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  1. My buddy and I are looking to plan a long weekend golf trip for the first weekend in December. It would have to be somewhere south since we are in Ohio. I've looked at Talamore where the Newport Cup was just held and so far I think that is the leading candidate, they seem to have a bunch of packages and specials available. The only downside it is about 8.5 hours from us in Ohio. Not too bad and can definitely be done in a day, but I was curious if anyone knows any other resorts that are closer and in the Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee area that are open into early December? Even recommendations for which villa or which courses to golf at if we do choose Talamore would be helpful!
  2. Aw man, just open the club face and take a big swing Nice par save though! Clutch!
  3. I currently just use the phone app to tag my shots, but I do plan on getting the belt clip soon. With regards to the greenside and punch shots, from game golf directly, "Game Golf automatically filters out punch shots and poorly hit shots to calculate the typical distance for each club, provided that you have recorded multiple shots with that particular club." Looking at your GG profile, it looks like you hit a 7 iron 161 yds, and a 7 iron 32 yds, but it still says your "typical" 7 iron is 161, since it filtered out that 32 yard shot. It does not do an average, because obviously if it did an average, that 7 iron distance would be closer to like 95 yards which clearly isnt an accurate reflection of your 7 iron distance. I hit my lob wedge 80% of the time I am inside 100 yards, so I have plenty of < 50 yard chips and pitches with it, yet it still says my expected distance with a full swing is 88 yds. Also, looks like you can generate plenty of distance, nice job! Keep working on those approach shots and driving accuracy and I bet you'll see those scores drop lower.
  4. no worries. Thanks for the compliment. Sometimes its hard to distinguish between sincerity and sarcasm via the internet. I still remember those feelings as well. I remember adding up my scores and any day that I broke 120 was a great day. I can certainly say I didnt become a 10 hcp overnight nor was I born with that ability. It has taken me 10+ years to get to where I am today.
  5. I'm not quite sure whether that is supposed to be a compliment or an insult.
  6. I disagree with this statement. You are correct that each sport takes certain traits and skills to play well, thats a no brainer. If you gave me a month to practice bowling with a top coach every single day compared to a month of practicing golf every single day with a top coach, I guarantee you I would be closer to a professional bowler in terms of average score and the amount of which I improved over that month than I would be compared to a professional golfer. Golf is hard. Its easier to roll a 300 in bowling than it is to shoot 18 under for a round. Its easier to take a handoff in football and run forward and try not to get tackled than it is to drive a golf ball 250 yards down the middle consistently. Its easier to shoot a free throw than it is to make a 5 foot putt. The top 3 point shooters in the NBA make just over 40% of their attempts. The best PGA tour golfers made approx. 40% of their putts from 10-15 feet. That means the best players in the world make more 3 point shots (23+ feet in distance) in games with defenses guarding them, while jumping up into the air than the top golfers make putts that are only 10-15 feet long with no defense, very minimal body movement, etc. The ball doesnt move in golf, yet it is still very difficult. No defense trying to tackle you, no defender trying to block your shot, no pitch speed or pitch location to account for, yet it is still difficult to excel at golf. Trying to control a face angle within one degree while swinging a club over 100mph is hard. Much harder than tackling someone in football. Harder than throwing a ball to first base from a ground ball in the infield. Much harder than catching a fly ball in the outfield. Golf is very hard. Last point on this topic, if golf is so easy, why did you quit and stop playing? If it is so easy of a sport to play that means anyone should be able to excel at it, correct?
  7. I voted two. I have talked about this with my evolvr instructor and his recommendation was that it depended on the person but 1-2 seemed like a general target. I currently have two main thoughts, keeping my head still/ the feeling of it slightly moving away from target (feel is different than real) and then especially with the driver keeping my hands low throughout the swing and having the club path in to out to create a straighter ball flight since I used to come way over the top and outside in.
  8. How much time do you need to maintain...

    I typically do 1 practice session and 1 round per week and this has been enough to implement my evolvr changes which has continually dropped my handicap from 15 ish to 10 ish over this summer. If I just wanted to maintain the current level I am at right now, I could probably do 1 practice session every week and a half to two weeks, and a 1-2 rounds per month at the most would probably be enough for me to maintain my current level.
  9. Great recovery shot there. Choked down a little, partial swing, nice low ball flight to get back into the fairway. Textbook. Keep it up blue team!
  10. Im confused what is going on in that bunker picture. Was someones ball plugged in the loose sand or something?
  11. Those are awesome repair tools! I have one of that same brand that I got from a PGA store but I never thought to look to see what brand it is. My ball marker is just the PGA tour logo though. Cmon Blue team keep grinding and get a few back to end out the front 9!
  12. Natural Born Putter?

    These two statements contradict each other. You admit putting is a simple action (which it is) but then you state that putting is not an easy skill to learn? If putting is a simple action from a mechanical standpoint, it would make sense that it is an easy skill to learn. A more complex action (hitting a driver long and straight) would be a more difficult skill to learn. Distance control is not hard. Develop a repeatable stroke that allows you to strike the ball in the center of the clubface each time. Then simply adjust how far you take the club back based on how far you want to hit the ball. Pretty simple. Green reading isnt all that difficult either, relative to other things in golf, like hitting a driver consistently 300+ yds and in play for example. If you really want to get better at green reading, I suggest taking an AimPoint class, or at least watching some videos and read some articles on the topic. I have not taken the course, but I have started to read the greens with my feet and my green reading has improved just from doing that. Im sure it would only get better if I actually took the course. It is much easier and takes less time to get better at putting than it is at any other full swing shot.
  13. What time will the PM matches start?
  14. Start using GameGolf. Its a free app you can use to track your shots and distances. There is a component you can buy that will allow you to tag each shot without having to use your phone, but I have played 9 rounds so far using just the app and it has been fine in giving me my distances. Play 3 or 4 rounds tagging your shots with the phone and you will start to get an idea of how far each shot goes, plus the minimums and maximums for each as well. The GameGolf app also gives you other important pieces of data like GIR %, putts per round, and even distance left to the green. Its a ton of information and features packed in a free app as long as you dont mind having your phone in your pocket during your round. Tapping my shot has just become part of my preshot routine now, and most of the time my playing partners dont even notice.
  15. No "full" shots inside ~150 yards

    With a wedge in my hand, that is my main thought as well, to just get it on the green. I'm just sharing how my ball typically reacts when it does land on the green. I cant recall ever seeing my own ball spin back more than a couple feet.