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  1. Thoughts on Tony Romo’s debut in MX ...

    I'll just leave these here.
  2. Thoughts on Tony Romo’s debut in MX ...

    I wouldnt consider PGA golfers to be in the same peer group as Tony Romo. Peer group in the sense that they are/were professional atheletes, then sure. But Romo is a scratch golfer competing as an amateur against guys that are +3 to +6 handicaps. He shot exactly the course rating, which is what a scratch golfer is supposed to do. How is that "crap given the course"? Sure by PGA tour standards that might be crap, but he's not claiming to have a +5 hcp and then shooting a 77. Compared to his actual peer group (other scratch golfers) he is doing perfectly fine and is by no means a hack.
  3. Keeping the ball in play is important, but finding the fairway is not nearly as important as you make it seem, and driving distance is way more important than finding the fairway. Give me the choice between 125 left to the green in the rough vs 175 from the middle of the fairway, I'm choosing the 125 shot every single time, and you should too. Your proximity to the hole on those approach shots will be significantly closer to the flag from 125 than they will be from 175. Here is a graph I made a month or two ago comparing the average driving distance to the current world golf ranking. 9/10 golfers in the top 10 at the time drove the ball over 300 yards on average. As the average driving distance goes down, they get worse in the world golf rankings. You might feel that way, but the numbers and statistics will disagree with you. Here is another chart, this one is from SuperSpeed Golf's instagram page and it's comparing the strokes gained off the tee for the top 10 driving distance guys vs the top 10 driving accuracy guys. Notice how only ONE person in the top 10 of driving distance is losing strokes off the tee to the field and have an average strokes gained positio, compared to the accurate drivers where 4 guys are losing strokes to the field In my opinion, I feel like you are using the 2 iron as an excuse for you not to improve your driving accuracy. If you cant keep the ball in play, take lessons and figure out why that is the case. You obviously hit the two iron pretty far right now, so logic would mean that your driver probably goes further than that. You are hurting your scores in the long term by not learning how to keep driver in play. Sure in the short term your scores might drop if you arent hitting it out of bounds as often, but in the long term I would bet a lot of money that your scores would be lower overall if you learned how to hit your driver properly and in play compared to using your 2 iron. I suggest getting a copy of the book "Lowest Score Wins" which was authored by the owner of this site. It explains what I just described in greater detail.
  4. Last weekend I was on a golf trip with 3 buddies. One is similar in skill level to me, upper 70s - low 80s, and the other two regularly shoot over 100. Neither of the guys that shoot over 100 care about their score or even asked me at the end of the round what it was. After either our Friday or Saturday round, I asked one of the guys if he wanted to know his score and he said no, all he cared about was the 30 foot putt he made for a bogey, and a drive that was 250+ yds and dead straight. So yeah, there are people who just play to be outside and with their buddies, dont care about their scores, who dont keep handicaps, dont care if they get better, and just play for the pars and occasional looks at birdie. For our Sunday round, none of us kept score and we still had a great time. This is not true. A single stroke is a single stroke regardless of what you score. (Obviously with the exception of penalties where a single physical stroke can cost you multiple strokes on the scorecard) A particular round might mean more to someone and put them in a better mood if they shot a 79 vs an 80, or a 69 vs a 70, but between both of those scores there is only a 1 stroke difference, just like there's a 1 stroke difference between someone shooting a 99 and 100. One stroke is one stroke. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. That's not an assumption. That's a fact. Amateurs shouldn't care as much about their shots as PGA players do. Whether you shoot a 78 or 77, that wont affect much in your life or how much money you make at your job. I'm not saying your shots aren't important to you, I'm saying their shots are more important to them and have a greater impact on their lives than your shots do to you. In the 2018 Honda Classic a month ago, Alex Noren finished at -8, and Tommy Fleetwood finished at -7. That one shot difference resulted in a $132,000 difference in earnings for that tournament. (Noren - $448,800 and Fleetwood - $316,800) Even further down the leaderboard, a one shot difference can make a $40k+ difference in earnings (T13 at +1 earned $123,750 and T17th at +2 earned $86,365). Those are huge dollar amounts especially for young guys trying to earn enough money to earn a Tour card, for guys trying to keep tour cards, etc. The 10s and 100s of thousands of dollars difference that a single shot makes for a pro is a perfect explanation to why they should take longer than amateurs when playing a shot. Without a doubt, 5 minutes is still excessive, but it's pretty simple, they have more riding on every shot than any amateur has, so I expect them to take longer.
  6. They are playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars every week. Amateurs are not. I wouldn't expect them to step up to the ball and strike it as amateurs do, because they aren't amateurs. A shift in wind speed of a few mph or wind direction can make a difference in the outcome of the shot, especially with how precise they are with their yardages. That being said, I do think their is room for improvement in the pace of play for PGA events, but expecting them to step up to the ball and strike it or play ready golf is not something that is going to happen anytime soon, IMO.
  7. World's Largest golf hole?

