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  1. Thanks to all you guys. This looks like a great site. Wally, your daughter actually is a Yooper, eh? We cold weather knuckleheads just have to wait patiently for the courses to thaw out -- maybe in May. And then the bones and joints take another month after that to thaw out. What a great life!
  2. Thanks, Randall. I've only been a TST member for a couple of hours, and already I've learned something new! Looking over the referenced threads, I see that this USGA change was made just last year, so I suppose that's why I wasn't aware of it. I've only kept an "unofficial" handicap for many years, so it really doesn't matter, However, if I ever want to play at St. Andrews (instead of just visiting) I'll need to get an official one. I find this no-solo-rounds decision a bit ironic, though. Most people I play with when I walk on as a single are very ignorant of the rules, so playing with them doesn't serve as any kind of check on my own ability to follow the rules.
  3. "I find it ironic that I tend to play more by the rules when playing a solo round, considering I can’t apply those rounds to an official handicap index." (I haven't figured out how to properly quote from a post yet. Pleases excuse the newbie.) Is it really true that a player can't post a solo round for HCI purposes? Why not? As long as you comply with the handicapping guidelines and play to the best of your ability, why should it matter if you are playing alone?
  4. Hello, everyone! I'm a brand new member of this site. I retired in July of last year and moved to my former vacation cabin on the North Shore of Lake Superior, near Grand Marais, MN. I put the clubs away in early October after a frustrating year on the links, but now am itching to get back at it again. Since that probably won't happen until May, I need a good source for a daily golf fix. I'm hoping this place will be it!