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  1. Voted NO,,,, The old saying,.."Hit it 2 feet from the hole.. its called SKILL ....Hit it in the hole... its called PURE LUCK" .
  2. Attaboy BB1.... Your just about there...Here is an older guy..with a swing speed around 80...if you add 12 grams to the head, you recover the original swingweight, but the tip end flexes for a 3 wood.Now if you drop the grip weight to 26 grams..with no added weight to the head...the total club weight ( static) drops almost 1 ounce. So your Titleist that started at 52/60/195 = 307g is now 25/60/195 = 280g... D-2 is a little heavy on the r flex..Now you have a shorter club..lighter club and the swingweight is on target...Good Luck
  3. Maybe the grief is that he thinks a heat gun is going to help him with a break at the hosel. It has to be step drilled.
  4. Poor shaft tip prepping or poor countersink creating a sharp edge to cut shaft...Take your pick
  5. Magnets love stainless steel,die cast fall right off--Probable cost on that club brand new.. $5 assembled. Some folks just cant afford the real deal...
  6. Do yourself a favor,see if a magnet sticks to the clubface. They look like zinc die cast heads.(N G) Check True Temper shaft imprint on bottom portion of shaft-- True Temper/ Temper True= commercial shaft.
  7. Great on the installation- Don't know how many you bought? Golfworks in Ohio has them listed at 5.99 each plus shipping. Thai is MAP pricing on those grips.
  8. Thanks, So they installed at a buck a grip and they are 1.50 over MSRP. If they did a good job your good to go.
  9. Thanks Guys, Sorry to say I don' t shop in these stores, around how much did you pay and what were the installation charges if any? Even better if you install yourself---
  10. Erik, you have a strange way of welcoming club builders. I made a remark about one of these guys using stolen cans of compressed air to blow on grips by rigging the plastic tube. Now if Vinsk and yourself approve of this method, my most humble apology. Just like you have your quirks, my preference is to use DS tape and solvent. If you want to use a compressor, by all means have at it. Alvin Cruz has been asking me to carry PURE in stock as a dealer. I am not here to sell- just making an inquiry.
  11. A little survey if you will---- Stop in at golf shop- display has PURE grips- standard pro, wrap, standard DTX- all are same price- which do you choose and what color?
  12. Tip trim for flex--butt trim for length. Sorry, I gotta take a nap...
  13. Take the 3 iron side to side, butt to butt, with pw ---make your mark--should be 3" . If not make the cut where your mark is.
  14. Abrade tip = Light sanding on belt sander or easy on a grind wheel. Preps tip for solid install--no flying heads
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