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  1. It will be cheap for sure. I'd play Quintero or Legend Trail if you are up in that area. Rancho Manana is a short kind of target style course. It is scenic but it seems like they had to stick it in a small plot of land.
  2. @iacas I've asked a couple times and you just delete my question. I can assume because it's off topic so I think it's ok here. Why can't I PM?
  3. I don't like going to top golf and don't want to watch people play top golf.
  4. Yeah I think he is a 2 to 3 but not on the plus side. A plus 3 would go 4 rounds without a birdie. He is just a little delusional about his skill.
  5. Yeah he shoots high 70s to 80 in the qualifiers. He is one of these Instagram pros that has his followers believing he is a mini tour guy. Disclaimer he moved a few years ago and I haven't played with him in a couple years bit I doubt he all of the sudden went from mid 70 shooter to a +3.
  6. Honest question since I really am not sure you understand how PED and other similar drugs work. How do you think PED's work? Also off topic but why can't I PM?
  7. They talked about it on the telecast that he was working on that. He definitely did on that swing. If you hit it like he did I wouldn't mess with it.
  8. I'll tell you who else Tiger has made millions and millions of dollars. Sports books and bookies over the past 20 years. Tiger fans always lay his bloated odds and the books clean up.
  9. Yeah Lee Trevino said he lost money when he won the Brittish Open. Many have already mentioned this but that is why a lot of top Americans passed on that tournament back in the day.
  10. I prefer my wedges heavier. Personally I'd go with your SW and LW with same steel shaft so they are similar unless you like the other shafts more. Those shafts in your set are probably about 40 percent lighter in weight than a steel DG R300 or S300. They do make a wedge flex too.
  11. How many of you guys have a friend that is roughly a scratch golfer and is still chasing the dream? I got a friend who says he is plus 3, which is so false but all his Instagram followers think he is a pro, and still enters all sorts of tournaments. He gets creamed and always blows his money on US Open qual too and never comes close. I always tell him a man needs to know his limitations.
  12. I saw the 4 piece and 3 piece the other day and thought about getting them. I realized that I have too many prov's and chrome softs currently to justify it. I heard the 4 piece is like a rock feel off the club.
  13. I may be wrong but those are older swings of Reed and he has got away from the front foot spinning left on the downswing.
  14. Saying I hope someone comes clean doesn't mean you have bad feelings. I have even seen you on here when giving honest advice call it tough love. He is right, it would be good for Reed to be honest. Look at Daly's checkered past and people love him because he is honest about his troubles in life. People like honesty, not liars and thieves.
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