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  1. 2017 Wyndham Championship

    What happened to his game? Last I remember him he was in a great spot to win the USOPEN at Merion. He lost his game, had to sell house Jordan and has not been seen in awhile.
  2. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Along with ball striking with mid and short irons and short game/putting.
  3. Best place to buy grips

    Thanks I'll check them out.
  4. I am going to regrip my own clubs. Do you guys know of a good website to get the best price on golf pride grips? Thanks
  5. 2017 Snell PGA Championship Prediction Contest

    I saw him as a second pick at -15
  6. 2017 Snell PGA Championship Prediction Contest

    I'm too lazy to look up but does anyone have Kisner for a 1st pick? I got him on my second round pick at 9 under.
  7. Yeah Rickie is overrated for sure. I bet on him this week and he does what Rickie does. He doesn't make the clutch par putt and makes a double late when he has no business doing so. I think he is great for the game and a great person, but he seems to play scared to me. Part of it for me was when I went to round 4 of the Phoenix Open a few years ago when he laid up from 240 on a par 5. He had to hit no more than a SW and it rubbed me wrong.
  8. The amount of commercial is brutal.
  9. What did he do with the second shot? My buddies would be telling me that at least I hit a great drive.
  10. Kisner is my favorite golfer. I hope he can hold on. There will be some big players chasing him that are on the course. I expect them to close the gap.
  11. Hybrids bring in more profit for the club manufacturers than Irons.
  12. PGA Championship Moving to May

    The south is brutal in August which is why they haven't played too much there. I hope someday they play the PGA or US Open at Bandon. Not sure the access is good enough or if Bandon would want it though.
  13. Big 5 Golf

    Where is Rickie? Oh yeah overrated because he is popular and a good guy.
  14. Orlando, Florida

    Every course does it and it sucks when you go play and they didn't tell you.
  15. Sure he could win regardless of what his past stats say. Will he? Who knows it doesn't look good for him but he hits it high and far. He seems to hit that mid life lull this season with stuff off the course. Plenty of guys have won majors though when coming into a tournament not playing their best.