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  1. Koepka, DJ, Rory, Tiger, etc probably have something to say about that
  2. President's Cup TV schedule
  3. Good point, I did notice on some swings that the right elbow was still lengthening on the second half of the downswing and down through impact even though it was further in front of my stomach than it previously has been.
  4. Main feels today were the right elbow staying out in front of my stomach on the downswing, more secondary axis tilt while rotating, and feeling like I'm holding the clubface wide open after impact, and I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. The face to path and thus shot shape quieted down A LOT, I was hitting paused partial 8 irons about 120-130 yards and with the exception of like one or two bad swings, they were all within a 10 yd lateral dispersion (which is a really really tight dispersion pattern for me even on partial shots) and it seemed like pretty much every shot had a face to path under 3 and most were under 2 as well. Keeping it slow for now, but this feels (and hopefully looks) like a step in the right direction for adding rotation and controlling the clubface more. I forgot to save a face on view, but these feelings are helping out a ton with Key #3 (Flat Left Wrist)
  5. Hmm reading this made me go check out some of my face and path numbers on some of the swings when I was trying to feel a lot of rotation through the shot, and it seems like my path is decent, most of them with a 7 iron are around 2.0 or less degrees in to out, but on the huge hooks the club face gets like 5-6 degrees closed to the target, which give a face to path of like -6 to -8 degrees.
  6. Have been really focusing on my centered pivot piece and am starting to see pretty solid results. The two things that have helped the most are flaring out my front foot/not letting my knee collapse inward towards my right leg, and feeling like every swing stops when I'm at left arm parallel and the club is vertical. In reality the knee still moves down/in a little bit and the club still goes most of the way back, but centered pivot and strike have improved greatly. My head movement has decreased significantly compared to like 6-12 months ago, on most swings it doesn't go forward of its' starting position at all. Will start adding in the increased rotation piece that I worked on in my last lesson as well, and have started the Superspeed training again, would like to get my clubhead speed from 110 to 115 and would love to see some 170 ball speeds in a couple months. I have noticed that when I try to do a ton of rotation and opening my chest more through impact, the clubface tends to get very closed so it results in a lot of overdraws/hooks mainly with the irons. I'm sure my instructor can tell me why that is happening but was just wondering if that is a common thing and if anyone else has experienced that before?
  7. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    Well no sh!t. We are talking about the teams as they stand right now, not based on future events that may or may not happen. But the difference is that @saevel25 and I (and even @Vinsk too) used facts to support our opinions instead of just making baseless claims. The reasons you have provided so far as to why you think Clemson should be #1 include: Wait til the dust settles and you will see. The x factor in all of this is coaching...Dabo is best of the 4... a hunch, a feeling, an examination of how close these teams are the fact that Clemson has been there, their players and coaches have been there That's a poor attempt to back up your claim IMO. Here are some facts as to why I think OSU should be ranked higher than Clemson: OSU's strength of schedule is 18th, Clemson's is 60th. OSU has 5 wins against current top 25 teams and 4 wins against top 15 teams, Clemson has 1 win against top 25 and 0 against top 20. Despite OSU playing a much tougher schedule overall, they have a higher point differential (470) than Clemson (467) OSU averages more ppg than Clemson (48.7 to 46.5) OSU is ranked higher than Clemson in a number of advanced metric rankings including ESPN's FPI, ESPN's team efficiency, and Jeff Sagarin's models. So even though Clemson has played a weaker schedule and performed worse in those weaker games over the course of the entire season than OSU has (and LSU for that matter) you expect us to take your opinion seriously simply because you have a hunch and think Dabo is the best coach out of the 4 playoff teams??
  8. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    That's how you're backing up your claim? C'mon man that's pathetic.
  9. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    What was the point of that post? You still didn't answer my question, why do you think Clemson should be ranked #1?
  10. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    They should have thought of that when they decided to schedule Wofford, Citadel, and Charlotte for some of their nonconference games. Also I have a really hard time believing that a team that only put up 21 points and squeaked out a victory against UNC should be #1 over both LSU and OSU. Why do you think Clemson should be #1?
  11. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yes OSU struggled in the first half, but they dominated the second half. They have played Wisconsin (ranks 6th nationally in offensive efficiency) twice this season and held them to a total of 28 points, and held Jonathan Taylor (some consider to be the best RB in the country) to 200 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD over two full games when he has averaged 146 ypg and 1.6 rushing TDs per game this season. I think their offenses are about equal (OSU team offensive efficiency is 95.9, and LSU's is 96.3) but I give the edge to OSU on defense (90.2 defensive efficiency rating compare to LSU at 76.8). Holding Georgia to 10 points is a bit misleading because Georgia was missing multiple of their top receivers due to injuries, suspension for the first half, etc so that receiver core that Fromm had to throw to yesterday simply wasnt good enough to keep up with LSU's scoring. OSU's offense is significantly better than what Georgia had out there yesterday. LSU gave up 38 to Vanderbilt (ranked 106th in offensive efficiency) and 37 to OleMiss (62nd in offensive efficiency) OSU gave up more than 21 points just one time the entire season, and never gave up more than 30, LSU gave up more than 21 points 5 times and more than 30 points 4 times. Even if you think that LSU's offense is better than OSU's (which it might be but only ever so slightly IMO) I dont think the gap between the offenses is wide enough for LSU make up for the gap that exists between the defenses which is why I think OSU should be slightly ahead of LSU.
  12. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    In my opinion OSU is the most complete team in the country and deserves to stay at #1 heading into the playoffs.
  13. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    Asking someone to back up their opinion with facts is not being sensitive. People that give their opinions in the Tiger v. Jack debate (or any other debate topic) on this site are expected to back up their opinions with facts or their opinions generally aren't taken very seriously by other members on this site. Why do you think opinions in this topic should be treated differently? You made the claim that the 15th ranked team in the country would dominate the #1 ranked team (on the same day the #1 team dropped 56 points and almost 600 yds against the 13th ranked team) and the only reason you have to support that claim is "your eye test as a former player". That's ridiculous.
  14. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    My eyes see a lack of defense being played in the Alabama/Auburn game. My eye saw that LSU's defense gave up over 500 yards and 5 touchdowns to a 4-7 Ole Miss. OSU has more than enough firepower on offense to keep up with ANY team in the country. Prior to the game today, Michigan's defense was ranked 4th best in yards allowed per game and OSU put up 577 yards and 56 points. This is getting ridiculous now. Thats a trolling level statement made without any facts supporting your claim. Simply stating "eye test" isnt a fact that backs up your claim. Show me the numbers that show how LSU, Bama, and Auburn would all dominate OSU.
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