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  1. I would say We-Ko-Pa is the way to go. Troon north courses are nice but are surrounded by houses and at twice the price I think a true desert golf experience would be at We-Ko-Pa. Both facilities are maintained very well. My only drawback with We-Ko-Pa is the distance. If that's not an issue for you then that's the one to go with. Hit me up, I will join ya :)
  2. We-Ko-Pa is a great choice as there are no houses in sight and it's a gorgeous desert setting however it's about 45 mins north east of downtown Phoenix, 25 from Scottsdale. Eagle Mountain is another nice setting in a similar area. McCormick Ranch is a pretty good value and has a few courses to choose from, right in the heart of Scottsdale.
  3. I try other balls but always come back to the ProV1 although I really like that TM Tour Preferred X.
  4. When I lived in Hollywood it was always nice to get out to the Los Feliz par 3 course. I grew up on my families 18 hole par 3 course so I will always have love for the shorties. Desert Mountain (my home club) is finally building a par 3 course!
  5. Talking stick resort has 2 courses that are usually in nice shape and a good value. Stonecreek is a challenging course that can be had for pretty cheap as well.
  6. I never got a chance to play there but always wanted to. It's a shame they are getting rid of it.
  7. I came up with a little wristband you could write on called the Swing Thoughts Wristband. I made it to the golf channel Fore Inventors Only show in Orlando stage 2 but failed the pitch. I still have them for sale and use them all the time as swing thoughts are so important to the mental side of golf.
  8. Thanks! Yes it's about 80 degrees today. Unfortunately I have a sprained ACL and am not able to get on the course for a few more weeks. Haven't played in 3 weeks ugh.
  9. I hope he fades away like he did a few times already. Tired of him grabbing the headlines all the time over golfers that are actually doing good things.
  10. Graphic designer/web designer first and foremost but I run a website devoted to streaming criminal trials as well. So you could say I am a criminal trial reporter on top of graphic designer/web designer.
  11. Just dropping in to say hello. I haven't been very active in the online golf community lately but I am back now. I used to run a golf forum for Arizona golfers.
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