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  1. Try out the Taylormade burner woods. I have the one without the big "B" on it
  2. I really don't wanna bring up a dead thread here, but it works magically after I have played with it for the past half year. Great on mid to short putts
  3. Yes. This makes sense now, because I have the r7 Draws and they include this on the inside
  4. Does anyone know what the purpose/name of this piece of metal on certain Taylormade clubs? They appear near the back of some of their drivers/fairway woods such as the Burner drivers/FW. Any answers would be appreciated.
  5. Well I'm not exactly finished with it. I'll be placing the 20g weight in it.
  6. I tried both putters, and the detour had a better feel for me. The newport did'nt have the nice feel the detour had. It felt like i was hitting rock-hard balls every time I putted with it, even when they were soft balls like a titleist. Cutting of half of the back made it have just a straight line, instead of a curved line. So now I can just have a straight putting stroke with it. I don't think I would of gotten much for it anyway. They are selling on ebay for less than I bought it for.
  7. That would be good. Soon we will put the 20g weight inside the small pocket on the end and fill it with epoxy to add some weight to it.
  8. I modified my Scotty Cameron Detour putter earlier today. Me and my dad cut off a portion (about half) of the end and turned it in to a toe-balanced putter. I couldn't stand the distracting line on it. I have pictures to show as well. I would just like to know what you guys think of it.
  9. Whenever I clean my driver, I notice small cracks with bubbles coming up through the top of it. There is one on the top of the driver, and one near the hosel. It kinda reminds me of when replacing bike tubes, and trying to find the hole in it. Will this affect my driver at all?
  10. I got my detour for only $80,and I got My FT-5 for like $120
  11. I always just try to aim for a 2-putt, but sometimes I have days just like you, where I putt really bad. Whenever i can, I just putt on my carpet, into a cup. Old saying: "Drive for show, Putt for dough"
  12. I think so, since sometimes I won't go to a range or anythin for almost a week, and go out to the course and feel refreshed. I shoot the best that way I think.
  13. I have only played in cali, but ive taked to my dad and he said he LOVES washington. So maybe throw washington in there too
  14. I used to be in that same scoring range a few months ago, but i took about 3 lessons and praticed a lot at the driving range. I have shaved at least 30 strokes since then. Another vote for lessons
  15. removing your spikes and cleaning them after every round is a pretty tedious task. Since dryjoys usually have Softspikes pre-installed, take a toothpick and dig out the grass that collects around each spike. and don't hesitate to install new spikes, since the older your spike, the harder it is to remove.
  16. Hey guys, is there a difference between thin and thick iron soles? Does it matter?
  17. I don't play my long irons that much but if i need to, i need to learn how to hit them well. And maybe the thing with the short irons is just me. how much yardage difference should there be for my clubs?
  18. I usually dont play those irons that much, becuae i have a 3 and 5 wood. but just in case there is a time to play the long irons in my bag, i want to hit them well
  19. thanks, im gonna use those tips next time i hit the driving range.
  20. Pretty much. I also seem to hit my 8, 9, and pw the same as well (distance wise)
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