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  1. Did you try the "dead-hand" wedge swing? Jason Day and some other tour players use this technique.
  2. I'm interested in Michelle Wie's swing in 2017. So far she's returning back to her peak level. I like her shortened upswing and controlled downswing. To my surprise, this "stinger-like" swing doesn't cost much distance at all. Check this out, comments are welcome!
  3. The information here is quite interesting and meaningful. I need practice my putting with a consideration on the rhythm. The data I mentioned at the beginning seems revised.
  4. I always try hard to improve my putting game.Recently I received an advice on developing a consistent putting rhythm for different distances. It means you use the same amount of time to complete a putting stroke, no matter it's a 2 footer, or a 50 ft lengthy one. On a longer putt, I often have a longer backstroke, thus it takes a longer time back to impact. The advice suggests me to complete a putting stroke with a relatively same time duration, regardless the length of your backstroke/upswing. I am looking for some opinions on this topic, is it a valid point? I did some googling on Jordan Spieth putting rhythm and got this: Thanks!