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  1. So I've been working hard on my centered hip turn and I'm making progress. I've also been working on my grip which has been expectedly uncomfortable. I know changing your grip is going to take time. I have always had the club in left palm and right hand fingers. Here is an old YouTube video I remember watching and this is why o started to put it in my left palm. The centered hip turn is a 100% must. It doesn't feel natural but I know for a fact that it must be done (thanks @iacas @mvmac). But, if I can, I'd like to put the club more in my left palm.. like Jack says. But at the same time and above all.. I want to do things correctly. It may be uncomfortable today but if it helps my golfing future then I'll take the bumpy road and work until it feels right. Is the club in left fingers that crucial? Thanks everyone as always.
  2. IMO.. it is gentleman's game. If your opponent or friend gives you the putt, to me, it is just a friendly gesture. You don't have to accept it either. You can always say, "No I'm good man I want to practice these short putts for tournament play." Now if you are asking for gimmies.. that is a little different. To me, that does not fall in line with being a gentleman. People forget that this is a gentleman's game.. even pros..
  3. Really am taking what you guys say and running with it! Yall know your stuff. Going to reexamine my grip and make changes. Heading for the mirror.. @mvmac It is funny that you posted that picture of the golf glove because every glove I've ever used has worn out heavily in the thumb area. Usually, the glove has to be thrown away even though the only thing wrong with the glove is there's a hole and my thumb is sticking out of it (which looks funny). It's really surprising that you say do not hold the club in the palm (just because I feel like I have read to keep the club somewhat in the palm for the left hand, and in your fingers in the right hand). I can't wait to adjust my grip because I know it is so important. Would you say that a good rule for the "left hand V" is pointing to my right shoulder? Also my local pro tells me, when talking about my trail hand, "right hand on top. short term pain, long term gain.".. Would you agree with him? Thanks again man!
  4. I've noticed that my shots seem to be going a lot lower.. especially my woods. So that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the visual man that is a lot of help. When i was taking swings, I noticed that my weight was on the outside of my right foot which I know isn't right. My main focus was right pocket back to try to turn correctly. How can I get the weight on the inside of my right foot?.. I'm guessing this problem is related to my tilt towards the target instead of away?
  5. Just posted in My Swing (sharpljp). The centered hip turn/rpb is a new feeling but a good/worthy one. I have been hitting it fat some but besides that, I can feel there being more of a coil.
  6. I've always slid/swayed my hips back instead on turning correctly. This is my first golf swing video since doing the "wall drill" and can definitely feel a difference. I've only hit balls 2-3 times since learning the wall drill so the new turn is very new. I feel like I can swing a little more in control now and still hit the ball a long enough way. Thanks @iacas and @mvmac. I have been hitting it fat sometimes though and that's something I definitely have to fix.
  7. I read the lesson and did the wall drill. Could feel a major difference. Had to play 9 afterwards and I wasn't very consistent but that OK considering that this is the first time getting the feel of a correct, non-swaying turn. The best way to explain it was I felt like I had "easy power." Slowing my swing down actually made me hit it further and my drives were straighter. My consistent miss, although I still hitting it with good distance, was blocking it right which before correcting my swaying was not an issue. Ordered a tripod and plan on updating "my swing." It feels different but I can tell that RPB (right pocket back) is the way to go.
  8. @iacas I read that entire thread! Awesome stuff!! Won't get that anywhere else man and I appreciate it. I think my best thing is to practice inside at home. I liked the drill of putting a basketball between my left hip and the wall, then making my backswing. Anything wrong with that drill? Or is there a better one for indoor/living room practice? Thanks again
  9. Mac that is interesting. A local pro tells me that I "sway" my hips back. It does not feel like I do but i definitely believe him. Even when I try not to (this can be difficult to try in the middle of a round).. I still do it. Something tells me that if I corrected my turn/sway motion, it would do more good than anything. My upper body is a little more tight than the average so I think that it makes sense that I would resort to swaying rather than turning. He tells me every time I golf with him, "Stop swaying. You need to turn. Just turn. Don't sway." But usually it is in the middle of the round and I try it a few times and give up on it. So @mvmac I think that is the key for me but it's tough for me to feel it and like it. He's looked at my grip and has never mentioned me aiming left. I can tell by watching the Sergio video that his turn is probably twice as much as mine. I would say, realistically, my left shoulder gets to my left ear and most of the time probably doesn't get that far. At the top of Sergio's back swing, his chest is facing opposite the target and his left shoulder is underneath his chin. I really wish I could hone this turn not sway thing. My short game saves me 24/7 and golf is so much fun for me when I'm hitting GIR. Do you have a favorite drill or article that you could share pertaining to golfers with a tendency for swaying instead of turning?
  10. @iacas I have not been a member here long but have noticed that you seem to be knowledgeable so thank you for the feedback. I'm absolutely going to film it and may do it tonight if possible. I think that the "more weight on my right side" helped for me because I used to lunge and sort of try to attack the ball from the top. I think that my backswing may be too flat, which can easily lead to going OTT due to momentum correct? @iacas I certainly don't want to bug you but could you offer any advice or articles on help with a super flat backswing?
