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  1. klineka

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Alex Noren is 36. I dont really consider that to be "young" compared to other players on tour. If you consider Noren to be a young European at 36, then surely Justin Rose should be considered as well since hes just one year older at 37. For Rose this year, 2 wins, 7 top 10s, 3rd in the OWGR, 4th in the FedEx Cup, etc etc.
  2. klineka

    What Drills does everyone recommend?

    I disagree with this advice. Short game isnt as important as you make it seem. Would you shoot lower scores with your current short game (50 yds and in around the green) and Dustin Johnson's long game (or any tour player for that matter) or Dustin Johnson's short game and your current long game? In terms of drills that will help the OP, I highly recommend video recording your swing from face on and down the line angles so you have an idea of what aspects of your swing you need to improve the most. It doesnt make sense for you to work on a drill to stop flipping your wrists at impact if you already have a flat left wrist at impact. You need to find what your weaknesses are and do drills that target those weaknesses.
  3. klineka

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/klineka/round/2265634 From Thursday. Might have been my best round ever. Kept the tee shots in play, 13/18 GIR, no 3 putts. Gained .08 strokes compared to scratch golfer with my approach shots for this round, which is significantly better than my average, which is losing 3.36 strokes to scratch on approach shots. I've added a motion to my preshot routine where I exaggerate the feeling of the flat left wrist at impact and using that along with The Hanger (in practice) has really helped improve my ball striking especially with the irons. I'm most proud of hole 8. Par 4, 464 yards, which is probably the longest par 4 I've ever played, hit a solid drive right edge of the fairway, had 192 to the middle of the green, slightly uphill, flushed a 6 iron that landed on the green and rolled to pin high, 2 putted for a par. My shot on 18 was really cool, some workers had pulled up and were waiting on me to hit my shot before they continued through, so a little extra nerves there, and absolutely flushed the 7 iron. Super high flight, dead straight, started just right of the flag where I was aiming and never strayed from the line. Ball stopped within a foot of the ball mark. The workers started clapping Then to make it even sweeter, I drained the putt for my second birdie of the day!
  4. klineka

    Pennsylvania Fitting search

    The owner of this site @iacas has an indoor facility in Erie, PA and I think they do wedge and putter fittings there, not sure if they fit irons and woods there or not. For pricing, I think $3k is going to be about as low as you could go and still get brand new current model year stuff, especially if you need a new bag too: Driver ~ $500 3 wood ~ $250 Hybrid/3iron ~$200 Irons 4-PW ~$1000+ Wedges GW, SW, LW ~ $150 Putter ~ $100+ Bag ~$150+ $2650 right there before taxes and any fitting fees (although some places will throw in the fitting for free if you buy clubs from them) I like the P790's as well, but I dont consider them to be a blade style iron. Have you looked at the P750 or the P770 yet? I hit the P790 and the P770 for aprox 5 swings each, so not a big sample size but out of those 5 swings, I thought the P770 felt much better than the P790 and I had a tighter grouping in overall distance and lateral dispersion with the P770. Hope that helped! Let us know what you end up choosing!
  5. klineka

    Wedge Options

    Welcome! I dont agree with the idea that you should never take a full swing with a wedge. My 54 degree wedge goes 110 yds. If I'm in the fairway, little to no wind, and the middle of the green is 110 yds away, I'm hitting the 54 degree wedge. Full, normal swing. It doesnt make sense in that situation to try to hit a partial gap wedge, knowing if my distance control isnt precise with the 50 degree that it could easily go 10-15 yds past where I want it. Obviously there will be situations where you will be in between clubs so you might have to knock one down a bit, or you might want to flight one lower in the wind, but in my mind, especially for amateurs who dont generate as much spin as pro players, it makes sense to hit the full swing, which will be a higher trajectory shot, and use the combination of descent angle and spin to stop the ball instead of just relying on spin.
  6. I am left handed in everything except for golf because the first set of clubs I ever used were old ones from my grandma so I just learned to swing right handed. Over the past 8 years, my average score has decreased roughly 40 strokes with the only form of lessons being 3-4 months of evolvr . Averaged aprox. 120 my senior year of h.s., now im around 80 on average
  7. Count me in. Weekends of August 11/12 or 25/26 work best for me, I'm free both days on those weekends. If its the weekend of 18/19 I'm only free the 19th. Based on a different thread a few weeks back, I bet @SmiterofPV1x and @Carl3 will be interested too.
  8. We get it. You don't like the dude. That has nothing to do with whether or not it is legal for him to use the compass. Back on topic, one thing I think is interesting is that he supposedly has been using a compass for a few years (according to the article) but it is just now getting noticed?? Seems a little strange to me that nobody noticed or mentioned it until now when he is probably in the best season of golf in his career thus far (4 top 5s with a victory, plus 6th in FedEx cup so far this season)
  9. Choked down 3wood with a putter motion. I use this shot a few times a year and am pretty confident with it. Once you practice a few times, distance control really isnt too hard IMO.
  10. Oops. derp me. Sorry bout that thanks for the correction.
  11. So you're around a 20 handicap that has a consistent shot shape of a straight ball flight with a slight fade at the end, which you can play with and aim for, and your miss is an occasional straight ball that is in the left rough? Thats way different than having a high banana slice like you said in the first post.
  12. klineka

