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  1. Do you have a smart phone? If so that's probably sufficient unless its 10 years old, so all you'd really need to buy is a tripod that can hold a smartphone, which can be found on amazon for like $20
  2. I'm not sure how much those lessons were, but you could always try Evolvr for a couple months and since you get multiple submissions per month it comes out to a cheaper per lesson rate than most in person instructors and you could get help in a variety of aspects, submit a full swing video one week then the next week submit a short game video while you are working on the full swing stuff.
  3. This talks about it in more detail
  4. Are you paying attention to your sleep and nutrition? Those are two huge factors in recovery.
  5. If you don't care about the handicap impact then why does the fact that a number of other golfers also played well on that course that day make your great round feel slightly tainted?
  6. I don't have any personal experience teaching young kids how to play, but I'd say to make sure it stays fun for her and she enjoys it. Maybe more "game" types of practice instead of technical practice for now, maybe like if she hits a ball past X spot or if she makes back to back 3 footers on the putting green then she gets ice cream after practice or something and can always mix in a fundamental type tip here and there about the grip or stance or something.
  7. Have been playing some very solid golf lately, couple of low and mid 70s rounds has dropped my handicap to the lowest it has ever been, 4.8
  8. Shot a new personal low today, 73 including a -1 35 on the front 9, pretty sure it's the first time I have broken par for 9 holes. I hit one of the best and most clutch iron shots I've ever hit on the 9th hole. I was even par through 8 holes, 1 birdie, 1 bogey, and 6 pars to that point. The 9th is a par 5, hit the tee shot into some trees on the right, punched out with 3 iron, had 180 left for my 3rd, put a 6 iron to 2.5 feet and tapped it in to end the front 9 at -1. Hit 7/14 fairways and 13/18 GIR with one of the 4 missed greens being on the fringe. In my last two rounds I have hit 14 and 13 GIR, driver has been very solid too, no penalty strokes or lost balls over the last two rounds. Handicap continues to lower, this round might drop me below 5 because I think it will kick out a 7 differential.
  9. If you went out to the grassy area (not the football field) with a dozen balls and a couple wedges and spent 30 minutes hitting some pitch shots in the evening one night I highly doubt someone will say anything to you. And if they do, just say sorry and that you wont do it again. You really need to get out of the mindset that you need to be rich to play/practice golf on a regular basis. There are plenty of people on this site, myself included, who have never been a member of a country club. At a lot of public golf courses, you can just walk on and use the practice putting green for free even if you arent playing, just make sure you obey the dress code and walk up and start putting. A bucket of 75 balls is $9 at my local driving range, so if you hit 1 bucket per week and went to a practice chipping/putting green 2 more days a week, you could have 3 practice sessions per week at actual golf facilities for $36 per month. Very very few hobbies have a positive ROI and if you are looking for one, golf is definitely not that sport. This is going to be very blunt, but it sounds like you need to get a job, or a second part time job if you already have one. Especially since you are in college and likely have the summer off of classes. Even if you are taking summer classes, you likely can make time for a job or a second one. I took a full load of classes, played baseball at a division 2 college, and still worked 20 hours per week on top of that to give myself some extra spending money while in school. So if you aren't playing a sport and just taking classes, it sounds like you should have some time available for a part time job. Apply at golf courses and driving ranges around you, most need summer help, and that would give you access to free golf. You don't even need to build a net to hit balls at your house, you can hit plastic or foam golf balls into like a blanket or something. Like these which are $7: https://www.amazon.com/PrideSports-Practice-Balls-Count-Yellow/dp/B00466W9X0/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=plastic+golf+balls&qid=1590152370&sr=8-7 I also saw a golf mat on amazon for like $22, so for one time costs of $30 you can hit unlimited foam balls at your house (assuming you already have a blanket you can hit into, plus for roughly $40 per month you'll be able to hit balls once a week at the driving range and can do unlimited short game practice at a local course. That is very affordable and you could make a ton of progress just doing that.
  10. Started the superspeed stuff again yesterday. Driver has been feeling great over the past couple range sessions/rounds, main feeling that results in a much squarer club face is when I get to the top of the backswing, to feel like I'm uncoiling and opening my chest as fast as possible to the left while my arms and hands just naturally fall behind. Have been working on distance control with wedges, especially my 50 degree and PW. Have been playing around with a couple different feelings for ways to take distance off, choking down, partial swings, softer swings, etc. and have been practicing altering trajectory as well and am starting to develop multiple ways/feelings to hit the same yardage with different clubs and different trajectories. I am decent at it now with like 70-90 yards with my 54 and 60 degree, but I hadn't practiced it at all with my 50 and PW.
  11. Can you share which sentences you think were dismissive and condescending? I just reread the entire topic and I don't see them. They disagreed with the original post, but they didn't call anyone names, didn't attack anyone's character, didn't say their opinions were unwelcome, etc. All they said was that it's not good to make generalized statements and act like those statements are facts based on one singular person's experience. There's nothing dismissive or condescending about that. Which is precisely why people shouldn't make broad, sweeping generalizations about all golfers based on their own singular experience, which is exactly what happened in the first post of this topic.
  12. That's not ridiculing or out of character though, and the comment about feeling insulted came well before Erik's comment about the position being ridiculous. Just another example of someone making a claim without being able to back it up.
