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  1. I wear a glove all the time. I used to take it off for putting, but as I got older and started to get arthritic hands, it seemed to work better to keep it on for putting. This past season I averaged 31 putts a round, and I don't think that has changed much over the years. Just wearing the glove all the time is a lot simpler than taking it off and putting it back on every hole.
  2. Charlie Hoffman tore it up today, but I'm salivating over the possibility of Tiger and Jordan in the final group on Sunday.
  3. Tiger looked good, especially considering how long he's been out of action. Spieth, my current favorite, put on a mini-charge at the end of the first round. How exciting would it be if both Tiger and Jordan would be in contention on Sunday? With a field of only 18, I know it's not that hard to be in contention, but still ... when was the last time we were so excited about a golf tournament in December? Looking forward to the weekend.
  4. I think it will only make a small difference, if any. The people I know who are slow players don't even realize (or care) that they are slow players and aren't aware of fine points like picking up when they reach the ESC. And it only takes a few to bog down the whole course. But I'm a muni player, so don't know how it might change at a club.
  5. I'm a mediocre player, but I can say that those rare occasions when I shoot a really good score are almost always due to hitting more greens in regulation. If I were really serious about improving my game, I would work on my iron shots -- long, mid-, and short irons. Getting even a long putt close enough to hole out is so much easier than getting up and down from off the green. I think the "drive for show, putt for dough" idea really only applies to near-scratch golfers, all of whom are hitting way more greens than the average duffer like me.
  6. I wear jeans when I play. I love and respect the game, and my golf etiquette is impeccable. I have seen many other golfers wearing "proper" clothing commit a multitude of sins on the course, and I have seen many golfers dressed "poorly" who had excellent golf etiquette. When the game of golf is dying off, to the point that the USGA and R&A feel the need to simplify the rules in order to attract young players, I'm amazed that the vast majority of golfers responding to this topic are still in favor of dress codes. How many more courses need to go out of business before people stop worrying about such insignificant things? And what sort of golfer allows his enjoyment of the game to be affected by what someone else is wearing? By the way, I carry a book of golf rules in my bag, and it makes no mention of "proper attire."
  7. I played yesterday and the high was 42 F, but the sun was shining and there was no wind. It felt very nice. I've played in temperatures close to freezing, but that's not much fun. Upper 30's is OK as long as there isn't much wind. Wind is the killer on cold days. When you live in the Northland, you can't be too picky about temperatures.
  8. My take on this is that Emily Nash just wants to play golf. If I understand the article, she played on the girls team in the spring and the boys team in the fall, and she's obviously good enough to play with the boys. She didn't complain about the result and graciously declined the "winning" boy's offer of the trophy. I won't weigh in on whether the rule makes sense or not (counting her score for the team but not as an individual). I'll just say CONGRATULATIONS to this fine young female golfer. Let's hope we see her on the LPGA tour someday.
  9. When was the last time there were three players that still had a chance at POY this late in the season? A very good year for golf, IMO.
  10. I know I'm very late to this thread, and don't have anything useful to add. BUT, I was watching the Boeing Tournament today, and I have to say it still bothers me to see so many of the guys with the long putters. I know they are not going to give them up (because it's what works for them), and I know they say they're not anchoring, and they probably aren't. But it just LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE, especially Langer. So I just have that nagging doubt that maybe every once in a while they make a putt in violation of the no-anchoring rule. Again, I have nothing useful to add, but for me this diminishes my enjoyment of watching the PGA Tour Champions. I guess I'll just have to stop watching, or look away when a long-putter guy is taking his stroke. Eventually the guys with the long putters will retire, but maybe I won't live long enough to see it. Phooey.
  11. I agree with your chuckle on that. They've been doing the sudden death format at the Masters for about 40 years and it has never lasted longer than 2 holes.
  12. I think the sudden death playoff method at the Masters is perfect and I hope they don't ever change it. That said, I also like that the majors do not all have the same playoff method -- it gives each one a unique flavor.
  13. You guys are right about one thing -- I just don't want to believe that golfers cheat. If she did, my heart is broken. But somehow I'll carry on anyway.
  14. So I watched the video a few more times. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I just can't get past this. I finally saw how she did it wrong -- she rotated the ball, replaced it, and then picked up the marker without ever looking at the marker. Her hand obstructed her view. So she just assumed she had put the ball in the right place and never verified it by actually looking at it relative to the marker. So this would still be a penalty under the new rules because she didn't do everything she should have to confirm it was placed correctly. I still think it was accidental, but I sincerely hope she takes this to heart and pays proper attention in the future. She certainly paid a big price for her error.
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