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  1. I disagree. This kind of thing generates buzz and excitement for golf. It has the potential to get people to watch who otherwise might not have watched. Especially on a Thursday or Friday afternoon. IMO there are plenty of more hokey things that are done in professional golf on a regular basis than pairing 2 guys together who don't like each other and have formed somewhat of a rivalry. It's supposed to be an entertainment product after all. I'd be willing to bet that more people would be entertained by the Thursday/Friday rounds had Bryson and Brooks been paired together vs them bei
  2. What was wrong with it? I played there one time last fall and it was in decent shape back then but haven't been up there yet this year.
  3. Shot a -3 68 yesterday, first time breaking par from tees that are 6000+ yds. 4 birdies and 1 bogey, 13 GIR and 28 putts. Finished the back 9 really solid, had 70 yds left after my tee shot on 16, hit the approach shot to 3 feet and made the putt, then had 100 yds left for my 3rd on 17 and hit that one to a foot. Been working pretty hard lately on my priority piece in my full swing and been practicing a lot of 8-10 foot putts too and my first 2 birdies were both from 9 feet so nice to see the work is starting to pay off
  4. And yet for proximity of approaches from > 200yds he's ranked 2nd on tour. And SG Off the Tee he's first, gaining almost a quarter of a stroke more per round than the next closest guy. Everyone has weaknesses including the players near the top of the OWGR, and as I pointed out yesterday (which you conveniently ignored and shifted the goal post to his approach shots 100yds and in) , his short game around the greens this year has actually been better than most of the guys ahead of him in the OWGR. The fact that he can be as competitive as he is with a pretty poor wedge game means th
  5. I didnt either until @KevinBlake specifically mentioned Bryson's sand saves and pitch/chip shots while not mentioning anything about approach shots with wedges.
  6. 3 out of the 4 people ahead of Bryson in the OWGR (DJ, Rahm, Morikawa) all rank worse than Bryson in SG Around the Green. Are you going to call them out too?
  7. Do you play for money and/or keep serious handicaps that are used in leagues/tournaments? If so there's an issue. One potential way to fix the issue is to have it to where everyone keeps score of someone else, and when you ask the person what they got on the hole and they say 6 when you know it was a 9, have him walk through the hole and tell you stroke by stroke how he got to 6 strokes. Otherwise, I say let him count whatever score he wants, it doesn't really matter since it's not your score.
  8. Little contradictory there don't ya think?
  9. This is cool to hear. I might be switching back to GameGolf soon as a recent update to Samsung watches broke the current tracking app I had been using and Taylormade hasn't fixed it yet and has provided no update as to when it will be fixed. @iacas is there any talk about adding additional stats/metrics or ways to view the data in GameGolf going forward?
  10. Watson 39 wins, 8 majors, started in 1971 Palmer 62 wins, 7 majors, started in 1955 From 1960-1963, Palmer won 29 times including 5 majors He also won a PGA tour event every year from 1955 to 1971 Phil 45 wins, 6 majors, started in 1991 IMO the extended stretches of dominance Palmer showed helps make up for the weaker fields and should put him above Watson, and the additional number of wins plus against significantly harder competition should put Phil ahead of Watson. Why do you think Watson is ahead of Palmer and Phil?
  11. I watched this earlier this week, I found it entertaining for the most part. Didn't really care for the group of guys that were always around him, I wonder if they live in his house too or if they're just always over. Was cool to see what he does in his free time, ping pong, video games, etc. I hope he does more of these, it reminds me of the vlog series Trevor Bauer is doing on YouTube as well, giving some insight into what goes on behind the scenes.
  12. I've got a few, XRP is where most of my crypto money is, a small chunk in FEG too, and a little in DOGE just for fun. Not counting on any of it and it's money I can afford to lose.
  13. First you (along with your instructor) need to identify your priority piece that you want to fix in your swing. Then you need to learn how to practice properly in order to fix that priority piece. Often times when making a swing change, the results on the course can get worse before they get better, especially if the new swing change isn't fully ingrained yet and your on course swing is a mixture of both the bad and good swings that can result in temporarily higher scores. Keep practicing properly and work on your priority piece(s) and you'll get better over time, not overnight
  14. Because this is a forum and that's the point of a forum?
  15. That wasn't his opinion, that was a fact.
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