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  1. Champion14

    NHL 2019-20

    I am huge Vegas Golden Knighst Fan!! We signed Wild Bill Karlsson to a long term deal. Just traded Haula…(not a huge disappointment) but itll be interesting to see how our roster shakes out after all the deals. We do kick off our schedule with a game against the Sharks... I can guarantee it will be EXCITING! Vegas will be on a mission this season after what happened last year. We will be out to prove once again.... We are a Stanley Cup Finals team! Go KNIGHTS Go!
  2. http://golf.swingbyswing.com/article/rory-mcilroy-signs-taylormade-equipment-mega-deal/?e=DF8B2FF0AB077F624B57949CE05A99C9 He talked more about the Taylormade TP5 balls more than the Clubs. He says he even has a 1 iron in the bag for the TPC. Custom made irons made for him. Well see if this helps.
  3. I live in Henderson. I usually play Desert Willow in Henderson. I've played Wildhorse, the Legacy in Henderson. I'm off on Friday and Saturday most weeks. I'm a newbie but love to play. Pm me and we can play sometime. I did play Primm last winter.
  4. 9I bought the Izzo golf swammi 5000. Its the newest version of their gps. It seemed to be pretty accurate. It will show hazards too. Both water and sand. It has a shot distance feature to let you measure how far your ball went. Very quickly updated from hole to hole
  5. Have you checked the GolfNow app? Or swing by swing? I know some Henderson courses but not sure about close to the strip. Desert Pines is 1 I would check out. Las Vegas country club was just ok. Not worth the price.
  6. Most definitely the full length dividers are great. I was leaning towards a sun mountain bag until my wife got me a Callaway bag from Costco. Its a cart bag and I love it. It was a Christmas gift so I'm not sure what it cost. My callaway bag has a hard bottom so it also will stand up on most surfaces if they are level.
  7. I work security at Hoover Dam. I view on my computer from home. But use phone at work.
  8. Welcome. Glad you are enjoying the game. I'm playing again too. I find it more enjoyable the more I play.
  9. I bass fish a lot. Lake Mead and mohave are my 2 closest lakes. I love fishing. It gets hot here in the summer, shocker, but I like the summer.
  10. Im still figuring out all the different forums. Im on a fishing message board but this one is a little different. Thanks. I hope to find more golfers from vegas.
  11. Hi, I have been lurking for a few weeks and decided to join up. I am a new golfer but really enjoy playing golf. I mostly play at Desert Willow in Henderson but I would like to play golf at other places too. Desert Willow is an executive course and its good for beginners and its right down the street from my house. I have Adams Idea Irons (new) which has P-5H. I just got and older Callaway (07) Big Bertha 3W which I really love. Ive been using my neighbors driver which Im not crazy about. My son is sending me his older Taylormade driver which I think is an R7. But I love to play golf around vegas or henderson. If anyone is in this area Id love to play some time. I use GolfNow app and its pretty good for finding deals too.
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