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  1. That's how it appears to be marked on the 17th at PGA West, the rocks look inside the penalty area
  2. Assuming the hazard line is the edge of the rough and not on the rocks itself, what is wrong with dropping at the edge of the arrow (within 2 club lengths obviously)? It appears like it'd be further from the hole
  3. Wouldn't that depend if the penalty area is a red or yellow penalty area? Or does that not matter?
  4. Curious why is DJ in your least favorites? Anything specific you don't like about him?
  5. Off-topic, but wouldn't that be a 6? 1. Tee shot 2. Penalty stroke/drop 3. hybrid to fairway 4. approach shot to back of green 5. putt 6. putt Duffed gap wedge, 8 iron fat, 7 iron that was over the green are all examples of full swing shots that had nothing to do with your short game that still cost you strokes. You got out of the bunker in one stroke, and didn't seem like you had duffed chips, maybe only the bladed lob wedge, but depending on how far that shot was that might have been considered a full swing shot as well.
  6. Most caddies make a percentage of the players' winnings. So yeah it affected the caddie too. That shot/decision cost Rahm roughly $150k, and probably cost his caddie quite a bit too since Rahm finished outside of the top 10, the caddie probably received a smaller percentage of the Rahm's paycheck since he finished T12 compared to T5/T8
  7. I've been listening to them for a while now and I really like them. Their YouTube videos are entertaining too. Rory's been playing some really solid golf this season, 5 straight top 6 finishes and now a win. Gotta be considered one of the favorites for The Masters.
  8. I'd guess that he went straight for it. He only had like 175 or so
  9. He must have read that and wanted to prove you wrong
  10. Sounds like the FILO only applies if people are in different groups, if you are in the same group and post the same 3rd round score then they go based on your 3rd round starting order. From golf channel, "Even though Fleetwood and Rory McIlroy were tied at 14-under 202, one shot back of Rahm, it’s Fleetwood who’ll go off last Sunday (at 1:35 p.m. ET) because he teed off first in their final pairing Saturday." 'Better-Looking' Tommy Fleetwood Draws Final Pairing at The Players with Jon Rahm | Golf Channel The par save on 18 did more than keep Tommy Fleetwood one...
  11. Only if distance is equal. Averaging 280 yds and hitting 45% fairways will result in lower scores than averaging 250 yds and 60% of the fairways.
  12. Yet another example of backstopping this time with Tiger and Kevin Na on the 10th hole...
  13. Golf channel just showed a live demo from the 17th green that based on where Tiger's ball crossed the yellow hazard line and the straight line from the flagstick, he actually could have dropped on the walkway behind the green after his tee shot.
  14. Another one from the announcers, Rory had 136 yds left and was in the fairway, "Oh he's got to get this one within 10 feet" Meanwhile from 100-125 yds this season Rory is averaging 19'11" and the best players on tour from that distance are averaging 11-12 feet...
  15. Yup. I'd be interested to know if he was trying to aim for the back of the green and just pulled it a bit, or if he was aiming for the middle of the green and just hit a really really poor shot for where he was aiming.
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