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  1. Hi I’m after some advice please. Can anyone tell me if you need high or low bounce on wedges when pitch shots from 100 yards and under please? I’ve got 50, 54 and 60 degree wedges so also curious what clubs people use for their pitch shots!? Thank you
  2. Hi. I'm after some shaft advice. I currently have 2 project x shafts I'm using but looking for something in between. I've got the project x 7c3 stiff which when I hit it I tend to get an occasional slice with and no hook also have the project x pxv stiff which I do opposite with and occasionally hook it but no slice. Obviously I'm looking for something between the 2 then. I'm quite a quick tempo swinger and hit drives about 280+. I know custom fit is way to go but can't afford it. Was looking at 2nd hand 915 d2 so what shafts would you recommend please? Thanks
  3. Ok thanks for that. I did hit one a few times and it did fly high but shaft felt very light and wholly for a stiff shaft!
  4. Hi guys ive been playing the titleist d2 stiff project X 7c3 shaft now for a few years and now decided I want to change it. I play off 12 and have ss of 103 and drive around 260-270. However with this club I get a high ball flight and also feels heavy and I'm struggling to get the club through in time. My questions are would a d3 head help as I've read it produces lower launch angle? Also I'm thinking of changing shaft to : Aldila RIP 60 or Ahina 72 any advice would be great please as custom fit isn't really an option where I am! thanks Ps Was c
  5. Hi. It's the 7cx one and 6.0. Think it's 73g shaft so that's a pretty heavy shaft already ain't it?
  6. Hi guys ive currently got a titleist 910d2 driver with project X shaft (stiff) in it. I'm getting a very high ball flight using it and wondered if changing shaft would help lower the ball flight and have more penetrating flight!? Would I need lighter or heavier shaft etc or mid tip etc? Can anyone help please? For the record I play off 12 and drive about 260 yards with swing speed around 100mph. Thanks
  7. Thanks for that. I see that there is a distance and a soft version Nike do. I'm desperate to find out what spec the feel speed balls are in terms of spin rate and compression etc!?
  8. Hi guys I'm after some advice please. I've been playing with Nike feel speed ball and now I can't find any anywhere so assume they have been discontinued. Does anyone know what ball has replaced them that is identical!? Thanks
  9. Hi guys I've got a titleist 910 d2 driver fitted with a stiff project x 7c3 shaft. My ball flight is low-mid and I feel I'm losing a bit of distance and ideally would like a bit higher launching shaft. Can anyone recommend any shafts please?
  10. Hi Furthermore to a previous topic I've posted. I was wondering if changing shaft in my driver would be more beneficial? I'm currently using a project x shaft (stiff) but seem to have consistently mid launch driving with a fair fade. Would I benefit from a regular or x stiff shaft to help me with this and also a lighter or heavier shaft? My swing speed is around 110mph if that helps?? Thanks
  11. Hi In currently using a titleist 910 d2 driver at the minute but finding it hard to consistently control! Can anyone recommend any drivers which are more forgiving? I'm playing of 13 and hit a fade off the tee. Cheers
  12. I've hit another problem now. The core of a super stroke grip won't fit on the putter as it's shaft is too thick!!! Dunno what to do now. Think ping belly grip is 0.610 and super stroke is 0.580
  13. Hi I've recently bought a ping Scottsdale pickmeup belly putter. I'm wanting to cut the shaft down to35". I'm wanting to know if this will make a difference to the weight of the head and affect the swing? I've read someone's comments on another forum that it doesn't affect anything when cutting down belly putter it's more to do with broom handle one!? Anyone clear this up? Thanks
  14. Hi I'm after some advice please. I'm consistently missing putts to right of hole. I'm using an odyssey metal x 7 c/s putter. I'm thinking would a change of putter help me with this. I'm a straight back style putter but would I benefit from an offset putter or heal toe weighted one?? Please help!! Thanks
  15. Hi guys I'm thinking of changing to a scotty cameron square back either 1 or 2 models. After reading reviews it seems the 2 has slightly more toe hang and says it helps eliminate pulled putts to left?? Im currently pushing slightly to the right but was told to go for this model because of the plumbers neck!? I'm confused!!!??? I'm currently using odyssey metal x 7 c/s. If anyone can tell me main differences between both models if be much appreciated!!
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