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  1. Philo


  2. I used to love to walk. But now, on the north side of 60, with 5 knee surgeries behind me, I am now relegated to carts.
  3. Catch a Corpus Christi Hooks game. AA of the Houston Astros. Great Stadium, good food, and affordable. Oso Beach and Palmilla Beach are two options for golf. CC has several courses, none I would consider great.
  4. Philo

    Nicest and Rudest

    Darren Clarke is a nice guy. Followed Phil Mickelson around the Houston Open one year and while he waited on the tee boxes he talked to us about his Chargers and Padres and asked questions about the Texans and Astros. Very nice guy. I followed Bubba at a Pro-Am round one day and in 18 holes he did not say one word to any of his playing partners. He spent the entire round talking to his caddie about green slopes, yardages, etc. I know he wants to learn as much about the course as he can, but come on, these guys paid a lot of money to play a round of golf with you.
  5. At my home course you can join their "Player Development" program for $49 bucks a month. This includes unlimited range balls and unlimited play on their three practice holes. Too good a deal to pass up.
  6. Shot a 79 at Battleground Golf Club in Deer Park, Tx. Three doubles and three birdies. Started out 1 over after 5 holes and then went brain dead for a few holes. Drove pretty good and hit the irons OK, but I pushed every hybrid I hit 20+ yards to the right. I need to go to the range and check out my ball position with the hybrids.
  7. If that was happening and it took him 20 years to figure it out he has bigger problems to be concerned about.
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