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  1. Im not getting a bag for Father's Day lucky you! However, I have been looking at upgrading my bag and want a stand bag for basically the same reason as you. I also like the 14 way top divider but it's hard to find a stand bag with the 14 way. I have found a bag I like you may be interested in it's a silencer bag I believe ogio makes it. Never had an ogio bag so not sure how well they hold up but looks good... just something to look at
  2. My grandpa (an avid golfer) passed away recently and while going through his belongings I found an old set of Doug ford clubs. 2i-9 SW 3 wood 5 wood 1 wood. I got a bucket of balls went outback to his old mini driving range about 175 yards long, 30-50 yards wide and let them rip. Hit every club atleast twice. Before I say what happened I will say they are not persimmon! irons are old super small blades forged i'm sure but the woods were actually wood not sure what kind but also had a metal plate on the bottom that wrapped up about half the face. Now the results! Irons seemed like good shots however very little room for error very easy to push left or right but still relatively straight shots. Not a very high shot I'd say low-mid trajectory. Not nearly as far or high as my new modern 716's. Let me discuss the woods lol can sum them up pretty quickly. Can't get them in the air! When I did get them in the air they were beautiful shots not nearly as much distance again. I would say I could only hit the driver maybe 205-210 (again I only had about 175 so after that I'm guessing). But, the feel was something I can't explain was an absolutely beautiful feel coming off the club. That was my experience with the oldest set of clubs I have ever used then again I'm only 25 so hopefully I can try many more in the years to come!
  3. I just recently got 56-14 glide 2.0 I was a Callaway Mack daddy guy practically a spokesman. Went to take my lesson last week my PGA pro had me try it out, best decision I ever made can really tell a difference. I have a problem hitting the ball slighlty fat sometimes and this club just covers that up with minimal distance loss. A little less height but holds greens very well.
  4. Exactly my point. One of the guys I play regularly with doesn't own a single name brand club... (minus a 6 iron that's a old dci) still he is one of the best golfers I've ever seen swing a stick. Consistently mid 70s and it blows my mind that he does it with a bag full of garage sale clubs. When I seen that I myself realized that at times I chase that name! But still every new club I buy I expect it to automatically knock 15 strokes of my game.
  5. Quality over quantity! I understand the concept, but 2 grand for 3 wedges? There's no way they out perform vokey or any of your other major wedges enough to warrant those kind of prices! That's just my opinion. You're 100% correct there are people with money to blow who will buy them just to say they did. IMO it's all about the player. Spieth for example could take any wedge and most likely perform better than I ever will be able to. Which I'm sure you will agree to some extent. Just blows my mind at the cost!
  6. You have got to be kidding! Who are these guys even marketing to? I'd say probably less than 20% of avid golfers could afford this.
  7. I also think the single length irons are a really good idea. It really seems like it could possibly make the game easier. I know this isn't the topic you posted about, but from my experience taking a lesson from a Pga pro dramatically improved my game. Just something to think about, good luck in your experiments.
  8. What shaft are you using? Do you think a 54* would fit between the GW and a 60* or would that leave too much of a gap? I know everyone has different yardages but what do you think about that having played them. Not sure I want to carry 5 wedges. My current AW is 50* so going 54* 60* is not a problem.
  9. Hi guys been having trouble with my account or I wouldn't be so spotty... Anyways I been looking to upgrade my entire bag and am slowly but surely. I just ordered my new irons 716 AP1 and can't be more excited. I was just wondering what you guys thought on how hard it's going to be to adjust to them coming from TM Burner plus irons. I'm sure they will be a half to a full club longer due the stronger lofts, but how much more forgiving could they be. I really hope the long irons will be a tad bit easier to hit than mine currently are. Thanks for any and all feedback and remember the goal is to keep it in the short grass lol
  10. Hi guys been a while since I've been active. I recently started taking some lessons, and everything feels uncomfortable. I know for a fact it's helping way less miss hits. I had a problem not rotating my hips instead I would slide back use all arms and come from the outside which often landed me in trouble. However my body isn't adjusted to the hip rotation. Does anyone have any stretches for the outside of the hip maybe lower back and butt? Sorry for any grammar or spelling not proof reading
  11. Like many others on here I have fought the slice plenty in my time playing. In fact if it wasn't for that horrible shot once or twice a round my handicap would be lower. What I have found to help is like others have said strengthen the grip and I try and think that I'm trying to hit it to right field. I like to feel as if I'm swinging to the right of my target and I feel like it helps me from coming so far from the outside. Lots of people have great advice on here just have to figure out what works for you... good look in at least making that shot more manageable.
  12. I wish I could tell you there was some kind of consistency, but there's not. Especially with tight lies on the fairway. If I make good impact I either put it on the green past the pin or over shoot the green all together. Then there's times I hit it fat and end up 5 yards short of the green. Which pisses me off more than anything. I feel like that comes from trying not to blade it and go too far. I guess I'm just searching for what everyone else is. Consistency.
  13. When working full swing would it make sense for me to work 4i instead of say 7i? The reason I ask that is because most of the time I make great contact with 7i not as often with a longer club. I figure if I can become a better ball striker with the 4i it might trickle over to other long irons.
  14. Yes 10 to 15 over is right on funny you mention scrambling. I have actually been in the backyard everyday working on 10 to 20 yard shots. Haven't yet played a round since starting this but can't wait to see if maybe it will help make putts easier.
  15. I have a general idea of yardages and I say that loosely... it seems some days my 7i is 155-160 one day the next I can really get ahold of it and will be pushing 170( which I figure is do to poor ball striking). But what I basically do for an idea of my yardages is pretty much add or subtract say 10 yards for each club. What I was wondering is how much would it help to go and actually get tuned in on my yardages instead of the guess work. Sorry guys my next question will be more detailed still new to the site.. but I really appreciate all the input great online community
  16. Thanks a lot and congrats on the top 100 recognition
  17. One more thing on that I swing a set of taylormade burner plus regular shaft got them in like 07 08 can't remember when. Is it time for upgrade? Does it actually make a difference?
  18. No I definitely mean the entire green sorry should've clarified that. If I was getting that close to the pin I wouldn't have any problem with that
  19. Hi guys just wondering how important knowing yardages on all clubs... seems pretty important to dropping shots at this point in my game because I'm constantly on target line but 10 yards long or short.
  20. Hi guys my first post here, and I was just wondering what everyone thought about small yet important things that will make me a better player. Would it be going to the range and trying to better figure out my yardsges with each club. Trying to hit different shots draws fades high low. I have 2-3 hours a day everyday that I'm willing to work... should've said this first but I usually shoot mid-high 80s but that can easily jump up to high 90s. I really want to take my game to the next level. With the goal being regularly in the 70s now I know it won't be easy and don't expect it to be but I'm willing to put in the work to have the benefits of winning (competing) tournaments. Thanks for any and all feedback
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