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    I agree with this ^^^ I like hitting driver. I hate holes that place a creek or pond right in the landing area of 80-90% of the golfers would land, forcing you to hit something shorter off the tee. Narrow is one thing, because I still have the option to hit driver, but a long iron might be the better choice. I dont like courses that force me into not hitting a specific club off the tee. I would much rather play a harder and longer course where I could hit driver on every non par 3 if I wanted, vs an easier course that has multiple holes of 90 degree doglegs at 150 yds and multiple holes where water stretches from 240-280yds off the tee. I'm not that great with my driver, so I dont feel this way just because I think only hitting driver will lower my score (im sure many times I'd be better off keeping it in play with an iron), but hitting a driver is fun for me, and thats the #1 reason I play golf. So yes, I would play a tougher course if it meant I'd get to hit driver more often compared to an easier course. Although if the number of times I got to hit driver was equal, I would probably choose the easier course simply because it would probably be cheaper than the tougher course (unless its a super exclusive, once in a lifetime kind of course then sure i'd pay for it).
  13. klineka

    Losing the (U.S. Open) Course vs. Courses We Play

    I think that the question you asked and the topic you are alluding to are very different. To answer the question you asked, the reason pros play on courses that are typically extra special and are in perfect shape most of the time is because those courses have the money to pay the grounds crews that it takes to maintain and keep the courses in near perfect shape. Courses that you and I play at, dont have the money for that. Pretty simple really. I'm not sure what "Who make a very comfortable living playing a game" has to do with it. Are you trying to say that because they make so much money playing golf that the courses they play on shouldnt be perfect? That seems like lousy logic IMO. Now to talk about the topic that you alluded to, losing the course, the course being unplayable etc. Like @Jeremie Boop said, there really isnt a debate here. the USGA admitted the course got away from them. The pros expect that they will have to play the course as it is in front of them too, but the big difference is when you or I complain about the course condition, it might only be to our buddies or maybe a worker at the course. When a professional player complains about the course condition, the audience is significantly larger. If you were playing for hundreds of dollars (potentially millions) every week you would be upset if you hit a good putt that missed by 6" but rolled to 20 feet away potentially costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Its a lot easier to say "it is what it is" when $5 or even $50 is on the line, but I would imagine it gets quite a bit tougher to say that when those extra two putts could mean the difference between 1st and 3rd which was $1.4 million difference in prize money. Or if that happened once on two different rounds in the tournament costing you 4 strokes total which would have been $1.8 million difference in prize money.
  14. klineka

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Teed off with my 4 iron a few times on short (~350 yd) par 4s and it worked out quite well keeping it in the fairway 5/6 holes. Driver has had some huge misses lately need to figure that out, but ball striking with irons is probably the best its ever been. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/klineka/round/2230668
  15. klineka

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Myself and 3 buddies shot a 67 (-5) in a scramble for a golf outing on Saturday. 6 birdies and 1 bogey. Off the tee I was just meh, but my irons were spot on, got on the green and within 20ft twice from 200-205yds with my 6 iron, a club I rarely had success with. Huge boosts to the confidence with that club. We used my approach shots well over half of the time. I also putted well including a 25 footer for a birdie and a 10 footer for a par save.

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