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  1. I hear ya. I'm just trying to get a swing that is on plane, not over the top, and square at contact. I just want to hit the ball straight as much as possible.
  2. Its all good. I knew right away what I was doing wrong after 5 mins of research. I wasn't doing it at the lesson, it was just something I picked up on Saturday. After realizing it, I was hitting it really well on Sunday. He wants to spend 3-4 lessons on fixing the over the top swing, my take away and swing plane. After that, its going to be release, follow through and hip rotation. I signed up for 10, but I'll do as many as it takes to get it all right.
  3. Huh? I'm doing exactly what he said. I was the idiot who suddenly started dropping my club head below plane on Saturday. That's not what we were working on.
  4. Right elbow in, swing is on plane, ball going straight. That's what I'm looking for at this stage. Next lesson is Thursday.
  5. Good stuff. Also, the 2 guys at 'meanandmygolf' are awesome. I love their drills on fixing problems.
  6. Compared to yesterday? Yeah, lots changed. Only because yesterday I tried to focus so hard on the right elbow being tucked that I didnt realize the club head was dropping so far under plane. Today was focusing on not going over the top and keeping the swing on plane on the downswing. Night and day difference. Was an easy fix. This is only the beginning. But I can tell a huge difference already.
  7. Yeah, thanks. Long way to go though, but those are very important to getting my swing better. I love those guys at 'meandmygolf". Another great drill is to put your golf bag about a foot in front of the ball and make sure your toe of the club is hitting it (slow motion obviously).
  8. Just played a quick 9. My assumption was right. I quit dropping the club head and went higher and back on plane. Was hammering the drives. I was driver / wedge on all par 4's, which sucks, because I didnt get a chance to hit more clubs. The only par 5, i pulled my 2nd shot a little left of the green. Was not pushing / blocking any shots to the right today at all. Felt much better. Was concentrating on the release too. A YouTube video i watched (Meanandmygolf), the guy said your left hand should be "catching raindrops" on the follow through, meaning it should be facing the sky. Really makes a lot of sense to me.
  9. Yeah, I get that, but dropping my club head below plane wasn't what he was teaching. I just picked that up yesterday trying to keep from going over the top. I get what I was doing wrong.
  10. Yeah, that's how I feel too. I'm not going to keep hacking away until I get the proper swing down. Its a lot harder than it looks. This is coming from somebody who played sports his entire life. That's probably how I got the over the top swing. Too much baseball and softball.
  11. I started seeing an instructor last week. After the initial swing analysis, he gave me a couple things to work on. Working on take a way and swing plane. Went back for lesson 1 and the over the top was way better. But for some reason, whatever I did to correct the over the top, caused me to block everything right. I NEVER hit irons right. After researching it, it seems obvious that my swing plane is too flat from over compensating trying to stop the over the top.
  12. Thanks for the advise. After working really hard on correcting the over the top and keeping my right elbow tight, it seems I have over-compensated and am swinging under plane and blocking shots right by keeping the club head open. I saw a nice drill on YouTube placing a head cover in line with a flat swing. I think I can fix that rather easily. First lesson was Thursday. Having one per week for 10 weeks. I hope I can figure this out. Very frustrating.
  13. ^^^ Thanks for the help. Much appreciated
  14. Can never figure out where to post stuff. I like to discuss what i am doing right and what I am doing wrong and trying to figure out why. Ive been working on fixing the over the top swing. While fixing it, I have now developed too flat of a swing and am leaving my club face open and blocking shots. Fix one problem and develop another one while doing so. Found a drill that might help. Placing a driver cover in front (inside and lined up with the inside foot). Avoiding this cover while swinging will keep the swing from being too flat. Will have to swing more downward (while not going over the top LOL). I'm having a hell of time trying for a good swing.
  15. I have worked so hard this past week (video analysis, 1 lesson, range, drills at home) to stop the over the top (chicken wing) swing, that today caused another huge problem on the course. Was hitting everything right. So I Googled, "why am I hitting everything right". I have determined that by working so hard keeping my right elbow in, that its now causing my club head to drop and am swinging underneath the plane and am too flat and it's causing the club head to be open. Ughhh, back to the drawing board.