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  1. I usually try to post videos in slow mo but I've had issue with posting them to youtube. I'll get more slow mo vids the next time I practice.
  2. The feet closed to my line is definitely an issue I'm trying to address. The longer the club the more my start line goes right. During my most recent lesson I got myself hitting the ball more where I was aiming. Thank you for your feedback.
  3. Are people allergic to responding to my thread?
  4. Went out and played yesterday after taking a lesson. I felt like my swing was as good as it has been in months. He got me swinging more left, got me to tilt right a little more at address, and working on my hip turn. When I struck the ball well the ball was traveling about 10 yards farther with my irons. Didn't push a single drive right. Really felt like I had control of my start lines. It's only one lesson and will take time ingrain the movements. I'm encouraged by my progress. http://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/ShddjnCX
  5. It was a beautiful day today so I went to the range. I had the best range session of the offseason. I am still king distance control right now but my contact with all of my irons was on point throughout 75% of session. I feel like my hip turn is starting to feel good. Still sliding forward more than I would like but today felt much better.
  6. feel like my hip turn is getting better. Hoping this shows that.
  7. I have been working hard on my hip turn but haven't had an opportunity to get out to practice. I have noticed that the more I work on the hip turn the more my head drops in the back swing. I think of it like doing a squat in the gym. My upper body goes forward the more behind me my hips go.
  8. I have been working hard on the body turn since I started this thread. Going to go out and play today. Saw this video online and it really resonated with me and some of my issues.
  9. Sorry apparently he doesn't work there anymore and the course you mentioned is him. Had to check out his Facebook page to verify.
  10. One of the guys I played high school golf with (Tyler Wong) was just named on of the top 50 junior golf instructors at sudden valley gc. I think it's in Bellingham.
  11. No worries. It's fun to give each other tips but I don't want to over step here.
  12. You may have to exaggerate the movement to actually get it to show in a video. If the feeling of 10 o'clock is causing you to still go to far then go to 9 or earlier. I do want to preface all of my tips with do what works for you. Everyone is different. Don't stray to far from your priority piece. Keep working on the hip turn until one of the pro's on here has you move on from it.
  13. i am working on the same aspect of the swing. Do what you can to shorten your swing on the backswing. The longer the arm swing the more chance your will have of the arms continuing past the shoulder turn. This will cause you to sway as well. Swinging the club to 10-2 on a clock face help with the feeling. It looks like that the wall drill has improved your sway. Keep up the good work. Improving is a never ending process.
  14. dtl view of some of my swings from a couple weeks ago. Pre wall drill advice.
  15. I'm working on the exact same things. This looks a lot better in my opinion. I would do a Dtl video as well so you can see how that looks as well.
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