away from Callahan. I live in Canton so both are pretty close.
  5. DVR alert, if you are recording Jack on the Golf network like I am, it's starting 30 minutes late so plan your DVR setup accordingly.
  6. Gotta say, Rose's interview has made me a fan of his. Classy. Wtg Sergio!!!
  7. I'll look that up! I've only been watching for a year or so.
  8. I've never seen a hybrid used that way before this tournament, seen it twice already. Adding that to my tiny bag of tricks.
  9. Baptizes tee shot and leaves the next a bit short. Brutal.
  10. Hello everyone! Been lurking for awhile, thought I'd get involved in some conversations now. I started the game about 8 months ago, instantly fell in love. I mainly play with my dad and brothers, it has been a great bonding experience for all of us. I grew up riding dirt bikes and motorcycles but now that I am in my 30's it has been nice to find a hobby that I don't have to worry about breaking a bone if I decide to push things :) I have a young son and I look forward to getting him into the game so we can have a mutual hobby for the next several decades. Fortunately the weather here in the south has been mild over the last few months and I am in law enforcement so that means a lot of golf during the week instead of having to battle it out for a weekend tee time. I look forward to sharing in some conversations about my new favorite game and learning from the experienced folks!
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