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  1. Golfsmith is pretty reputable Here http://www.golfsmith.com/products/TI...h_Steel_Shafts
  2. Callaway tour fit van came around to the club and they put me on there launch monitor, then when the numbers were right I took it too the range for a few real hits.
  3. After a couple years of strugling with off the shelf clubs I finally got fitted for some equipment and what a difference. First I got the driver done and that made a big enough difference that I decided to get Irons done a few weeks later. No wonder I never had good luck with any of my sets. The final fitting produced the Titleist AP-1 with project x 5.5 shafts .5 inch longer and 4 degrees up. So now I am wondering what to round my bag out with. My local club I only need a driver and short irons and my 4 hybrid. It's two par 3's, two par 5's and the rest are short par 4's. I got rid of my 3 wood and I only have the 5 wood because it was a dollar when I bought my driver. When I had my 3 wood I out hit it with my 3 hybrid (and straighter). I don't really need any more clubs for my course but when we travell we play some golf at other courses and I would like to be prepared. So this is the clubs Iam keeping for sure. What would you add to have a nice rounded bag that I could play almost anywhere. Callaway Ft-iQ driver Titleist AP-1 6/7/8/9/p/w Titleist Vokey spin milled 54/58 Odyssey Dual Force II #1 I was thinking maybe a fitted 3 wood and 5 wood then two hybrids to fill the gap between the woods and 6 iron. I also know I hit hybrids fairly good so maybe a 4 wood and 3 hybrids to round it out? So from your expierience what would be good clubs too fill out my bag with? Thanks
  4. I have those same clubs and I replaced the 3/4/5 with there rescue line of hybrids tossed the irons in the garage and don't miss them at all. Found that my yardage increased, was more accurate, and had zero problem getting the ball up. Your millage may vary but something to consider. I don't have the 8/9/pw problem you are having though.
  5. whats your budget guys might be able to lead you to a better deal.
  6. Heres my story I had two drivers and both of them had the same problem a ball that went higher than it did far. I always bought my clubs based on sales and brands but recently had been told about fitting. Boy do I feel dumb for wasting all that money before not getting fit. I decided to go out to the local golf store as the calllaway fit van was there. I got on there launch monitor which they assured me was the same stuff they fit the pros with. Heres the numbers My Drivers Taylormade Burner Draw 10.5* stock factory 50gram shaft Ball speed 150 Avg launch angle - 17* Ball spin 5200 RPM Titleist D1 9.5* with a Graphite desighn YS-6+ Ball speed 151 Avg Launch angle - 18* Ball spin 5800 RPM So as you can see those numbers are far from ideal. After trying all there callaway heads and aftermarket shafts we came up with the following combo. Callaway FT-IQ 9* with Graphalloy pro launch red Ball speed 159 Avg Launch angle 12* Ball spin 3200 RPM The Diamana blueboard was slightly better numbers wise but not enough of a diference to justify the big increase in price. They really liked my ball speed. I kept hitting my drivers throughout the process and the above numbers were a average of numerous hits. I can't wait to get out and see the real world performance as seeing the launch angle and spin come down has already built confidence. The FT-9 head was similar to the burner numbers and the Diablo was the worst at 6000 RPM but they didn't have the ablity to change shafts on the Diablo. Next step Irons
  7. Another new guy

    Just saying hello to all the members and a little background. This will be my second full year golfing I am usually a bogey golfer with some par's and maybe a bird. My score is still in the 90's as I usually have a couple holes that I fall apart on. I bought the clubs below based on brand's and sale prices. I learned shortly after that this what a big mistake and I wish I had never bought draw clubs. and most of them have shafts that don't work with my swing style and speed. I am getting fit this sunday to a new driver as it's my biggest problem right now. And I hope to have a fitted set of irons by mid summer. Hopefully I will have a complete set at the end of the year that is right for me. I will keep the 3 wood and reshaft it and likely reshaft or extend the wedges. I look forward to reading and learing and really enjoy the site so far. Jason
  8. Dream Bag/Equipment Setup

    I am too new to golf to know what my dream set is (2nd year) but I am going in for a fitting session this suday and hope to be able to edit this post with a dream set afterwords.
  9. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am a conductor for CN Rail but currently laid off due to the economy. So the local course is seeing lots of me
  10. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    My vote goes to Tiger but for similar reasons as others before me as I never watched Jack play.