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  1. All we are asking is for you to back up your claims with facts. Thats not a "crazy argument/discussion" Nobody on this forum is looking to start a crazy argument, but we expect people to be able to back up their statements with facts.
  2. Well yes... Because they are giving credit to his successes and recognizing that he is a great golfer, which is quite literally the opposite of what you said in your initial post Can you explain why you think someone who is the betting favorite to win the next major championship and is the #1 golfer in the world is underestimated and overlooked?
  3. So let me get this right, you're saying that groups approach you and interrupt you and ask you during the middle of your swing if they can play through? I don't believe you.
  4. But clearly you don't do that though...
  5. I disagree, he's ranked #1 in the OWGR, people know who he is and know that he's one of the best if not the best player in the game right now. I googled his name and 3 out of the first 4 news articles that came up are talking about Brooks and his successes
  6. Why are you surprised that there is a comparison thread even though one player is still active? It happens in all sports especially when the active person has done enough to already be considered the GOAT in their respective sport and is simply adding onto their legacy by continuing to play/win Lebron is compared to Jordan and he's still active. Tom Brady is compared to others in the NFL and he's still active. Same with Federer.
  7. Incredibly rude. If you see someone behind you waiting on every shot and you know you are the slow one, you should wait for them to catch up with you at a tee box and ask them if they want to play through.
  8. One of the simplest but most effective changes I have made was narrowing my stance width (heels are only about an inch apart) and standing closer to the ball with a more vertical shaft has drastically improved my chipping/pitching.
  9. View this round on GAME GOLF New personal best on Friday, +1 73. Also broke par on 9 holes for the first time. Ball striking with my irons made all the difference, I had one main swing thought that went along with my Evolvr priority piece, and my confidence kept growing throughout the round. The 73 included a 3 putt for a par on a par 5 too Was better than a 5 handicap in all of the strokes gained categories, and was better than scratch in driving. Only had 12 putts on the back 9 too. Just a solid day overall.
  10. Exactly my point. You're choosing to exclude a brand of product that you admit makes a good product simply on the off chance you don't like the clubs that the resale value is going to be lower than you feel it should be. While you're obviously entitled to do so, I don't think that is a good reason to exclude a company and not even consider them when making future purchases. We aren't talking about a car or something here, we are talking about a couple hundred bucks at the most, and that's only on the off chance that you don't like the clubs. Out of curiosity, which irons are you referring to and how much did you pay for them in 2011?
  11. IMO, that's a horrible reason for someone to stop buying a specific brand. I currently play Taylormade irons that I like, that perform well, and I'm confident with. Taylormade could release 10 new iron sets within the next 12 months and it wouldn't affect my opinion of my clubs, nor would I feel the need to run out and buy a new set
  12. I disagree, and both companies I have been at so far have had the 1 large PTO bucket, and I can't say I've really ever seen someone in the office who was so visibly sick that they shouldn't have been there. Plus, for people who rarely get sick, the separate sick and vacation buckets would just mean they would either end up accumulating weeks upon months of sick time, or lie about being sick so they could actually use those days, especially if their employer has a "use it or lose it" policy where you can't roll unused days over to the following year. You just said you hated that policy of 1 PTO bucket, but then you said given the choice between those two policies you would choose the 1 PTO bucket. That doesn't make sense. Clearly the 1 PTO bucket must not be that bad of an idea if you would choose it over having separate vacation/sick buckets, right? I have the 1 PTO bucket and I think it is perfectly fine. When I plan out my vacations and other PTO days throughout the year, I make sure I leave a couple days unused in case I get sick, and then if December comes and I haven't used those days yet, I take random Fridays or Mondays off in December since we can't roll any unused days over.
  13. Maybe I wasn't clear in my original post on this topic, when I said I thought he only had a couple more yards to optimize, I was talking about with his current ball speed, and that he could possibly squeeze those few extra yards by lowering the spin closer to 3,000. Obviously if the ball speed (or attack angle) change for whatever reason (spin loft, clubhead speed increase, etc) then the spin would have to be lowered and the launch angle could increase, but I was thinking about it that based on his current ball speed numbers, I thought he was pretty close to getting as much carry as he could based on that ball speed.
  14. Does that mean that the Trackman chart I posted is wrong then? He is only hitting up 1 degree but has a lower ball speed than the middle row in the gray box, but is already carrying it 10 yds further than that.
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