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  1. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    Oops I meant from Erik. Rookie mistake And yeah maybe one night this week ill go get a ruler from Lowe's, although I really want to try to stay around the 65/20/15 for how I split my practice time. Its not as fun but I think I need more work with dry swings in my living room instead of putting since the full swing obviously has a much greater impact on my score
  2. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    Just got my copy of LSW from Eric yesterday. Already read it cover to cover but I definitely will be going back and rereading specific sections. I also will now be keeping track of my nGIR in addition to my GIR. I took a couple of the drills with me to the range today and saw immediate improvement, especially with the 2 tee drill working on launching the ball higher in the air with the driver. I also really liked the 3,6,9 putting drill. I think that between this book and the evolvr lessons I am on a good path to improvement. Question, is it worth it for me to rent some time using a launch monitor right now to do the shot zone mapping if I'm in the middle of evolvr lessons and getting swing instruction for the first time in my life? Is it possible that my shot zones would change that much as a result of lessons, or am I safe to do the mapping now, knowing that the zones would (hopefully) tighten over time with more lessons?
  3. I had a blast even though I just did the Saturday round. Matt, count me in whenever you do a NE Ohio one!
  4. Had a great time meeting and playing with everyone today! Certainly was a well below average round for me but now I have my copy of LSW and am going to keep moving forward with evolvr feedback. Maybe next time my tee shots will have some height I enjoyed the course. Tons of elevation changes and elevated greens on almost every hole made approach shots challenging. Have fun tomorrow guys, I'll be reading through my new book
  5. My Swing (klineka)

    Just submitted my 2nd lesson into Evolvr. I really like the advice I got from the first submission and can see the improved ball flight and an increase in consistency already. I have the TST central ohio outing today so excited to take the slight tweaks out on the course and see if I notice a difference there.
  6. Fav sport/Team besides golf

    Growing up in Northeast Ohio and playing baseball in college, mine definitely has to be baseball and the Cleveland Indians. Although since I have moved down to the Columbus area, Ohio State football comes in at a close 2nd!
  7. The weather isnt looking too good right now for tomorrow. Better bring your rain gear
  8. Low scores in relation to par

    Lowest score does win, but that doesnt automatically mean that a 59 on an easy course is a better round of golf than a 61 on a harder course. Shooting a 59 on my local muni course is way easier than shooting a 61 on a PGA course. A 61 at a US Open is much more difficult to accomplish than a 59 at the Sony Open. I guess it just comes down to your definition of "better". In black and white terms of scoring, yes the lowest score wins. But comparing a 59 on one course and a 61 on another course isnt exactly comparing apples to apples. But in terms of difficulty of the round or the quality of golf that is required to shoot a certain score, that is where the subjectivity and opinion aspect come into play.
  9. Anybody use a Chipper?

    Do you know the loft and the bounce of these? Do you ever hit it with a full swing? If so, what is the typical yardage you see?
  10. Anybody use a Chipper?

    Most of the courses I play are local municipal courses that are short and easy. Personally I play them because they are the cheapest courses, Most are <$40 for 18 holes with cart even on weekends. Here are some of the course and slope ratings. Some on this list are obviously repeats of the same course. The 72.4/133 definitely kicked my butt, that was on my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Punta Espada golf course. By far the nicest course I've ever played. 69 125 68 109 72.4 133 69.6 122 68.4 113 69.8 121 65.4 105 65.4 105 67.5 123 65.4 105 68.4 120
  11. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Not sure where exactly in SW Pa you are, but if youre free this weekend, we are doing a meetup in the columbus, OH area, the dennison course saturday might not be too far from you, a quick google maps shows 3 hours from Pittsburgh Also, Has anyone here participated in any of the Golfweek amateur tour events? I've been looking at it online and I think that is something I want to do next season. They have flighted stroke play based on handicaps and they have different groups all over the country.
  12. Hitting From the Heel

    Wouldnt you want to stand slightly further from the ball so the contact would be more towards the center of the club? If you stood closer to the ball that would increase the chance that you would catch it towards the heel. You can also record your swing on video and post it in the member swing section of the forum! https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/
  13. Anybody use a Chipper?

    FWIW I am right around a 15 hcp and for the 18 hole rounds that I have kept stats on this year (15 rounds), I am at 44% GIR, 34 putts per round average. Ive been as high as 61% GIR this season and as low as 28% all while playing right around that 14-15 hcp range in the 80s for the most part. couple outliers under 80 and over 90 but more often than not im in the 80s.
  14. Low scores in relation to par

    I think both the score as well as the score in relation to par matter. For example, 59 on a par 72 is better than a 59 on a par 70 course. I think there is some merit to a 61 being a better round than a 59 on an "easier" course, but that is mostly going to be subjective and difficult so assess for a couple reasons. Course yardage, fairway speed, green speed, even course shape, pin location, rough thickness etc all play a factor. If someone fades the ball and most of the pins are on the right, good chances are they would be able to attack more pins on that same course compared to someone that draws the golf ball. Its difficult to just make a blanket statement about that, not all 61s are better than all 59s, it really has to be looked at and compared on a course by course, round by round basis.
  15. Nice that works! I'd invite a few of mine but most of them shoot 100+ and dont typically count every shot and play mulligans so I dont think they would enjoy this as much.