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  1. all of the above.....Now buy a set of I-WIN sl irons and be happy..PG
  2. Thanks for reading my post, would you please answer the question--What is wrong with your drivers?
  3. What is so wrong with your drivers that you need to be conned into these $35 dollar gems?
  4. Sorry BAD BADGER , I dont think we have much to debate. The good guys have been chased out of the business. Now its 500$ drivers, 1000$ irons and 350$ putters.. Good Luck newbies...I wish you well
  5. Dave, Thank you for the welcome... I am 70 yrs old, Master club builder for 45 yrs,owner of 7 aces-2 double eagles and have never owned or played a name brand club. Sometimes in this life it just happens. Just kept a promise to myself to help folks who had no idea how to play golf to see an affordable side.Just for fun-- How many on this forum have Drivers coated with TITANIUM CARBONITRIDE?
  6. Ok guys , I got it now...This Forum is not how well you play the front of the club ...Its about the name on the back
  7. If you dont play them, why are you stuck on the name KNOCK-OFF??