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  1. Usually shorter clubs have less offset than longer.......
  2. Well, 85 MPH with a 6 iron,........i would not call slow swing...........
  3. It looks Japanese made more than German:-)
  4. I am not sure i am getting the meaning of this.........
  5. No surprise, everything can happen in China........
  6. Hi, thank you! In fact, it will take some time for me to familiarize,.................great to be here!
  7. i have gradually changed ALL my bag into PXG, with the only exception of putter and driver. We all know that golf is very personal but, TO ME, especially the irons, are the best i ever had. And, i was used to premium Japanese brands, like Epon, On Off and RC. Japanese quality and finishing is certainly better, but PXG performances in terms of feel, distance, accuracy and forgiveness are.......unbeatable!
  8. Hello, i am 61, born in Italy, living in Hong Kong for 25 years. crazy for golf (and golf equipment), i am glad to be here and enjoy the "virtual" company of all of you! Happy golfing!! Gabriele
  9. i just turned 61, and i play around 8 HC. I also obvioulsy lost some club head speed, but some daily drills to keep the lower body moving, together with NSPRO Zelos 8 are my "magic" for me to still enjoy the game:-)
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