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  1. Breaking 80 consistently this season - two bad rounds out of 12 is a great start. Not swinging at 100% is a huge help???
  2. Will continue to swing a weighted club 20 times a day even when I play. To strengthen and stretch my muscles! Putting this evening!
  3. Shot 79 from 6700 yards on Saturday - 1 over on the front and 7 on the back. That is with 2 doubles - one due to the ball moved when removing pine needle and the second for a poor early season lie in the rough. Had 13 putts on the front with a chip in for birdie - Sub 80 for a first round is a great start!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. chipping and putting indoors if I cannot get outside everyday. Inside 100 yards is the key to golfing success!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If you are not optimistic then why would you play this glorious game? The last 3 years my handicap has stayed the same but I equate that to more stroke play events. I qualified for a local golf association Mid Am last year and will try to qualify again. This game is about setting tough goals and reaching for the stars. I will do that until I cannot walk!
  6. Committed to 5 minutes putting in the basement per day and 20 swings with a weighted golf club. Starting the season strong and fast
  7. As a hockey player, you have the hand to eye coordination. Also the slap shot has similar properties to the full golf swing. I started playing in local tournaments 4 years ago, I did not make my first cut until last year. There is a huge difference between a casual round and tournament golf. Stick with it and give yourself ample prep time. That includes training indoors working on short game techniques.
  8. JB Holmes did not help the game of golf and neither did tour commissioner.
  9. I would say i have played close to 50 with some in the world's top 10! Royal Country Down Royal Portrush Pine Valley Merion Shinnecock Oakmont among others. Nothing beats my home club for everyday play Philadelphia Country Club.
  10. Billsy


  11. I would suggest work on Flexibility- stretch daily. hamstrings 1st then stretch arms and shoulders. Then core strength. Start with planks for 30secs. Everyday then the next week 45. Keep building. Buy stuff when you can plank for 1min without rest.
  12. Living in PA - no golf weather for a while.
  13. Yes if your form is weak or wrong. Also if you are using too much weight. Recently stopped heavy lifting due to my age.
  14. I said I would post every week but I have been very late. Still doing the classes and squash. My weight is the same but have more energy. It appears that I am burning fat.
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