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  1. Hi Everyone - This Year My Aim to Break 20 Handicap

    It is hard to lose balls or get penalties as most fairways are adjacent to each other. There are just 3 water hazards. Two are on easy par 3s where the hazard does not really come into play. (One tee is very high compared to the green.) The other is a stream along one side of a hole, but that is easy to avoid by playing wide onto an adjacent fairway. When the pro's play the course sometimes they actually purposely play their shots onto adjacent fairways to get a better line into the green for the hole they are playing. Once we saw them doing this we all did the same thereafter. I think the GIR+1 figure appears to be an anomaly for my specific course, in which case my problems may be worse if I were to play elsewhere. As I say above the 2.6 should be 3.6, and after looking at the stats again this does seem to be the problem area. What should I do when I fail my GIR with a 20-30 yard shot? Should I play shorter on the shot prior to get to the 50+ yard range, or should I get more practice at this 20-30 range? Which would have more effect? What do I do to get a better long putting or long scramble to get a better feel for distance? Note: the practice greens do not have the same length as the course greens. Also the practice greens are right next to the clubhouse at the top of the hill, so they may be playing a little faster than the course greens on most of the course. Note: Also I am in the UK where they use CONGU. They do not use an averaging system like the US. If you have more erratic scores like me then the better rounds have a lot more impact, especially when I only play about 5-10 competition rounds a year.
  2. Hi Everyone - This Year My Aim to Break 20 Handicap

    Wow thanks for the advice everyone. It has made me go back to my stats again. And I think I can see some areas that could be causing the problem. Whoops, sorry about the confusion it was a typo. My around the green is 3.6 not 2.6. It seems from what everyone is saying is my GIR appears quite good, but that might be due to the distance of the holes. (Cumberwell in the UK). There is only one hole that is really pushing the distance boundaries. It is a par 5 uphill and VERY long. I have never got to that green in regulation. The other holes, even the long ones, when I am on target I can get up close enough to the green to do a scramble. That is pretty much right, but its a long putt or long scramble in order to putt for par and I am rubbish at getting those close to the hole where I would be confident it getting it in. (The GIR+1 is from the Chart My Golf software. You are right about what it means. My exat figure is 97.2%) On my holes where I am achieving a GIR my typical approach is a long putt. It is not uncommon for me to 3-putt with long putts. When I am not getting to the green in regulation I have avery awkward chip shot (20-30 yards) that quite often will go astray, even ending offgreen or in a bunker. When that happens that really messes up my around the green score. So I am guessing my areas in need of improvement are the awkward 20-30 yard chips, but that is what I worked on last year, but with not great results. That range is really bad for me. One guy suggested I purposesly go short with my previous shot to get to the 50 yard range where I am more confident in judging distance. That could be a good idea, but seems counter intuative. Also the other problem area is long putts. What does everyone do to get their long putts close enough to the hole to make it almost certain it will go in next shot. I am terrible at judging distance for that long range. I practice on the practice greens before each round, but when you get on the course all the slopes and stuff on the greens makes it impossible to judge distance to any great degree of accuracy. Or maybe its my resulting medium putts that need the work?