  13. How so? Which replies specifically in this topic are you referring to? You didn't answer any of my questions in my previous post. If you are going to make claims that someone insulted you, ridiculed you, or their responses are out of character (even though you know very little about them and haven't met them in person), in my opinion you should be prepared to back up those claims which you haven't done.
  14. @Sandy Lie can you point out exactly which sentence(s) you are referring to when you say that he ridiculed you? The definition of ridicule is "the subjection of someone or something to contemptuous and dismissive language or behavior" and I see absolutely nothing from @iacas that is even close to that. You made some statements, he responded with why he didn't agree with your statements. He didn't attack or insult you in any way shape or form, and since you feel that he did insult you, please quote exactly which sentence(s) because I have read every post in this thread and I don't see it. Hold up. In back to back sentences you judge Erik's character and tell him that he needs to be a better person but then the very next sentence you tell him that he knows nothing about the people in this forum or their experiences and backgrounds? Can you explain why you feel qualified to judge Erik's character when you know relatively little about him, his life experiences, or his background?
  15. Welcome to TST! What is your handicap or what do you usually shoot? If you know your swing is in a bad place and you struggle to make consistent contact, then it might be worth it to take a lesson or two first then do the fitting. If you hit the ball fairly solid and don't anticipate huge swing changes coming, then you could do the club fitting first.
  16. I feel like in a normal tournament most players read well over 50% (probably over 75% too) of their own putts and typically only call in the caddie for a read when the player is unsure of the read or it's an important putt and they want the reassurance their line is right. It's not like every player has their caddy read every putt normally and players are uncapable of reading them so them having to read greens on their own was a test for them or something.
  17. Why is that a bad thing? A course doesn't have to have 20 yard fairways with 4 inch rough around it to make it a good course IMO.
  18. Same here. I wasn't fit into it, but when Callaway replaced my cracked driver, they sent me an Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black shaft in their X-Stiff flex and I feel absolutely zero flex in it, it feels like I am swinging a piece of wood, which I have realized that I really like and has given me a ton of confidence. I would not like a shaft that I could feel load or unload. Feelings of the shaft loading and unloading might work for you, @Brozario, but I don't agree that everyone should be searching for that feeling. Do you have anything other than your own personal experience to back up the claims about how important it is to feel the shaft load and unload? I am serious about getting better and I will likely never choose a shaft that I can load and unload, and I strongly disagree that it should be part of every basic lesson. When I hear "basic lessons" I think of things like grip, stance, posture, basic takeaway positions, etc
  19. No, tag using the device. This is what I used to do: Get to the course. turn the device on in the parking lot to make sure it had enough time to connect to GPS, by the time I got to the 1st tee it was ready. Tag all my shots during the round. When I got home, upload to computer, or if I was on a trip and didnt have my computer, upload using the app. I never used the app for tagging or anything else when I was at the course.
  20. I certainly dont know all the ins and outs of commercials and revenue, but since they did a set of commercials after pretty much every shot and they had a very limited production team on site, that means that compared to a regular tournament, there were more commercials with a (likely) lower overhead production cost yesterday. Also, since this whole thing was for charity, I don't really care if NBC makes money on this or not. IMO they shouldn't be profiting off of it, or any profit they do make, they should be donating to one of the charities. Where have you heard that? I have never read anything in an article or on social media that says people like how much announcers talk during PGA Tournaments. Pretty much everything I see/read is the exact opposite.
  21. Dude. Nobody gives the improvements because the improvements are obvious based on the complaint... Most of the time just do the opposite of the complaint, which is pretty much implied and understood. "There were pointless celebrities on the broadcast" disappoints you. "There were pointless celebrities on the broadcast and the solution is to not have pointless celebrities on the broadcast" does not disappoint you???
  22. I haven't read or heard of anyone complaining about the fact that pros were wearing shorts. Do you have any examples of that? And some of the solutions are really obvious based on the complaints that a lot of us have, but I'll go ahead and break them down for you. Problem - Too many commercials. Solution - less commercials. Problem - Pointless celebrities being brought on the air. Solution - Don't bring pointless celebrities on the air. Problem - Announcers talking over mic'd up players. Solution - Less talking by the announcers. Problem - The player interviews were boring. Solution - Ask better interview questions. I (somewhat) enjoyed what it was too, but that doesn't mean there aren't some adjustments that could be made to the broadcast that would make most people enjoy it more.
  23. Yes. Because they are. Yes, but this was an opportunity for the broadcast to be different, especially since the players were mic'd up. It wasn't different, and if anything, it was worse. So let me make sure I understand this. You aren't disappointed about the lackluster quality of the broadcast, pointless celebrities being brought on that added no value, too many commercials, poor play by the players, announcers constantly talking over players that are mic'd, etc but rather you are disappointed that other people had negative feedback about the event?
  24. What distance are you referring to when you say short putt? You do realize that golfers that shoot 90 typically only make 39% of their putts from 6 feet right? And it's not realistic to expect to make 3 out of 5 from 6 feet, because that is how many PGA Tour players make on average from 6 feet. Even scratch golfers make just over 50% of 6 foot putts too. If you spend a little time reading and learning about how hard putting/golf is in general and learn to have realistic expectations I think that will help you on your quest to break 90.
  25. Yes. Why Seminole will be the real star of Sunday's high-wattage skins game It will be fun to see four mega-talents swinging clubs again, but all eyes be on the ultra-exclusive course at Seminole Golf Club.
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