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  1. 48 wins as a pro so being Mickelsonesque would be the pinnacle for 99 percent of the world.
  2. Yeah you don't need much bounce since you are such a stick!
  3. Yeah I misread it. LOL I don't have a problem with it because he didn't make up the rules he just played by the rules of the tournament. He has only won it one time and I'm sure many of those guys have played a few PGA tournaments as you mentioned.
  4. I will only use them if it is such a hot deal I can't pass it up. The fees are too much.
  5. I'm shocked nobody mentioned chemtrails.
  6. I like that one too. He owed Mafia gambling money and they killed his Dad when he wouldn't pay. Makes sense.
  7. Who did?
  8. Yes it is fine if he got his amateur status again. There are too many players out there that call themselves pro that have no business doing it.
  9. How many PROFESSIONAL WINS on PROFESSIONAL COURSES does the guy have?
  10. Why didn't you just drive past them an join the empty holes in front of them?
  11. Yes and he posted the card of the four of the guys playing. They were over 500 shots. Yikes
  12. He owns the course and is free to do what he wants. It is kind of like when your Dad told you "Do as I say, not as I do." People will whine about anything and the freaking mowers drive on the greens. It doesn't bother me since it is his course.
  13. Nothing to do with FOX's coverage? What was Sonders doing exactly? Last I checked she was hired by FOX to cover golf. Don't let your wife and kids out in the real world if you can't handle a spade being called a spade. All those women that go overboard with plastic surgery, injections, etc end up looking all the same at the end of the road. You can't tell me the pic I posted is making her better looking compared to the golf channel days. That look is a worn out porn star that is having trouble coming to grips that aging is normal.
  14. What did I say that is so wrong? She has done so much plastic surgery is is disgusting. Butt implant, breast(I'm being politically correct) implant, botox and lip injections. She was beautiful before now she just looks like an old lady who is addicted to surgery. Yes it is just my opinion but I'd bet you many would agree with me on what she has done and that she shouldn't have messed with a good thing. As far as kid comment, I would hate for you to see what these kids these days have access to on their phones via Instagram and social media if what I said offended you.
  15. Bones has plenty of young guys that play at Whisper Rock that he could choose from. I guarantee his phone is blowing up.