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  1. Hi Guys, I'm going to be in Salt Lake City this week and wanted to try to get a round of golf in while I'm there. I don't really want to make the trek to Park City so I was hoping to play a course close to where my hotel is in the middle of town. I was considering Bonneville and Meadow Brook as two solid public course options. Does anyone have a recommendation between those two courses (or maybe another course that I'm overlooking)?
  2. Smash

    My Swing (DeadMan)

    Deadman, sorry if this was mentioned already, I couldn’t find it, what is the website you are using where you are calculating your strokes vs. handicap and showing those screenshots?
  3. This is a great book. I got it as an audio book to listen to while I was on a long car trip. Highly recommend the book. I'm a fairly novice golfer and I found it helped me tremendously. I've already listened to it once and I'm on my second pass at the book. I'm guessing I'll go through this book a dozen times and learn something new each time.

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