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  1. Played bewdley pines in UK..holed out from a bunker for an eagle on the first then birdied the second -3 under through two (-4 to hcp) finished front nine 3 under 21 points..then bogeyed first five on start of backnine to come in a +2 overall (83) cant grumble but know I should have broke 80 today comfortably
  2. @WUTiger ive picked up an m2 on ebay for £140 with an ozik white tie my sldr I could get 80/100 for with either of the shafts I have at home so its not a massive price to pay overall..it greives me a little with prices here as my sister has made numerous trips to Orlando and keeps me in golf attire at a fraction of what ide pay here..I know lical golf pros (dependent on sponser) could get me fitted but without looking around I think the belfry is closest to me with a TM fit centre.
  3. The sldr was a giveaway at the price so thought ude give it a try,ive just come back from a round and the flight is miles better (avg 240 with shot measure on garmin s1) it launches mid then continues to its peak on a trajectory I was used to on the r11 so so far so good,it doesnt "feel" any different to the prolaunch for loading or impact its just more of a gradual flight,as mentioned previous the prolaunch got up quick then dropped,didnt fire out of the face so to speak. Yeah,pretty much..I just didnt like the loss of distance of about 20+ yards and the flight wasnt what I was used t
  4. Ive used an r7 staff bag for the last 4 years,only just changed it for an r11 one,it fits my motocaddy lite very well and has more than enough pockets for waterproofs and odds n sods,main reason i bought over a cart bag was the looks,just looks better imo.
  5. After hitting the sldr in 12* did you go down loft in the m2 I find thr sldr im having to have a more positive AoA than I did with my old r11.
  6. I currently have an sldr 12* driver that ive not really hit that well (230 max carry in winter conditions UK) my old r11 used to rocket all seasons same shaft etc,im thinking of picking up an m1/m2 head (2016 model) but would like peoples thoughts..have you guys tried or own either and what have you found flight wise,forgiveness etc..look forward to your views.
  7. I know the aldila was a great shaft in my r11 summer here in UK I was getting 275+ drives which were crazy for me,im not sure if the tech in the head of the sldr differs to the r11 recquiring an upward AoA (hence the loft up campaign) so I might have to have it set higher to get full benefits,if the tried and tested shaft doesnt get me the numbers im after I might revert back to the r11 or maybe m1 430.
  8. Ide chosen driver out to the right but probably fade of centre to right side of right bunker anything from 130 in ide be happy with,knock it centre of green two putt par adjusted birdie..out of interest why is the shot index of hole decrease the further back the tee or am I getting it wrong? 11 hcp from 288 and 15 hcp from 352
  9. @Lihu you wouldnt believe who ive been paired with..ive had every sort of awkward you can think of..our first round at celtic Manor we had a lovely gent though whos wife was doing the whole pampering thing and he savoured every minute on that course,made a friend that day..sadly ive not been so lucky with others its got to the point where if its regular play ill hang back for fear of being asked to pair up.
  10. Agree totally,ide been through three drivers before the R11 and that took some time to work in a good feel for the club,at present as I mentioned the SLDR is a good solid club but my carry is anything from 210 to 230 with no rollout (granted time of year and boggy courses dont suit here in the UK at the minute) but my old R11 used to carry 240 with ease,I bought the aldila and it arrived yesterday,taking it to local pro for adaptor and grip fit..be interesting to see what flight and numbers I get with that combo as at the minute even good solid strikes with the prolaunch blue just fall out the
  11. I used to be a member at a club where competition slots were in threes,being as I only had one playing buddy we were always put with a single come comp day,you quickly realise who the outcasts are in the club,ive been paired with Mr know it all,Mr stickler for the rules,one guy on two occasions who didnt speak a word all round..one solitary word!..and the obnoxious teen playing off a 3 or whatever saying how great he is then watch him get dicked by me off a 19 at the time due to shots over him ha..ive seen them all,only played with one decent stranger there a nice old gent was like playing a r
  12. I think driving accuracy is a big one too as you said,I was trying to force shots last few rounds putting myself in trouble and having to play out sideways,and iron or 3 wood would have been better suited,course management is a big factor I think,although 3 of the last 4 courses ive played ide never played before.
  13. I put unlikely to use it on the basis that OB could be so way offline its not going to help playing from that position, atleast if its OB off a tee or from in the fairway you have a solid lie to retake your shot albeit minus the distance.
  14. Haha...this!! Play in the comps the big boys dont care for and play anything anyone was willing to pay me for!
  15. I used have an RBZ tour spoon 3 wood which used to be on par with my driver (which I struggled with at the time)..played celtic Manor and striped it all day,then after a short break I couldnt hit it for love nor money so got rid,ive just bought another one in standard now my games back to winning ways..ive not tried a newer model since so cant vouch for the latest tech but that RBZ does exactly what I want it too.
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