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  1. Not sure. They did have a number of precautions, only half the bays were open, all the doors were propped open, said they sanitized all the balls and buckets after use, putting greens and short game area were closed, etc.
  2. Found out my local driving range is still open so hit balls there today, this is by far the best I have ever hit the ball. Irons were crisp, main swing thought is keeping my elbows close together on the way back/top of the backswing. Worked on some knock down shots, have a good feeling for taking 10-15 yards off my PW,9,8 irons now. Driver was the best it's ever been, very neutral ball flight, not much curve in either direction. Main thought for driver at setup/address is make sure I stand far away from the ball, I realized today that in my last 2 rounds I was standing way too close to the ball. Main swing thought is during the backswing really load weight into my right heel, feeling like my right toes are coming off the ground slightly (they aren't really) and make sure my back/torso are leaning away from the target. Spent a bit of time working on 50-75 yard wedge shots too, I now have a swing length/feeling dialed in for 50,60, and 70 yard carries.
  3. Day 8. No video today, but I locked in at 76 bpm, a bit slower than most I'm seeing on here. I tried it at a variety of speeds from like 60-95 and the mid 70s was effortless for my stroke.
  4. I'm seeing a high of 54 and partly cloudy on Saturday for Columbus, seems like decent enough weather for me. Plus I already have a tee time for Saturday morning so there might be a touch of bias there. Even Sunday is a high of 63 with just PM showers, probably could get a morning round in then too.
  5. Got some on video tonight, on these shots here I was trying to hit my golf bag which was 40 yards out into the field. I found the farther distances like 30-50 yards to be easier than the closer ones from like 10-20 yards. Came back home and practiced the 10-20 yard ones a bit more and started getting the hang of those too with both my 60 and 54. I really like these short game ones because I haven't been able to spend any time at the driving range short game area like I typically would be doing this time of year.
  6. I just tried this for a bit, probably will get some video later. I didn't have much success with the feeling of letting the club just drop or fall behind the ball, when I was consciously thinking about that, I would forget to turn and would hit them really fat. When I transitioned my thinking into more of "open the face with the right hand" and then "aggressive turn with my body" and let my arms just follow along, I was getting much better results with consistent strikes and nice soft pitches with my 60 degree. I struggled a bit with my 54 degree but I will keep practicing with that. @iacas I do have two questions I thought of when I was trying this. Do you typically open the face much at address or do you keep it square to the target? (On just the typical pitch shot, not like a bunker or flop shot) Is there a max distance that you typically go with this pitching feeling/motion? I will be trying in a field later but I would imagine this can get out to at least like 50-60 yards right?
  7. I'd drop the 3 iron and focusing on hitting one shot shape and work towards mastering that. Do you honestly play that many courses which absolutely force you to hit the ball a certain way off the tee and without hitting said shot shape, you're in a hazard? Even if you are, what is that, maybe one shot a round? There is probably another option you can take off the tee, and you will probably be more accurate just hitting your stock shot anyway instead of trying to work it both ways. Plus, let's say you are going to play a course and there are 5 super sharp dog leg lefts that absolutely require you to hit that 3 iron or else you will run out of fairway or something, then just pop the 3 iron in the bag for that round and take out the 3 wood for that round. If you hit your 3 wood 4 times per round and you use the 51 degree for chipping, removing the 3 iron seems like it would be the one that would impact your game the least. You'd still have 3 long clubs you can hit off the tee, and you still have the club you like to chip with, and you'd still be covered when facing a long par 5 because you said you can shorten up the 2 iron and make it go just like your stock 3 iron. From a different topic:
  8. Day 6. The dime drill was pretty tough. Took me like 5-10 attempts before I even did one successfully. Did that for a few minutes then hit some real balls using my 54 degree. My landing spot was about 6-7 yards away and I was fairly consistent in hitting my landing spot which was a ~3 foot circle.
  9. Are there really that many non profit private clubs? Even private clubs that aren't owned by a big corporation would still presumably have owner(s) that want to make a profit, right?
  10. Day 5. I've done this drill before with my instructor and I like it.
  11. Taylormade TP5X. I usually ask for a couple dozen for Christmas and that lasts me most of the year depending on how much I play. I don't have any evidence to back this up, but the TP5X doesnt seems to be affected as much when hitting into the wind compared to other balls I have used previously.
  12. Day 4, I really liked this one, super interesting to me how bending the wrist like that makes the shaft shallower in the downswing These were super exaggerated, I know my actual downswing looks nothing like that. I will try this with some real balls tomorrow.
  13. Shot a 77 today, 5 bogeys, 13 pars. Wasn't hitting it that well on the front 9, was tentative and decelerating through my approach shots/pitches. Corrected that and proceeded to par the next 10 holes from hole 8 through hole 17. Pretty happy with how I have been playing overall, my ball striking with my irons has been really solid, my start lines have been excellent, and my "big" misses with driver have decreased significantly, resulting in only one lost ball/penalty stroke in the last 2 rounds (still managed to make par by getting on the green from 215 out on a par 5). Really doing a good job of sticking with my preshot routine, and no double bogeys in the last two rounds has been nice too. Short game definitely needs work, plan on going to an empty field in my neighborhood tomorrow and hitting some 30-70 yard shots.
  14. This. Great work Erik. I did the day 3 stuff just now, I especially liked the two step one, That had me feeling really compact and connected at the top of the backswing, felt effortless to keep my elbows close together from that position.
  15. Shot a 76 today with a dreadful short game. Hit 11 greens, 2 birdies, 7 bogeys, 9 pars. Happy with the score overall, that easily could have been a 72-74 had I not flubbed a couple shots from 30-60 yards. Not that surprised about my short game, I haven't had much of a chance to practice it much in the last month. Very happy with driver and full iron swings right now, putter was pretty solid too, I was hitting my lines and had some good reads too.
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