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  1. I don't, I use my 58 (high shots),54 (medium shots), or PW (bump and runs) around the green. I find it easier to have one stock shot for each club, then grab the club that gives me the desired trajectory, although I do know how to alter trajectories with the 54 and 58 and I do that occasionally as well if the situation calls for it. One friend I play with who is a decent player, probably a 7-10 handicap, uses his 50 degree exclusively inside 100 yards. It's pretty impressive how he can manipulate the club around the greens and add loft when needed, his touch with that single club is outstanding.
  2. My wife is going on day 9 of no taste or smell, her daily headaches have seemingly gone away so that's a positive step and I had a couple days of slight congestion but nothing significant. Our quarantine is set to be over on Thursday, probably will wait until Friday or Saturday before leaving the house.
  3. Have you considered or tried an intermediate target instead of looking all the way at the cup? Maybe once you get your aim point, find a blade of grass or something that's like 6 inches in front of the ball in line with your aim point and go back and forth between the ball and that. Less head movement might help?
  4. It would benefit your golf game and your financial situation because if you worked at a golf course, you most likely wouldnt have to pay for golf or driving range balls. Pretty much every public course that I know of lets the workers play for free at least one day a week when they arent working, if not every day. So you could earn some extra spending money and save on greens fees. That's a win-win IMO.
  5. Texas is one of the largest states, Hawaii is not. Surely it's better than not golfing, right? But you aren't in Texas anymore. You're thousands of miles away from Texas on an island in the middle of the ocean. That's silly to expect prices to be similar. Have you looked at the cost of food, groceries, etc? Everything is more expensive in Hawaii. That's a known fact. It is (from what I've seen and heard) a great place for golf. Not trying to be rude, but it sounds like you have options that you can afford, you just need to lower your expectations. Playing on a bunker less muni for 6-12 months is much better than not playing at all.
  6. My wife had a migraine and runny nose on Saturday, we didnt think anything of it until her taste and smell went out on Monday. We both went and got tested Monday evening and we got the results back yesterday, both COVID positive. I have had 0 symptoms, hers have been general body aches, still the lack of taste and smell, slight nausea. Neither of us have had a fever, coughing or labored breathing. We believe she got it from her office, she is a CPA for a small company and they ended their WFH much sooner than other companies like myself who is still WFH. She had been going in 4 days a week since like July or August I think. 2 of her immediate coworkers are awaiting their test results with similar symptoms as my wife, and it was rumored that the entire C suite of her company has it as well.
  7. Yup. SG: Off-the-Tee | PGA TOUR Stats Strokes Gained | Distance (All Drives) | Distance (Measured Drives) | Accuracy | Scoring | Other | Radar IMO there's not really a bandwagon to jump on, it's just about whether or not you choose to back up your opinions with facts. People that do will be more likely to look at strokes gained numbers and data, people who don't will be more likely to blindly cite the fairways hit stat or putts per round or something similar that doesnt tell the complete story.
  8. That makes sense, one thing my instructor mentioned was about working on/keeping in mind was my right shoulder/getting lower and more open at impact but for now he wanted to focus on getting the arms and body in sync first and then worry about the impact after that.
  9. Now that my season is most likely done for the year, I took a lesson a few days ago and started working on my offseason plan. I'll likely recap my season and talk more about my goals for next year in the 2020/2021 goal threads, but here is the state of my swing right now, I've actually made a few big changes over the past week since my lesson, main focus is to feel like my arms/hands go more up first then my body turns, previously I was turning my chest too early so my turn was done but my hands were only halfway back, so that lead to a lot of lifting with the arms and then super steep on the downswing. Still working on this change, as it is a fairly big change so will likely be my main focus over the next few months, but pretty pleased with the progress I've made on it already. This is a partial speed swing, trying to exaggerate the lifting of the hands/arms before I begin the turn with my chest, or basically trying to keep my chest pointed at the ball as long as possible and stopping my hands when my coil stops. When I do it right I can feel a huge difference in my swing and ball flight.
  10. Helped contribute to our team shooting a -10 62 in a 4 person scramble yesterday beating the other group we were playing against by 5 shots. For the first 6 holes there was only 3 of us but we still played those in -4. I average around 270 off the tee and I was the 3rd longest in our group, we had 2 guys that could absolutely crush the ball, so I would typically go before them and get something out in play around that 260-280 range and then they could both go after it which worked well because most of the time at least one of them hit something in the fairway or light rough. I played well in all areas of the game, we used a ton of my approach shots and I also had the shot of the day for our team, we had about 30 yds left from the right rough just short of the green for our 3rd shot on a par 5, had to carry over a bunker then about 40 feet of green to work with, I went first and popped my 58 degree up over the bunker, landed about halfway between the front of the green and the hole, and the ball released out and rolled dead straight at the hole for about 20 feet before dropping into the hole for the eagle which put us up by 5 strokes with 3 holes to go effectively sealing the match.
  11. I'm in. I've done them in the past with great results, look forward to having a group to share the gains with, my wife got tired of me telling her every time I hit a new max speed.
  12. klineka

    Join Whoop

    @iacas do you wear your apple watch too with the whoop or just the whoop? I've been on the fence about one of these for a while now, but I wear my samsung galaxy watch all the time and use it for GPS/shot tracking when I play so I feel like that might be a bit much to have both on the wrist but obviously I would get better data from the whoop.
  13. Shot a 74 on friday and based on my ballstriking it should have been lower. It was my best overall ballstriking performance of my life, 13/18 GIR, andagainst scratch golfers I gained .91 strokes off the tee, .88 strokes on approach shots, and gained 1.88 strokes on short game, which is everything inside 100 yds that isnt on the green. The biggest strength was my wedges, by far the best I've ever hit from like 60-110 yds. I had 6 birdie looks inside of 10 feet and I made one, which was a 2 foot tap in birdie. add that in with a 3 putt bogey on a par 5 and compared to scratch I lost just over 3 full strokes putting Kinda a bittersweet round, felt great to hit it that well, just sucked I couldnt get anything to drop. It still was solid enough to drop the handicap a couple tenths down to a new low of 3.1
  14. Committed to be considered: @cipher @iacas @DeadMan @GolfLug @DaveP043 @TN94z @Slim_Pivot @Hardspoon @mvmac @klineka (only for a 9-12 spot)
  15. Highly interested for now, if I do switch to committed to be considered I would only want to be considered for the 9-12 group if that happens, not trying to step on toes of the people who committed before me.
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