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  1. club champion or golftec either one any good? if so which one better? club champion seems expensive not sure golftec price.
  2. I am looking for good club fitters around St. Louis MO area. any suggestions would b greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. does anybody know anything about true golf fit. the way I understand it is online club fitting. how could this possibly work? maybe I am wrong it has happened maybe twice. anybody with any experience wit this?
  4. was watching Shawn Clement on you tube was wondering if anybody has purchased his premium channel or the video collection. if so which one would you suggest purchasing
  5. shorter is usually better to some extent. oems have increased driver shaft lengths to chase the almighty longest driver on the market. What they fail to mention is they don't care if amateurs that spend money supporting them get better. so they constantly increase shaft length think bout it for a minute if the pro golfers that do nothing but golf can not play 46" drivers how the heck do they expect weekend hackers hit longer shaft drivers. I guess if a person is just interested in hitting a drive once maybe twice in a weekend solid then longer shafts are better.
  6. looking for a very honest review on Acer and Maltby driver heads. Consistency, length, and accuracy and any other info is greatly appreciated.
  7. ShawnieD here I was asking mainly bout component clubs not knockoffs. Wishon clubs or other comparable clubs but no knockoffs for sure
  8. considering set custom irons have never been fitted always have bought of the rack clubs. have always looked for forgiveness as the deciding factor in my purchase. just wondering if custom clubs are as forgiving as big name clubs. would like to hear good and bad aspects of both thanks
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