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  1. For most people, no. The better you get the harder it is to drop strokes. It's significantly harder to go from 80 to 70 than it is from 90 to 80. What is your strategy based on? Do you track your stats? Because for the majority of golfers trying to go from 90 to 80, 65% of those strokes are going to come from the full swing (off the tee and approach shots) so unless you have the stats that indicate that putting is a glaring weakness, I'd recommend spending the majority of your practice time improving your full swing.
  2. I've noticed at least a couple pros who actively use it. Adam Scott uses it, Dustin Johnson's caddie uses it on pretty much every putt, those are two I know of right off the top of my head.
  3. When you haven't been brought up on scotch, bourbon is great IMO. Weller's Special Reserve and 1792 Small Batch are two of my favorites especially when factoring in the price. I do drink them straight, preferably on the rocks, but the price point of both makes me not feel bad when I do make them into a cocktail like a Kentucky Mule or add in a splash of coke or lemonade.
  4. Can you file a dispute with your credit card company?
  5. Pinehurst Brewing Company has some of the best wings I've ever had. Highly recommended. They're smoked wings and we got the Cheerwine BBQ sauce. Also their Brisket cheeseburger is another great option as well. My next trip will be to Kentucky in 4 weeks for our 5th annual trip to Tanglewood Golf Course.
  6. I would recommend learning and practicing pitch shots with your dedicated wedges like gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge. I cant remember a time I've ever hit a pitch shot with a 7,8,9 irons. Chip shots yes, but not pitch shots. Yes. A pitch shot with a gap wedge will fly lower with more roll than a pitch shot with a lob wedge. If you learn the proper technique you can make the same swing and have 3 different trajectories simply by changing which club you choose. Over time you will likely gravitate towards one or two wedges you are most comfortable with for pitch shots, but it's go
  7. Hey I recognize that place, Westerville Golf Center! It's ~5 minutes from my house and I'm there like once a week in the winter and probably 2-3x a week the rest of the year. I wish they had an unlimited membership option. I don't recognize that one though, which range is that?
  8. Have spent the past couple weeks working on the swing and getting ready for the first golf trip of the season down to Kentucky in late March. Priority pieces right now are: Feeling like I am initiating backswing with chest/body, and when the body stops turning, so do the hands. I've done an "ok" job with this one over the past few weeks but it still needs to improve. When I do it right my arms and club dont go as high at A4 and the backswing is much shorter. Right shoulder getting a little lower, right arm more in front of my body instead of trapped onto my side,
  9. I voted for the 3rd option, longer than it should be, but IMO not long enough to be in the 4th option. I've noticed the longer my swing gets, the steeper the downswing is and I have less rotation through the shot, and typically the shorter my swing is, the club is shallower on the downswing with a bit more (still not enough) body rotation through impact. I feel like I make half swing shots that I think only went like waist high on the way back only to watch it back on film and see that it's pretty much a full swing. Need to get back into better practice habits.
  10. Who are your favorite tour players? Because pretty much every tour player has done/said multiple of those things you listed at some point in their careers.
  11. It's more likely a physical thing with your swing that is causing the inconsistency than it is a mental thing. Dustin Johnson or any PGA tour player with their worst possible mental focus would still shoot better than me and you simply because they're so much more skilled than we are. Good chances are your mental game isnt affecting your results as much as you think. There are two kinds of dispersion to consider, a lateral dispersion (left/right of target) and distance dispersion, your left/right dispersion looks pretty good, but the carry distances aren't that consistent. Ther
  12. You're allowed to do that? Wouldn't it be considering improving your lie?
  13. What sim do you have/use? (Trackman, GC Quad, Mevo, Skytrak, etc) Can you post pictures/screenshots of those results? (Preferably with a larger sample size than 10 shots per club, something like 20+ would be ideal)
  14. Absolutely. No argument from me there at all. Improving my mid range (6-15feet) putting is one of my goals for 2021 as well, since last year I lost over half a stroke per round compared to scratch golfers from that range. Highly recommend finding an AimPoint instructor near you and taking a lesson/course with him/her. Once you learn that it's a very easy skill to maintain and should help you tremendously with your green reading.
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