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  1. Favorite golfer

    A) Jason Day or Stenson - I like Jason Day's swing and hes a cool guy in general. He plays a high draw which is what I aspire to play and he's got a well rounded game when he's on. Stenson is up there too because of his 3 wood, iron play and unbelievable ball striking B) Tiger - no explanation needed
  2. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Believe it or not but I actually think Day has a better chance at winning a major again than Rory. Rory just seems disinterested in playing golf when I watch him
  3. Favorite golfer

    Who is your A) Favorite Golfer currently on tour B) Favorite Golfer of all time and why?
  4. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Rory will win another major if he really wants to. Rory so talented the only thing standing in his way is himself. He could dominate if he wanted to work hard. I don't think he likes golf like he did when he was younger. Guess his interests have changed now that he has money I see DJ and Spieth are the more dominant golfers today IMO
  5. Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    Aside from golf, what's your favorite sport to watch and why? Why is your #1 team?
  6. DJ or Rory?

    Thanks for the welcome. When I say Rory is dominant I'm not referring to his current record, he's clearly struggling right now but I'm basing it on his skill set. Would you not agree that DJ and Rory when they are on at their peak level are the two most dominating players in golf? how come you feel Rory won't win a major again? Do you think he's moved on from golf and lost his desire? The reason I put DJ and Rory up there is they both have tremendous power and great ball striking. The distance they generate is a huge asset. Both are great wedge players and at times (Rory more so pre Nike era) showed great mental game. Would you not agree?

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