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  1. The current grips I have on most of my clubs are a combination of the MCC Standard and the MCC +4 Standard. I really like these grips but they are a tad small for me so I am going to get my clubs regripped soon to the MCC +4 Midsize version but I can't decide if I want the MCC +4 Midsize or the MCC +4 Midsize Align grips. As of right now I am leaning towards the Align grip in my driver (was testing at a demo day last year and the shaft had the align grip on it and I really liked how it felt on a driver), the non align grips for my wedges (since it might feel weird feeling the ridge on the side when I open the face) but I'm not sure if I want to go with the Align on my irons or not. Has anyone used the MCC +4 Align grips before? If so any thoughts? Is it a bad idea to mix and match align/non-align throughout the set? I feel like it will be one of those things that if I did get the Align grips, after a few weeks I would get used to it and not even think about it anymore, but just was curious to hear thoughts from those of you who have used the Align grips before.
  2. If you are so short of a hitter than you cant reach greens in regulation then you should move up a tee box or two until you are playing from a tee box where a solidly hit drive leaves you with a reasonable approach shot in and gives you a chance for a GIR.
  3. Oops. Just went back and read over some of that again. Obviously I had forgotten about that earlier. Yeah that makes sense, and obviously in her case now they could adjust the scorecard sufficiently so yeah.
  4. I guess I just don't understand why the penalty for that infraction is DQ (especially since in that case she wasn't gaining an advantage since she signed for a higher score) but the penalty for breaking a different rule 29 times over two different days is just the applicable penalty strokes simply because the golfer "didn't know the rules". I get that they are completely different rules about completely different scenarios, I just don't think it's right that a golfer can break the same rule 29 times over 2 different rounds and not be DQ'ed simply because they didnt know they were breaking a rule. To that point, let's say there was a newer golfer in a tournament and he hit multiple balls out of bounds throughout the round but played them as red staked hazards because he didn't know any better, but then it was discovered after the round and after signing the scorecard that he had played them as such, does that mean he would only get the applicable penalty strokes added to his score instead of being DQ'ed simply because he didn't know it was a rule that white stakes are treated differently than red stakes? That doesn't seem right IMO.
  5. From a different article on the topic I think this is interesting that she doesn't get DQ'ed simply because she doesn't know the rules, but someone that inadvertently signs an incorrect scorecard is automatically DQ'ed, because technically at the time they signed the scorecard, they were likely unaware of any rules infraction too (Specifically thinking back to the high school girl from a couple weeks ago)
  6. Down to a 6.9 after a very solid 75 last weekend. My game has made a ton of progress this year between visiting Erik up in Erie, a couple months of Evolvr coaching, and now a couple month of some in person coaching. I'm really happy with how my game has evolved this season.
  7. Continuing to work on my full swing with my instructor, making some solid progress, and I have made a strong commitment to slow swings and practicing properly, which means practice sessions like last night where I made 70+ swings and never went above half speed on any swing. Also started to work on my wedges with my instructor teaching me how to hit different trajectories and really focusing on 100-150 yds, since over my last 12 rounds my proximity from 100-150yds is 43.9' while my proximity from 150-200 yds is over 5 feet better at 38.0'. As this season winds down, we will also be sitting down and taking a look at all of my stats from this past season and developing my goals for next year and working on a winter training plan to help reach the goals for next year.
  8. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    Irrelevant to this years performance and rankings. Nobody has said otherwise. But OSU and Wisconsin have both been more dominate in their cupcake games than Oklahoma has. Fact. Has nothing to do with this season. Pick a side. Either talk about the teams current rankings, or the rankings at the time the games were played. Because if you are talking about current rankings, OSU's best win is actually the 42-0 blowout against #25 Cincinnati. That's a better win than Alabama or Clemson have. The facts don't lie. The Big Ten is one of the strongest conferences in the country and there's a pretty strong chance they will have a team in the college football playoff. You have presented very little evidence that suggests otherwise. Depends on if you look at the rankings when the games were played or the current rankings of those teams. Michigan State was ranked when OSU beat them but is no longer ranked, and Cincinnati was not ranked when OSU beat them but is now ranked.
  9. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    What about giving up a lot of points to cupcakes? Does that mean anything? Oklahoma gave up more points in their very first game to a cupcake (31 to Houston) than Wisconsin has given up through 6 entire games... And OSU embarrased OU in 2016 by 3 touchdowns... But that is irrelevant when comparing teams' performances and rankings so far this season... This.
  10. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    Like how dominant both OSU and Wisconsin's defenses have been to start this season? OSU has given up 10 points or less in 5 out of their 6 games. Wisconsin has more shutouts (4) than they do games where they allowed points (2) and they've only given up 29 points all season. After the games yesterday, Wisconsin is #1 and OSU is #2 in the country in total defense (total yards allowed) Clemson is #3, Penn State is #4, Iowa is #5, so the Big Ten has 4 of the top 5 defenses in the country in terms of yards allowed/avg yards allowed per game. There are 8 Big Ten defenses ranked higher than both Alabama (36) and Oklahoma (41) who is even below Cincinnati (38) If you're going to give Oklahoma credit for their defense finally showing up in week 7, make sure you give credit to other teams who are clearly superior defensively and who have dominated defensively all season.
  11. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    Oh yeah absolutely. Maybe the Big Ten isn't so weak after all
  12. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    While you're probably right, don't forget about what happened in 2014. If OSU were to lose to Wisconsin in a very close game in 2 weeks but then win out and beat a likely then ranked top 5 Wisconsin team by a good margin in the Big Ten championship game, that could potentially be enough to get them in depending on what other teams do, especially since LSU and Alabama still have to play against each other in the regular season and one of them wouldn't even be in the SEC championship game.
  13. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    Couldn't have said it any better myself. Still waiting to hear what wins Alabama, Oklahoma, and Clemson have had this season prior to today's games (since their current rankings are based on their results before today's games) that justifies their spots in the rankings. Alabama and Oklahoma hadn't even played a ranked team prior to this week, but yeah that totally makes sense that OSU is the only team with the cupcake schedule (even though the data around strength of schedule clearly suggests otherwise and has been pointed out to you multiple times in this thread)
  14. klineka

    NCAA Football 2019

    What big games have Alabama played this season? Any facts to support this? Wins against Michigan State and a shutout of Cincinnati are a better grouping of 2 wins than any of Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma have had so far this season. Please name a better 2 win grouping any of those teams have had so far this season. In 5 of their 6 games this season, OSU has held their opponents to 10 points or less, with 2 of those games being against current or at the time top 25 teams. Alabama gave up 28 in their only game against a ranked opponent, Oklahoma gave up 27 in their only game against a ranked opponent. I'll ask you again (since you didn't answer the first time) Who have Alabama, Clemson, or Oklahoma beaten this season to deserve their spots? What does that have to do with this season and where the teams are ranked this season?
  15. Shot a very solid 75 in less than ideal conditions (mid 40 degrees with a constant 20+ mph wind on a relatively tree-less, links style course) Holed out from ~40 yards for a birdie, and hit a tee shot to the back fringe on a short par 4 for another birdie. Putted really well, gained 1.2 strokes compared to scratch, and hit it pretty solid off the tee as well, gaining .60 strokes compared to scratch.
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