  11. After years of baseball, I have been battling (some days more than others) going OTT. I want to kill the ball, sometimes, and the first thing i want to do is drive my right shoulder to the target. I've dealt with this for a while. But then I saw this drill on YouTube by a guy named Clay Ballard. For anyone who needs help with finding a remedy for going OTT.. try this video.. The drill of putting the club to my right side, then swinging straight out in front of me with a finish over my left shoulder, has become part of my pre-shot routine. It allows me to feel the inside-out path better and also helps me stay on a back foot just a little bit longer. I first watched this video a couple weeks ago and now I am drawing the ball nearly every time (I have pushed it right but it is a solid strike when I do). My contact even seems to be better. But now my new problem is drawing it too much. I have not recorded my swing on video but I intend to. I know I am not coming OTT because the ball starts straight down the middle, and then begins its turn. My driver is now drawing about 20-30 yards. This is where I would like some feedback from the golf minds here in the SandTrap. Should I just play the draw? My 3 wood does the same thing and my mid irons (5-8) draw probably 10-15 yards. This doesn't bother me thatttt much but.. when I'm playing a Pete Dye course and I have to draw the ball over water a bunch of times.. it can be nerve-racking. Especially when I know that sometimes I can push it if I don't release the club right. Is there anything negative about this drill that could be detrimental? Also, Clay Ballard.. Where is this guy out of? I seem to understand him a little better I guess than others and am interested in hearing more from him.
  12. @Alx I'm over it. I will look into the studies. I don't believe that simply sticking a needle in your arm will get you jacked. But no hard feelings, carry on. Speaking of roids.. Jason Zuback looked like he could be juicing. I wonder if there have been any other golfers built like Zuback but are better all around golfers? Zuback hits it a mile but I can't imagine him being deadly accurate with a sand wedge?..
  13. Dude sorry but you don't know what you are talking about but I'm done with trying to explain to you my point. Steroids DO NOT make you bigger just because you stick a needle in your arm.. you still have to go in the gym and bust your ass.. steroids just give you the ability to grow muscle (once you have tore it up by lifting) much faster because the muscles recover insanely fast and grow more (bigger) due to ungodly testosterone levels. That is what Mark McGwire did. He took steroids and hit the gym hard as hell. I'm sure you already knew this.. but doing steroids was not technically against the rules. So it didn't matter that he got big as shit. He didn't get big as shit just because he took a pill every day. He had an insane workout routine, like Alex Rodriguez when he did roids (do you know who he is?), and put on massive amounts of muscle. @Alx if you can't understand that or don't want to believe it then don't. I would love to hear your lecture on muscle growth and how it happens. Colin, my point was that it does happen and it's not that big of a deal. I never said it was common in a high school setting. Maybe it's because I lift with the bodybuilder type gymgoers that I feel like it's common. Maybe the amount of people that can push that weight is less than I think. I just recall from experience, which is all I can do. Bullshit is not in my vocabulary. Steroids boost your testosterone levels and they help you recover quicker. They don't magically make you big @Alx. It does not take that much common sense, even if you are clueless on the topic, that a professional athlete, in any sport, who plays arduous season long schedules, would benefit greatly by taking steroids at some point during the season to help recover their broken down bodies. More pro athletes use them to recover than to get big as shit like McGwire. @Alx can you understand this? Because this is what actually happens, contrary to bullshit you may read on the internet.
  14. Ok, no problem. Misunderstood you. All good. I know not everything about golf but baseball and football are things I have lived and experienced. My main point was that the majority of the time, in American baseball, they took steroids to recover. Not to get big like Bonds, McGwire, Rodriguez, and others in the steroid era who got crazy big in the weight room due to their hardcore workout regimens and ability to recover. Most guys, like Bartolo Colon (google him because I highly doubt Europeans know him that well), used PEDs to recover to be ready for the next game.. NOT get stronger and faster.. that is my point. Drink a cup hot tea lad. I'm an ex college athlete that grew up in a family of college athletes, weight lifting coaches, football players and father was in the MLB farm system. I also grew up in the USA and competed in numerous lifting competitions. When I said 450x10 happens all the time, I said that because I know that. I have seen that. But perhaps you are more "informed" on today's power lifting scene in America. Either way man, just carry on. Save your smarta** attitude for someone else.
  15. Agreed. I was just trying to explain in simple terms that adding muscle mass did not help him steal bags. But it's no secret that steroids helped people hit more home runs. Billy Hamilton, who plays on the Reds, is 6 ft. 160 pounds (probably less than 160). He is on pace to break Henderson's record by far... and he is one of the lightest guys in MLB if not the lightest. I love watching Bubba and his game is unbelievable. A true bench press, is pause at the bottom when you touch your chest, then fully extend and hold for a second before doing the next rep. But look I do not know Bubba's routine. He could be stronger who knows. But.. no way he gets 20 : ) Maybe a good test/idea for you would be to go do a proper bench press yourself. Benching and driving a golf ball are similar in the fact that people think they can do more. Some may think they bench 300 but when they participate in a competition they can only do 260.. properly. Kind of like when people say they can do 15 pull ups but they only go halfway down and don't get their chin to the bar.
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