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  1. Honestly I was hitting it way further than expected so I wasn't even thinking about the launch angle or spin really. Now that I looked at some optimal driver launch charts, yeah it does look a bit low, based on my ball speed, most charts I see suggest around 13 degrees for the launch angle and keeping the spin around 2700?
  2. Its nice. Today was my first time going and I just went for the demo day, but I will be going back one night this week for an hour session. Tees sit right into the hitting area, they had Taylormade balls you can use, and each hitting area has a projection screen you hit into, you can either play a course during your hour or just hit onto a simulated range. I did do some putts today, the green is probably 30 feet long or so and has maybe 5 or 6 holes cut in it, and theres some flat areas and slopes of all directions too. They recommend calling ahead at least a day or two to reserve a stall, they said weeknight evenings are their busiest time. I contribute way more of the results to SuperSpeed golf than the new club itself, but that being said I do think I need a new clubhead now of lower loft, that club I hit was 9 degrees and my current M2 is 12 which is what I was fit into back when I swung slower and had a negative AoA.
  3. Its called "The Range" and it's in Dublin. Really nice place, has roughly 10-12 launch monitors both Trackman and Foresight and a putting green.
  4. I just got back from hitting the Epic Flash at a demo day at an indoor facility near me. It felt really really solid. I used a Project X Even Flow 6.0S 55g shaft, and the clubhead was at 9 degrees. The area it surprised me the most was in a mishit off the toe. It was a bad strike, I could feel that it was extremely off the toe and even still, it only carried 10 yards less than my centered strikes. When I first made contact, I expected a good 25+ yards of distance loss based on how bad the strike felt and was surprised to see it carry just 10 yards short of my more solid hits. My furthest drive carried 280, and on average I was in the 265 range using a Foresight launch monitor. If you are in the market for a new driver, I highly recommend giving it a hit. I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme, but I think I would come to accept it if it performed like that for me on the golf course.
  5. Went to a new indoor facility that opened up near me today for a Callaway demo day. Got to hit the Epic Flash using a Foresight launch monitor. I was blown away by the numbers I saw. Before SuperSpeed I was around 100mph clubhead speed, now it looks like I'm up a solid 8-10 mph clubhead speed in 2.5 months of following their protocol It didnt display the clubhead speed, but it did show ball speed and carry among other things. My best was a 163mph ball speed, and a 280 yard carry, which would be 108 mph clubhead speed if smash factor was 1.5, 110 mph clubhead speed at 1.47 smash factor, and 112 mph clubhead speed at 1.45 smash factor. My average carry was right around 265, which is by far the longest I have ever hit the ball on a consistent basis. My average carry was further than my average total distance on GameGolf, and I definitely contribute the swing speed gains to SuperSpeed golf. Here are the numbers of my two furthest drives
  6. klineka


    1. (Edited since Erik had a more accurate response than mine was.) 2. Yes. It objectively shows my strengths/weaknesses so I can practice those. There have been some rounds where I felt I putted poorly because I missed 2 10 foot birdie putts or something, but the stats showed putting was my strength for that particular round when taking into account the two holes where I 2 putted from 50 feet and gained strokes (for example).
  7. klineka

    Let's Talk about Grips

    I have had the Golf Galaxy at Easton regrip some of my clubs before and it was cheap. For grips themselves, I love the feel, performance and appearance of the GolfPride MCC +4 grips. I haven't tried the MCC +4 Align yet though.
  8. klineka

    Swing Shot 2.0 Giveaway

    I think I would be a good candidate to test out a product like this for a couple reasons. I currently use a tripod that has a little phone mount on the top. The tripod takes up a decent amount of space in my bag, I'm always worried about the tripod breaking because it was a cheap Amazon tripod, it takes a little bit of time to get set up properly, make sure all the legs are secured properly, the swivel and pitch are tightened, etc. I film myself almost every practice session and have a net in my backyard, so I would use the product quite a bit and be able to assess the durability of the clips and the overall design after a few months of consistent use. I am very active here on TheSandTrap and would be happy to write up a review topic for this once I have used it and tested it out for a period of time. I looked at the ebay listing for additional pictures, one thing I noticed is the current design forces the phone in the vertical orientation. Horizontal orientation from my experience is best for filming golf videos especially if you plan on uploading them to YouTube for posting on the forums here or to send to an instructor. Is it possible to design it so the clips are on the long sides of the rectangle so the phone could sit horizontally? Something like the picture below, where the red ovals are the new clips. It might work if you left the existing clips and just put two where the red ovals are, that way people could choose between vertical and horizontal orientation of their phone
  9. klineka


    Not really, my normal playing partners are used to it by now, but I'm always a tiny bit self-conscious of it when getting paired up with random golfers.
  10. klineka


    That would be pretty cool. I really wish there was a way to turn off/disable the beep that the unit makes when I tag a shot. The noise of the vibration is enough plus I know my playing partners can hear it especially when we are all close together on the putting green.
  11. If I could do them in warm conditions, I would. My wife asked me why was doing them last night when it was so cold and I told her because I hadn't done them in like 5 days due to the snow and I want to keep increasing my clubhead speed! She didnt get it
  12. I did my swings yesterday and it was in the mid 20s outside and I surprisingly managed to tie my my PR on the step through with the green club at 133mph, and break a PR on the step through with my red club at 120mph Only thing I noticed about the cold was my hand that didnt have a glove on got pretty cold but other than that I didnt seem to notice any decrease in speed or timing.
  13. I am going to try to get on one here within the next few weeks, but unfortunately I don't have any starting/baseline numbers for swing path, the launch monitors at my local Golf Galaxy just do the ball flight and clubhead speed but not the face/path numbers. My ball flight has traditionally been a fade with my miss being a straight slice, and I am pretty steep on the downswing so if I had to guess, I'd say I have an out to in path and my face is open to that path most of the time. Somewhat unrelated to SuperSpeed, the latter half of my golf season in 2018 I was working on increasing the attack angle with driver. When I was fitted for my driver I had a downward angle of attack and hitting it low, so I got a 12 degree driver and a high launch shaft, but now that I am hitting more up on the ball, I suspect I might be launching it too high with too much spin, especially with swing speed increases too. I'll update this thread with some data once I can get in front of a simulator. Out of curiosity @lastings how much are you paying for the once a week visit to the trackman simulator? Just want to compare rates with ones around me. There's one by me that's $25 for an hour.
  14. klineka

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $3K, Says Tom Gillis

    So true, as long as he isn't a member on here I do hope someone interviews the caddie so there can be a bit more facts/evidence to back up either Tom Gillis or Kuchar.
  15. klineka

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $3K, Says Tom Gillis

    To my knowledge, no. That's a huge assumption and unfair to Kuchar don't you think? Especially since Kuchar stated he didnt pay him $3000

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