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  2. Yeah, I agree that it probably is not worth throwing money at this club, however I was hoping someone on the board would have tried it. Thanks.
  3. Has anybody tried the C3i wedge that is advertised on TV for $99? If so, what is your opinion of the club and your results? As usual, their claims seem to be too good to be true. Thanks, Ken
  4. I am happy for your satisfaction with the GX-7. Please give us an update a little later in the season, perhaps after another 10-15 rounds. My appreciation in advance.
  5. Gunther, did you cut a shaft down and added lead tape or did you buy a new shorter shaft with a higher weight? Or did you do nothing to make up for the reduced swing weight? I am happy for your success.
  6. BadBadger, thanks for your well thought out and written response. Everything you said makes sense. If I do go to a shorter shaft for my current driver, I will try to order the shorter shaft in a heavier weight.
  7. Thanks for your response. Today I tried hitting a 44.6" driver at the pro shop driving range and also had mixed results. I could not really tell the difference in distance I was getting. I also found that I was trying to swing too hard in order to compensate for any potential distance loss, so many of my drives were pulls but also many were nice and straight too. I would think it would take a period of time to get used to the change in weight and length.
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience with the cutdown shaft. I hope that you revisit this thread after you have a few more rounds under your belt with this shorter driver and share your results.
  9. I just read an article that asserts that Tiger Woods for most of his career used a driver of 43.5" and that most pros today use drivers that are 44.5 inches in length, and yet the standard length of a driver sold to the public has now grown to 45.5 inches. The gist of the article is that the average golfer would be much better served if he used a driver shorter than those marketed to the public. If this is true, then it is understandable why so many people have trouble consistently controlling their drives. Does anyone know if what it said in this article about the driver lengths used b
  10. New forum member here and found this forum because I wanted to research reviews on the GX-7. Although for a 69 year old 5'5" tall player I hit my current TM Burner pretty far (ave 250-260 yards) I am very inconsistent in hitting the fairways. I had considered the GX-7 as a possible go-to club for more accuracy at the cost of 10-20 yards, which I could live with. I place a lot of faith on customer reviews of products and I have always had good luck with purchasing products online so that has not been a real concern for me, but nevertheless I am very skeptical of the GX-7 after reading these re
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