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  1. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    If players asked themselves this every time they looked at a new club, it would be the end of the golf industry.
  2. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    The quest for the silver bullet. Have had 2 rounds at the range with mine. Jury is out but leaning favorably. Didn't screw up my tee shots quite as much. Decent distance, a bit short of my driver. Playing my first round tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  3. GX-7: A Reputable Outfit?

    Ordered my club over a month ago. Was supposed to arrive a week after the order. Have received a few emails saying that they are back ordered. Was supposed to arrive Friday. Instead, I received an email saying that it was supposedly broken in transit. Of course, I never received a shipping confirmation, so who knows. Now it appears I go to the back of the line. Other than obvious supply chain issues, this company knows nothing about customer service. I think it is a fast buck operation like the late night commercials for auto potato peelers or the bass-o-matic that comes with free steak knives.