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  1. Topflite Gamer

    i too would like to know about the distance...with the d2 feels i get good distance but i haven't gotten a chance to actually get the distance. when i played with some guys that were playing an e6 and callaway tours i was matching them or they would be 10-20 yards away from me...after that i was very pleased with the d2 feels...hopefully i can get better distance with the gamers...
  2. this is my first "new thread post" and i just wanted to say that this forum is great and everyone has been very helpful. i've done searches on questions that i had in my head and there is always someone with advice and answers. now that's the appreciation has been noted i have a question that i've been thinking of and need advice on it. i have my little brothers driver (gave it to him a couple months ago) which is a callaway bb fusion with a Fujikura E150 Fit-On Shaft, and i have my TM CGB R7 limited with stock shaft...i wanted to find out if it would be worth it to switch shafts? he's about 5'6 and i'm 5'9 or so...both clubs are standard mens lengths, his ss isn't that fast and mind is about 85-95 (i'm working on that...) we both have a natural fade but his is worse than mine. my trajectory is a bit high and his is lower than it should be (workin on that with him)...he wants to make the golf team for his highschool btw! would it be better to switch? if there is any info that i forgot to say then please ask. here's a link to the shaft specs. http://www.taylormadegolfpreowned.co...d-1012701.aspx http://www.fujigolfshafts.com/prodde...prod=e150-wood
  3. i agree...i love my hybrids
  4. Topflite Gamer

    i haven't found any gamer balls over here but there's a lot of d2's in my area so i picked some top flite d2 feel and i got to play them yesterday...they stuck on the greens when i hit over 60 yards but inside of that i couldn't get it to stick, it was kinda a bad day for me also..haha. i'd like to try the gamers when i finally find some here and i hope to get better chipping results.
  5. Some love for THE FREAK!

    $11...can't beat that...i gotta check my local target here to see if it's on sale too
  6. Taylormade R7 CGB Max Limited

    i have the cgb max and i love it...i don't have the weights but i've been hitting pretty well with it. i prolly should get the weights though...just so i can screw around with it. right now i am currently fading my shots and i can't get rid of it but i'm working on it...