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  1. How many scores count for the team portion? Surprising you guys finished 9th out of 12 when your team had two of the top 12 individual scores. Looking forward to hearing more about your season!
  2. That would also unfairly benefit the longer hitters because someone like Rory or Cameron Champ hitting last in the group would almost always have more than 40 seconds compared to someone like Kevin Kisner or Chez Reavie. I understand that longer hitters now currently have longer as well, but assessing an instant one stroke penalty every single time any player were to go over the 40 second mark seems excessive IMO.
  3. How would that work for the first person to hit their approach shot? Because technically the moment after all 3 players have hit their tee shots, it becomes that person's turn to play. This would never happen. And what if a volunteer likes one player more than another so they "forget" to start the timer on time, resulting in that player getting extra time?
  4. Crazy that he gained 4.77 strokes in the final round even with missing a 4'9" putt on the 3rd hole. If missing an 8 footer loses 0.5 strokes, that would mean had he made that putt his strokes gained putting would have been well over 5, right?
  5. Yeah, Tony Finau and Jon Rahm have that problem figured out. But in all seriousness, you haven't provided nearly enough information for us to help you out. I suggest starting a swing thread here so we can see what your swing looks like and some of the more knowledgeable people might have some suggestions or tips to improve your swing. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/
  6. Wedges and irons up through 7 have been really solid lately. Main thought has been keeping my elbows close together and getting right elbow in front of belly button on the downswing instead of trapped on my right hip. Can immediately feel a huge difference when I do it right, which is about 80% of the time on full speed swings with the short irons right now. Have been playing around with flighted short iron shots and starting to get a good feel for them as well, although I think I might be moving the ball too far back in my stance because I seem to be over drawing a lot of them compared to my regular trajectory iron shots which has been pretty straight lately. 3,4,5,6 irons are still a work in progress, not hitting them too well right now. Driver is still what I am spending the majority of my time on, finally made progress with my priority piece of not jumping off the right leg, the feeling of rotating my right knee inwards and driving my right quad towards the target really helped. Multiple practice sessions with an alignment stick angled at knee height about 1 inch inside my right knee really helped me from jumping out towards the ball. Swing is still too steep, so have been and will keep doing a lot of slow motion and partial reps really feeling and over exaggerating my right elbow leading the way/initiating the downswing. One feeling that helped today was feeling like my right elbow and right quad were connected, meaning that they both would drive towards the target at the same time to start the downswing.
  7. Learn to hit a partial PW just like you have learned to hit a partial 9 iron. For me, gripping down halfway (about 3 inches), ball position about 1-2 ball widths back from normal, and the feeling of a 3/4 swing with a held off finish results in pretty much exactly 20 yards less of distance with a lower trajectory across every club I have tried it with so far (7 iron through sand wedge) aka I followed what was said here:
  8. I don't really understand the desire to have multiple different swings, which 90%+ of golfers who saw you swing wouldn't be able to identify who you are copying just by watching you swing. Why not just find one swing that works the best for you, work with a coach, improve that swing, and play in some high level amateur tournaments? Do you keep different handicaps for each person's swing? I'd assume the Tiger swing should be the best since he is the GOAT? Also you said you want to eliminate a hook, well which swing is that with?
  9. For just a regular weekend round, I usually try to keep them within 30-45 minutes at the most, but occasionally for a tournament or to try out a new course I'll drive a bit further, I don't think I've gone more than an hour though for just one round.
  10. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    If they were to hand out any punishments, it would likely only affect any players that chose to come back and play next season instead of going to the NFL draft right? Since the NCAA really can't do anything regarding suspension, eligibility, etc once a player has played their final game?
  11. Thanks for noticing! Sometimes I get so focused on continually progressing I forget that 2 years ago I was shooting in the mid 90s. But yes getting lessons/seeing an instructor has completely changed my game and has made me much more confident on the course. If cost is prohibiting you from more frequent lessons, you could always try Evolvr.com . It's cheaper than traditional lessons. I did roughly two stints of 3-4 months with them and it was very helpful in getting the fundamentals down, part of the reason I didn't progress more when doing evolvr is because I wasn't practicing right, but that was my fault not the instructors.
  12. Right now I'm averaging about one lesson every 4 weeks. I go to the lesson, get two main priority pieces to focus on, typically one for my iron swing and one for my driver swing, and I practice 5-6x a week starting out with slow reps and increase the speed as I become more comfortable and used to the swing changes. Then once I can get to full speed while still implementing the new swing changes, I schedule another lesson to work on the next piece. Since you are just starting out, if you really want to do weekly lessons, I'd say the first couple weeks should be on different topics. Like one week can be irons, the next week could be chips and pitches, 3rd week could be driver, 4th week could be putting. That should give you a good base of fundamentals in most aspects. Then in the meantime you should have been practicing the priority pieces from the iron lesson, hopefully have gotten pretty used to them and executing them properly so you would (in theory) be ready for another iron lesson. This is obviously highly dependent on how much time you have available to practice. If you can only practice properly 1 hour a week, you should go longer in between lessons than someone who is practicing properly 10 hours per week.
  13. Unlikely, especially from 50 yards in the rough. PGA tour players take on average 2.78 strokes to hole out from 40 yards and 2.91 strokes to hole out from 60 yards, so it's likely that from 50 yards that average is right around 2.83-2.84 strokes. So unless your short game is close to PGA tour level, it's unlikely that you will average holing out in 3.0 strokes from 50 yds in the rough. Let's look at it a different way. Last year on the PGA tour, on shots from 30-50 yards, the tour average proximity was roughly 12' 2". (I believe that is on all shots, both fairway and rough) Let's estimate and say that for a 9.5 handicap golfer like yourself, that number on average is probably close to 20'. (if not further) And the 12' and 20' numbers are all inclusive of 30-50 yard shots from the fairway and rough, so the number would be even higher for both groups of golfers if you just looked at 50 yard shots from the rough. The average number of putts for a scratch golfer to hole out from 20 feet is 1.89, and for a 90-golfer it is 2.02. Add those to your initial 50 yard shot, and that shows that even a scratch golfer would have to have a pretty solid short game to average under 3.0 strokes to hole out from 50 yards in the rough, which makes me believe that it would be even less likely for a 9.5 handicap to average 3.0 or lower strokes to hole out from 50 yards in the rough.
  14. I'm not an instructor, but I bet most instruction doesn't focus on small details because most people dont do the major things right, so most people will see a bigger "bang for their buck" when the instructor focuses on major pieces first, then after the major pieces are fixed, then focusing on smaller details. Often times fixing major pieces will correct smaller details too. That's great that fixing those things worked for you, that sounds like a lot to change, so what you might consider "small details" would likely be considered "major" to other people. None of these are secrets, these aren't magic. I don't believe there are any magic tips or tricks in golf. I focus on the major priority pieces from my instructor, practice them properly, then see him again once I have those down and get a new priority piece or two. Rinse and repeat. I spend more time practicing my full swing than short game and putting. Aim at the center of the green when more than 100 yards out
  15. I have played a few of the courses there, but probably wouldn't recommend it as a "must stop" place for someone coming from a different country for a golf trip unless they are bringing significant others/kids. Myrtle Beach National Kings North is the best course I played while on my trip there. Also there have been a ton of topics about Myrtle Beach courses and trips https://thesandtrap.com/search/?q=myrtle beach&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and&search_in=titles
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