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  1. klineka

    USGA/R&A release new distance report

    So youre saying if a ball hits a rock in a water hazard and bounces back into play then thats ok, but if it hits a grandstand or tower (which are not elements of the course) that it should be OOB? I dont understand the logic there.
  2. klineka

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    18 is more than 14 when all else is equal. 18 Honda Civics are worth less than 14 Ferrari's, just like 18 majors against weaker fields are worth less than 14 majors against stronger fields. You can have your 18 Honda Civics, I'll keep my 14 Ferrari's. After all 18 cars are better than 14 cars right?
  3. klineka

    Golf Channel vs Golfweek Am tour

    Great writeup and welcome to TST! Sounds like you have had some great experiences with it. I dont think that comment was necessary, there are people of all different ages on this site who are in varying financial situations but still enjoy golf. If other members of the tour share a similar attitude like that, considering people who play municipal courses to be "poor people", then I'm definitely not interested.
  4. klineka

    New guy here

    What I'm about to say might come off as rude, but thats not my intention whatsoever. Its highly unlikely that you were averaging over 320 yds with your drives. No golfer on the PGA tour this year averages 320 yards (the longest is Trey Mullinax at 319.8) and you are claiming that you averaged over 320 for 9 holes, so probably 6-7 drives? If you truly are averaging 320+, then great, thats a valuable asset to your golf game, but please understand the suspicion that myself and I'm sure others on here will have of a new member joining the site and with their 3rd post claiming on average they can out drive the entire PGA tour.
  5. klineka

    New guy here

    Welcome to TST! In your quest to break 80, pars will never hurt you. 11 pars and 7 bogies will get you a 79. Post around a bit and if you want, start a My Swing thread, which doesnt just have to be your full swing, people can help with short game and putting there too. https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ Good Luck!
  6. klineka

    USGA/R&A release new distance report

    This doesnt make sense to me. Where do you draw the line? Is hitting into a crowd that is 10 yards off the fairway going to be considered OOB too? How do you distinguish "overshooting" the greens missing long to missing the green left/right often where viewing areas and hospitality suites also exist. It's not like players are aiming to hit the towers or crowds on purpose in an attempt to gain an advantage. I dont understand why you think they should be penalized for hitting a ball to a spot that without the tv tower or grandstand there, would have been in play for their next shot.
  7. klineka

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    I agree that the caddie isnt always blameless, but in the particular case of the 17th yesterday, what would you have expected the caddie to have said/done? As someone mentioned earlier, Tiger had the perfect SW distance, wind wasnt hurting much, and probably had a little adrenaline from the fact that its the 17th hole. Hindsight is 20/20, but lets say he takes a soft gap wedge there, if he's not 100% dialed in with his distance control on that partial wedge, the ball is off the back of the green. Had there been a discussion and his caddie suggested he hit the GW and then if Woods hit it over the green, I bet some of the same people would be here today saying that the caddie made the wrong choice and he should have suggested the SW. Or if Woods had carried it 5 yards further with the SW and landed on the green, nobody would be saying that the caddie should have talked it over first. A poorly executed shot by Woods suddenly means it was the wrong club and then somehow the caddies' fault? I'm not buying that one bit for this specific instance. Think about your own golf games for a second, if you have a club you know you fits the exact carry distance from the tee on a par 3, and there's trouble long so you pick the club that goes the exact carry distance and you come up short, are you going to blame yourself for hitting the wrong club (when the longer club easily could bring the back trouble into play), or would you blame the execution aspect? Personally I would blame the execution aspect. I understand and agree completely there is probably a better choice of a caddie out there and Woods could probably benefit by someone who would question his decisions sometimes, but in the particular instance of the 17th yesterday, I have a hard time understanding why people are saying that the outcome (on that particular hole) was a result of the caddie being a spectator, dopey, useless, etc.
  8. klineka

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    I'm not the one calling his caddie dopey and useless because Tiger didnt perform as well as you expected him to. It seems to me like you are trying to blame his caddie. Its not like the caddie said it was 15 mph downwind when it was actually into his face, or the caddie misread the yardage by 15 yards. Those would be faults of the caddie. Tiger having a sand wedge yardage and not hitting it that full yardage is (IMO) an execution failure.
  9. klineka

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    You have no idea that a "better" caddie would have helped. Obviously Tiger doesnt feel that his caddie is useless and Tiger's opinion is the only one that matters. For all we know, he could have been at his numbers perfectly for those specific wedges and simply mishit them slightly. Tiger averages a GIR 63% of the time when hes 100-125 yds out (10th worst on tour this season) That leaves 4 out of every 10 shots (on average) from that distance he's missing the green completely. His approach on 14 just happened to be one of those 4. You might think that they should be able to "hit short wedges in their sleep" but that's not really the case. Only one player on tour this season has an average proximity to the hole of less than 15 feet on shots 100-125 yds from the fairway, and only 3 players average closer than 16 feet. That's just the averages, which obviously means a good portion of the approaches from the best players from that distance are ending up 20+ feet away from the hole. Tiger is 13th in strokes gained approaching the green, gaining .704 strokes per round, only .04 and .07 strokes behind Spieth and Thomas, and just .02 behind Phil. Tiger is doing just fine IMO.
  10. klineka

    Y’all ever sneak on to a course?

    I voted no because of how the question is framed. I have snuck onto golf courses, but it was to fish in the ponds just before dark, not to golf.
  11. klineka

    The TST Member tournament play thread....

    So close! Great score considering the conditions! Well done.
  12. klineka

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    DJ and Simpson both had 17 GIRs today Simpson's average driving distance was 270 where DJ's was 310. Yeesh. Will be interesting to see how some of these guys with afternoon tee times do.
  13. klineka

    One of those days, they suck

    I can promise you that you arent swinging the exact same swing speed, same ball speed, same smash factor, the same launch angle, same spin rate, same AoA, same face to path ratios, and driving it 30 yards shorter than you used to. That defies physics. Something changed in your swing/delivery of the club to the ball thats causing the decrease in distance. You might be correct that your swing speed hasnt changed, but there's a whole lot more to driving a golf ball than just swing speed.
  14. So if player A does not verbally state his intention to lift his ball (lets say player A lags a 60 foot putt up to a few feet, so hes just walking across the green towards his ball), and player B is just ready and plays his chip shot, then there would be no penalty for player B since player A did not verbally state his intention to lift his ball, correct?
  15. klineka

    2018 NCAA Football

    OSU plays 3 teams that were in the top 15 as of the final AP poll last season, 2 of those on the road (Penn St. and MSU) and one at a neutral location (TCU). I dont consider playing 3 top 15 teams all away from home to be a pasty schedule. It might not be a top notch SEC schedule, but its not terribly weak IMO.

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