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  1. The fact that an average golfer can't relate to them is a silly reason to root against someone IMO. Keeping that logic consistent you should be rooting against every player on tour then. But when you look at strokes gained off the tee, which combines distance and accuracy, he was second only to Rory. Again, that logic doesn't make sense to me. I'm quite a bit taller and bigger than both of them and I still can't relate to them because they hit it further, straighter, and more consistent than I ever will.
  2. What kind of info are you looking for? That's a very broad question
  3. Assuming you are talking about the '97 Masters, I don't even agree with your opinion on that let alone the Tiger v Jack Debate. In the 2000 U.S. Open Tiger was leading after 54 holes by 10 strokes and ended up winning by 15 strokes, which is the largest margin of victory in a major ever. He played the final round bogey free, and was the only player to break par for the week and became the first player in 106 years of the U.S. Open to finish at double-digits under par. In the 1997 Masters, he had a 9 shot lead after 54 holes, won by 12, had 2 bogeys in the final round, and 10+ people finished under par. So what about Tiger's win at The Masters makes it more decisive than his win at the 2000 U.S. Open?
  4. Just because one player had an out of his mind putting week and got a top 10 in a major doesn't support your claim about there being "plenty of room". It simply doesnt hold true when looking at larger samples of data. There isn't "plenty of room" for shorter hitters. Last season the top 10 players in driving distance combined to win more than the bottom 40 players in driving distance combined.
  5. The only reason Zach Johnson finished anywhere decent this week was because he putted his ass off (Which has quite a bit to do with luck and isn't sustainable on a week to week basis). He gained 9.6 strokes putting over the 4 rounds, which is almost half as many total strokes as he gained in 54 measured rounds last year (19.9 total strokes gained putting) He lost over a stroke total off the tee to the field, and lost over 6 strokes to Bryson off the tee. Johnson also only gained .5 strokes approach to the field over 4 rounds compared to Bryson who gained 7.5 over the 4 rounds. Think about that for a second, Zach Johnson had what was most likely one of the best putting tournaments of his life, was better than the field average in approaching the green, and STILL lost by 12 shots... Some weeks on some courses, sure. But not as a whole across all golfers on all courses over the entire season. The data simply just doesn't support your claim. This was posted on the Superspeedgolf instagram page back in June
  6. There's a big difference between having more in the tank and actually using that extra on the course during a tournament. Bryson has done it and shown that he can still hit it accurate enough to win, nobody else really has. At least not on a regular basis. I know he is still young, but I would be shocked if Wolff gets to the point where he adds 10+ mph to his top end ball speed in a tournament. That would just match him with Bryson too, who has already stated that he is going to explore using up to a 48" driver, which has the potential to give Bryson even more ball speed and I think it's only a matter of time before we see Bryson break the 200mph mark.
  7. Is the current instructor you referenced Mitch or are you working with someone else now? Great progress!
  8. High seventies for me. The majority of my scores this year have fallen in the 75-80 range, and I have been playing "good" golf for me most of this year. A great day for me this year has been 72-74, still havent broken par yet over 18 holes, but I have been playing super consistent golf for the most part so I'm not too upset
  9. Tiger, Morikawa, and JT are paired together the first 2 rounds. JT was 1st and Morikawa was 2nd in strokes gained approach for 2019-2020 and Tiger is widely considered the best iron player ever, looking forward to watching all 3 of them together
  10. I can relate to this, one of the things my instructor worked with me on (and is still a work in progress) is stopping my arms when my turn was done. I had a bad habit of completing the shoulder turn, but the hands and arms would continue to go up and back well after my turn was completed. When I feel like my swing length looks like Finau's, my strike is much more solid and consistent, especially with the irons.
  11. Yep I've played there quite a few times, actually just was out there 2 weeks ago, it's one of my favorite layouts in the central ohio area, I love that stretch from holes 5-9. I tried a new course yesterday, Deer Ridge. I really liked it, shot a 76, which I will gladly take considering how poorly I hit some iron shots. I can tell I am getting better though because it was an off day with my approach shots and I still managed to hit 12/18 GIR. Tee shots were very good, multiple out in the 280-290 range and one that went 325 albeit with at least a 30-40 yard elevation drop from tee box to fairway. Putting was solid too, was really close to being a great putting day, had 4 birdie putts that end up on the lip or lipped out. I am really liking the aimpoint system and my reads are getting really good now, the only ones I struggle to get right are when its a fairly steep uphill putt, I'm have a hard time reading if there is any break.
  12. Myrtle Beach National - Kings North course is a great option too. Arnold Palmer design, has an island par 3, and a par 5 with an island fairway option too
  13. That seems silly IMO that dozens of people wouldn't play it at just over 7,000 yds but they'll play 6,700. If you can handle 6,700 you can handle 7,000. That's like an extra 19 yds per hole if the course was playing at exactly 6,700 and then 7,050. The only thing I could think of would be if the 7,000 yd tees brought multiple forced carries into play which they couldn't carry from 7,000 but could from 6,700. Back on topic, I've never been a part of a club or played in a club championship, but I think any member should be allowed to play, maybe with the exception of professionals, meaning you still have to have amateur status to play, especially because IIRC retired pros can get reinstated as amateurs again so that would cover guys that played on mini tours years ago but now are retired from professional golf.
  14. Went 35-42 yesterday for a 77. 12/18 GIR 1 bogey and 2 birdies on the front with 2 birdie lip outs from 10-15 feet, then 2 bogies and 2 doubles on the back. Just hit a couple really poor shots on the back, kinda forgot my main swing thought of keeping my hands really close to my body and the clubhead outside of my hands during the takeaway and it cost me. Really like putting using aimpoint, had a 40+ footer that I read as a "3" which was a good 5-6 feet of break and it was the perfect read which gave me a tap in par. Ended up +.27 strokes gained compared to scratch on the round. I need a little more practice distinguishing between the .5% and the 1% slopes, but I hit some really solid putts in the 10-20 foot range. Still looking to break par for 18 holes, and still looking to go lower than -1 on 9 holes, but if I keep improving on my aimpoint reads and continue to practice my swing thought with the irons, I'm confident both will happen soon.
  15. Pretty much no risk I love mine and have 0 complaints
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