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  1. Exactly. No one here has a Callaway fitting cart. Therefore, can't hit them at all. It would be ideal to be able to hit them side by side. I now have good data for the JPX900F. Just need to try the same shaft in the CF16 so I can finally arrive at the right decision. Reason I possibly want/crave Apex: reviews, praise.. and the fact that I hit its predecessor at Las Vegas TM experience center a few years ago, and it felt fantastic. Tero
  2. Hi all, I am facing a difficult decision. I am in the process of getting new clubs to replace my Ping iE1 irons. I went to test shafts for my "upcoming CF16" set, but they didn't have CF16 so I hit JPX900 Forged. That club feels absolute butter. Absolute butter I say. Ok, it launches a little lower than what you'd expect and has less spin, but now I am torn... I am unable to hit the CF16 and based on reviews CF16 spins more, launches higher but still carries the same, even a bit further than the JPX900. But I have some worries. One of them is that the JPX900 line carries no 3 iron, bu
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