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  1. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Is weight transfer easy to fix? No idea why I'm doing it.
  2. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Good point. For the ball being lined up in the middle of my body off the drive like in the video, where would the ball more likely go? Pull? Push? Something else?
  3. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Is this considered a reverse pivot?
  4. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    I don't like my finish on the side view. My weight seems like its on my back foot. Thoughts? My head is moving backwards. hmm. That's weird. I'm really focusing on not swaying back on the BS, but somehow its moving backwards on the DS. I hate this game
  5. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    I'm going to have to look into that drill. I like the sound of it as iacas just pointed out.
  6. Heading out to Portland this Fall for a golf trip. I may have to check out that course. We are heading to Crooked River. Have you played there? If so, thoughts?
  7. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Wish I would have known about that before. But I'll definitely look into it. Thanks again. I just hope yesterday wasn't a fluke haha. Playing again on Sunday. 3 main thoughts yesterday were: 1) head still 2) release hips 3) post up left leg Tried to keep all other thoughts out of my head.
  8. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Definitely going to keep going back. I bought 10 for $300.00 and have 5 left. I like what hes doing. Has improved my take a way and swing plane a lot. It was terrible before. Could barely hit a ball. Was way over the top and a really flat take a way. I will for sure post more videos. I'm obsessed over get it right and I love the input from you guys. Very knowledge. Yesterday was the best I have ever played in my life. Ive been struggling with golf all my life and in February was I decided to do something about it. Really happy so far. It was getting better, but the non swaying took it to another level. Out of 15 drives, 13 were 260 down the middle. Irons from 100-175 were really good too. I'm just terrible at 80 yards and in with my irons. Putting is decent.
  9. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Good advise. Thanks.
  10. What'd You Shoot Today?

    41-43 from the whites. I'm starting to play pretty decent for me, so its time to move to the blues. I was 260 off the tee which left me under 100 on my 2nd shots. Not as much fun imo.
  11. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Another note. I could never hit a fairway wood or my new M2 Hybrid 3. I would always top them. Today I was mashing it 200 yards and straight. It all makes sense now.
  12. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    I have to say one thing...wow. You guys (especially iacas) were exactly right about swaying. Today I played 18 and focused on one thing, keeping my head as still as possible on the BS. Unreal. Never hit the ball as well as I did today. It was like a different person was hitting my shots. My first 4-5 lessons, we mainly focuses on take-a-way and swing plane. I was way too flat and coming over the top big time. I feel like I have improved those a lot so far. Now with the swaying that you guys noticed, it seems like thats a game changer for me and it came a perfect time at this stage of my lessons. Can't thank you guys enough for noticing is and helping me. I'm playing again on Sunday and will have my buddy film me while I'm actually hitting balls to see what you guys think. Thanks again guys.
  13. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Thank you for that. Ive been practice swinging trying to keep my lower body more still on the BS and also trying to keep my head still and from sliding away from the target. I'll hit the range this week and try to work on it. Next video should be much improved now that I know what needs to be done. Really glad you guys noticed this. Seems very important imo.
  14. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Thanks guys. I guess I didnt realize there as more to swaying than just keeping the right leg from moving backwards. I'm sure it helps, but I need to figure out the other part. Iacas showed my head moving roughly 6". What is allowable to be in the right range? A couple inches? Or none at all?
  15. My Swing (PingLuvR)

    Ok, so it's more than just swaying the right knee back? That's good to now. Appreciate it. I'm going to have to look into that drill. I like the sound of it as iacas just pointed out.