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  1. Want to find a motivation to succeed and reach your goals? Please enjoy my favorite motivational speech by Eric Thomas and the various footage from my practice and tournament play this past season. But do get some sleep
  2. During a tournament earlier this season, I double-bogeyed and bogeyed the same hole for two rounds due to two bad fairway bunker shots. On the first day, I pulled to the left of the green - 30 yards left - into a hazard ; the next day, in the same fairway bunker, I chose my gap wedge and it resulted in a high (safe) but short ball flight . I lost the tournament by 3 strokes in the end I practiced more fairway bunkers since then. And here are some tips I've been working on. 1. Have a wide stable base for a higher ball flight. 2. Position the ball an inch further back for solid conta
  3. Did you try the "dead-hand" wedge swing? Jason Day and some other tour players use this technique.
  4. I'm interested in Michelle Wie's swing in 2017. So far she's returning back to her peak level. I like her shortened upswing and controlled downswing. To my surprise, this "stinger-like" swing doesn't cost much distance at all. Check this out, comments are welcome!
  5. The information here is quite interesting and meaningful. I need practice my putting with a consideration on the rhythm. The data I mentioned at the beginning seems revised.
  6. I always try hard to improve my putting game.Recently I received an advice on developing a consistent putting rhythm for different distances. It means you use the same amount of time to complete a putting stroke, no matter it's a 2 footer, or a 50 ft lengthy one. On a longer putt, I often have a longer backstroke, thus it takes a longer time back to impact. The advice suggests me to complete a putting stroke with a relatively same time duration, regardless the length of your backstroke/upswing. I am looking for some opinions on this topic, is it a valid point? I did some googlin
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