    Not an 80 day round, that was an 80 day HOLE.
  8. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    The amount of people playing the sport has grown at a much faster rate than the number of opportunities to play in professional events where you can make enough money to make a living, which means its actually more difficult to make a living now than it used to be. Example of this (100% made up numbers) 1960s you might have had 100,000 golfers good enough to play golf for a living who competed for 50,000 spots. Today, there might be 1,000,000 golfers competing for 250,000 spots. So in the 1960s there were 2 guys competing for every spot, now there might be 4 guys (or more) competing for every spot. So yes the number of tournaments increased 5x during that timeframe, but when the number of players increased 10x during the same period, it just became significantly more difficult now than in the 1960s. I'm willing to bet there were players that played in Monday qualifiers and qualified for PGA events in the 1960s who wouldnt even be good enough for the WEB.com tour today.
  9. Would You Change the Golf Channel?

    I watch tournaments on there frequently. The biggest thing I would change is the comments that are made about the quality of shots the pros make, especially on their approach shots into greens. Numerous times whenever I watch, players will be 150+ yds out and put it to 20 feet and the announcer will comment on how it was just an "ok" shot or not a great effort, etc. when in reality, it was a great shot. From 150-175 yds, nobody on tour has averaged closer than 23 feet proximity this season. I used to watch the Big Break show a little bit but now I usually just watch the tournaments. I dont watch any of the instructional content. Occasionally I'll watch Morning Drive on the weekends, but that's mainly just to see the highlights from whatever tournament is happening.
  10. My Swing (saevel25)

    I have the C- taper in a few of my wedges and I really really like how they look and feel. I will probably end up getting them in my irons when I go to get a new set.
  11. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    IMO, I think that puts too much weight on finishing 2nd and 3rd in majors. You get more points for finishing 2nd in a major as you do winning a regular tournament? Even though some regular tournaments can have fields that are just as strong as a major and courses that are just as hard, if not harder. Whats next, M/C counts as negative points? I think it should be wins only. 25% of Jack's total points come from not winning tournaments. 8.7% of Tiger's total points come from not winning tournaments. Looking at wins only, Jack has 4640 and Tiger has 5450 points.
  12. Casual Water in a Bunker Question

    You could always play it as it lies as well. Hard to tell from the pic just how deep the water is and where in the water your ball was.
  13. What’s the best forgiving irons

    The M2 and M4 series of irons from Taylormade are typically regarded as pretty forgiving. You can get a set of 2016 M2s for ~$400 The M CGB irons are also supposed to be a super forgiving model, but will be $1000+ One of the main factors is your budget. We can recommend all these new fancy models like the M CGB but if your budget is only $300 then those wont help.
  14. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Thats off topic and doesnt really matter when talking about who is the greatest golfer.
  15. USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    To make sure I'm reading this correct, if this local rule is in place, and you lose a ball or hit it O.B. off the tee, you'd potentially be able to drop in the fairway as long as its 2 club lengths from the edge of the fairway but no closer to the hole, lying three and hitting your 4th shot from the fairway?

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