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  1. Getting into Pure Grips

    Erik, you have a strange way of welcoming club builders. I made a remark about one of these guys using stolen cans of compressed air to blow on grips by rigging the plastic tube. Now if Vinsk and yourself approve of this method, my most humble apology. Just like you have your quirks, my preference is to use DS tape and solvent. If you want to use a compressor, by all means have at it. Alvin Cruz has been asking me to carry PURE in stock as a dealer. I am not here to sell- just making an inquiry.
  2. Getting into Pure Grips

    Joey, I noticed you didnt get in on my club building challenges. Thats ok, by your posts, it shows your not very smart. Do you have any idea what is in those cans??? As a 45 yr club builder, I care for your health and safety. Do not do what this fool is doing. A 10" piece of double sided tape is 10 cents--6 cents for solvent.. I dont see any reason to use air.
  3. Why should I offer you insights? Asia will take care of itself. All I have to do is pick up the phone and order what I need. Unfortunately for you, most of them are leaving the business, chased by Name Brand addicts who couldnt care less... Any way my club builder friend or friends..Todays project--- I want a small- 280 to 300 cc driver , 10 degree head coated with Titanium Carbonitride, 70 gram graphite shaft at 44", Winn ultralite grip 26 gram.. and you will do it at a cost of 17$...That's 17 dollars-- GOOD LUCK.. By the way-this driver will spit out 250yds but you got to have a really good swing.