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  1. klineka

    Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    In my most recent update I dropped from 9.6 to 9.5. Not too much variation in my scores lately so not surprising that the handicap stayed virtually the same. Seems like I'm pretty consistently between 78-85.
  2. What is the yardage, slope and rating of your home course? Did you mean to type 65? I dont have a home course per say, but since the tips for most courses I play are under 7000 yds and course ratings are around 70-71, I'd expect them to shoot mid to low 60s consistently
  3. klineka

    I Need Urgent Help Guys

    What does this even mean?
  4. klineka

    Free Relief

    Ok I think I got it now. Is this correct?: Using the club/stance you would normally use absent of the cart path, you find your nearest point of complete relief. Once NPR is found, you can then use driver for your one club length, then drop. After you have dropped, you are free to use whatever club you wish.
  5. klineka

    Free Relief

    Yes it did. Those two statements contradict each other, and based on my understanding of this rule, the second statement is incorrect almost all the time, since its unreasonable that you would have planned on hitting driver had there been no cart path, but then after your drop you would play with a wedge.
  6. klineka

    I Need Urgent Help Guys

    Pretty much impossible to give any sort of recommendations without seeing videos of your swing. Feel isnt real. What you are feeling in your swing is most likely not what's actually happening. There isnt some magic fix thats going to give you Jim Furyk accuracy overnight especially when you self-admitted you weren't all that accurate with driver to begin with. IMO for the outing tomorrow, stop worrying about wrist roll, swing plane, etc and just go hit the ball. Might have some good ones, might have some bad ones, but good chances are at least one person out of the forusome will have a tee shot in play, so pick the best one and then go from there.
  7. klineka

    Sand Wedge Still Common?

    Most of them use either a 60 or a 56 degree wedge in green side bunkers. But tour pros are so skilled they could use just about any iron they wanted and still get the ball out of the bunker. Some guys like DJ and maybe Rory too have a 64 degree wedge specifically for flop and bunker shots. In the past 2 years of playing, the only club I've ever used in a green side bunker is my 60 degree.
  8. klineka

    New Ping i500 Irons, Lost Distance

    If you were hitting real golf balls in your fitting and reduced/limited flight driving range balls on the range, that would make the difference right there.
  9. klineka

    Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/klineka/round/2370199 Set a new personal high with 4 birdies! 2 were on par 3s which are really rare for me. 2 double bogeys and a couple penalties kept this from being an even or under par round, but still very very please with this round especially since it was 90+ degrees outside and very humid. Also on hole #10 my drive went 340 yds because it hit the cart path in the air, bounced up and then hit the path again. Left me with roughly 170yds left and what I figured would be a jumper lie in the rough. I guessed right, clubbed down and was able to get on the green in 2 and 2putted for an easy birdie.
  10. klineka

    Range Golfer vs Course Golfer: Who Wins?

    I do agree with your statement on this topic where you said the range golfer can improve the most, but this specific scenario asks who would win in a single round after the respective years, not necessarily who would be the better golfer at the end of the year. In the other topic you seemed to state how important playing on a course is and the value that it can add to your game that you cant get from just practicing on the range. The quotes below from that topic especially confuse me.
  11. klineka

    Range Golfer vs Course Golfer: Who Wins?

    If I knew I was able to golf on the course every day for 2 hours, some of those days would be working on improvements in my swing, so practice rounds essentially. I would be on the course playing multiple shots from different lies in the practice rounds, working on specific swing thoughts. I might not be able to improve my swing from a technical standpoint as much as the person that spent a year at the range, but having ~180 full 18 hole rounds under my belt in the year would give me such an advantage compared to someone who spent the year practicing on a range without really knowing how their game would translate to the course.
  12. klineka

    High Fade, Stinger Draw (Driver)

    I would try to get on a Trackman, GC Quad, or some sort of launch monitor that displays your angle of attack and see if there is a difference with your attack angle or other delivery aspects that is causing the difference. You might be delofting the club on the draw shots and increasing the loft on the fade shots which might account for the differences. Hard to say without seeing launch monitor numbers. Plenty of people hit high draws and low fades so its not like a rule that all draws have to be low and all fades have to be high.
  13. Yes 7 iron vs 5 iron distance is relative to the player and their abilities, and good chances are, if player A's 7 iron goes as far as player B's 5 iron, more often than not player A will be the better player and will likely shoot better scores (Obviously assuming all other parts of their game are equal, just player A is 20 yds longer than player B) Distance is more important than hitting the fairway. That's a fact. It's been proven and backed up by statistics. Just because you can site one example of a semi retired tour pro who can break par by laying up to the 150 marker doesnt prove your point of "Fairways and greens... Doesn't matter how long your 7i goes, as long as you hit the short stuff." Lets discuss a hypothetical scenario. Youre about to play a 7400 yd PGA tour golf course. You have to choose one of the following two options A - You get Dustin Johnson's long game (every shot from outside 100yds) and your short game B - Your long game (every shot from outside 100 yds) and Dustin Johnson's short game Which of those scenarios will allow you to consistently shoot better scores? The answer should be quite obvious, which highlights my point further of how important distance is to your overall score.
  14. klineka

    Irons and Distance

    Yeah in 2009... https://golftips.golfweek.com/average-yards-per-club-pro-golfer-20585.html The average PW on the PGA tour is now 136, with the average 9 iron being closer to 149. This article from 2015 backs up what I was thinking with the PW distance: https://blog.trackmangolf.com/trackman-average-tour-stats/ Do you have a recent source to back up the Tiger Woods claim? I feel like when I've watched him on TV this year, his PW goes 140-150 and have seen him hit a 7 iron like 180.
  15. I dont want to speak for him, but I think myself and @dennyjones might have been looking at this from the lens of golf being changed now from 18 holes to 12 holes, instead of golf starting and staying as 12 holes like the poll/title state. "if 12 holes had become the standard" is what the poll states, and when I first read it, I read it as "if 12 holes becomes the standard"

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