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  1. Which player do you see having the better career and winning the most majors and why?
  2. Regular or stiff shafts?

    Im fairly new to golf and I am taking lessons so im just wondering if its likely if my swing shaft needs will be changing any time soon?
  3. I normally shoot in the 91-98 range and I am currently taking lessons. I was just curious what factors do you look at in determining if a stiff shaft or a regular shaft club is better for you? I hit my 7 iron 135 carry, 6 iron is 145 carry and 5 iron is 155 carry. I am not the longest hitter but usually make good contact every time with the ball. Based on any of this info am I better with regular flex over stiff flex? if so, how far off am I to probably being at the point where I would need to upgrade to a stiff flex?
  4. Is technology hurting golf?

    I am watching videos of DJ from last week and his crazy drives for around 400 yards were fun to watch and I realize some of his distance was gained from a downhill slope down the fairway but with all these bombers like DJ, Bubba, Brooks Koepka, Rahm and the list goes on and on, is golf equipment hurting the game? I think even Tiger said recently the golf ball technology is getting kind of ridiculous with how much spin and how aero dynamic it is. Do you think if guys like DJ are the future of the game on tour, will it destroy the game of golf when guys are putting for eagle all the time?
  5. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Rory will win another major if he really wants to. Rory so talented the only thing standing in his way is himself. He could dominate if he wanted to work hard. I don't think he likes golf like he did when he was younger. Guess his interests have changed now that he has money I see DJ and Spieth are the more dominant golfers today IMO
  6. DJ or Rory?

    Ya I think Rory is over golf based on some of his comments and body language. I love watching Jordan and he definitely seems interested in winning
  7. Mixed bag or all one manufacturer

    I agree, I think a mixed bag is where it's at too
  8. Just curious, do most of you play with a mixed bag of manufacturers or do you only game one manufacturer? What's your thoughts on equipment?
  9. I've always been mainly a Taylormade club guy but interested in adding the Callaway Apex Forged irons to my bag. Ive heard nothing but great things about these irons and they look beautiful. I was gaming the Taylormade M2 irons before. Anyone have any experience? How was the ball flight and forgiveness level?
  10. DJ or Rory?

    I really really want to see Jason Day get back on track but don't know how hungry he is to really try to stay on top. I think DJ and Jordan seem the most determined to be number one. I think DJ has atleast 2 or 3 more majors in him.
  11. DJ or Rory?

    You could be right but just out of curiousity, why do you think Spieth has the best chance of going on a run? I hope I'm wrong but between Day seeming to be more of a family man now and his health issues, I could see him being a one and done

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