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  1. In the early years of my golfing as I traveled between states for business, I honed my skills at both Dominguez Hills (R.I.P) in Carson CA and Lakes @ Awatukee in AZ.. Executives are great.
  2. ebaz

    How many holes in one have you had?

    One. On a 98 yard par 3.
  3. Hey folks. New here living NW AZ. Started golfing when I was 27 in Phoenix area. So year round. Got to an 11 handicap and the game became more anger and frustration for me than fun. Ended up taking time off from the game around 36 and other things like life just took over. Like marriage and kids, travel and tournament softball. I am back in the game again years later at 46 and between that time had a softball related hand/wrist injury that required major surgery that has made two fingers on my left hand fused at the top joints which has affected my swing and grip a bit. I am pretty much relearning the game, don't hit as far, and have a few bad habits. My handicap right now is around 30. Taking some lessons tat this time. However the big difference is I have matured enough not to take it seriously anymore and it is now fun for me. Than and I have my kids enrolled in a local junior golf program and I am really enjoying playing with them. Still have my Ping I-3 O-size set, eye-2 wedge and Callway Biggest Big Bertha 10.5 from the late 90's early 00's as well. Just pulled them out of mothballs. Glad to be here.

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