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  1. I really liked them, but decided to sell them and bought the ISIs in green dot.
  2. I don't have a stack and tilt swing and I'm not sure how much of those pertains to my swing, but I have always struggled with the driver. I never really got comfortable with my ball position. The only thing I knew was that I'm dead straight with my irons but slice the heck out of my drives. So, just playing around, I decided to position the ball with my driver like I do with my irons. Picture this, take your club and split stance evenly with it and now place these ball just in front of the face of the club. That's my ball position for all irons. So I tried this same ball position for my fairway woods first and for the first time I was able to fit a fairway wood off the deck and it went dead straight. Still I tried my driver in that ball position and the first few times, I hit a draw, but it's because I'm used to closing the face at address to combat my slice. Set up square and everything started to go straight. My shot was a little low though so I got a 13.5 degree driver and problem solved. So now I play the same ball position for each club in my bag from driver to putter.
  3. I play Ping Zing 2s and I have played with Ping Eye 2s. I swear by both sets. I will not get rid of my Zings. Straightest shots I have ever hit.
  4. I believe the red dot is 13.5 degrees. Black was 12. Green 10.5.
  5. New to golf. New to the forums. Have a set of PING Eye 2 irons and PING Zing Driver and woods. Look forward to chatting with you all.
  6. I have just started playing golf. I have a set of Ping Eye 2 irons 3-SW and Ping Zing driver, 3, 5, and 7 woods. So far I really like them. When I bought them from Play it Again Sports the salesperson told me that they are his most popular iron set.