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  1. Don't care for the man at all, however he knows what he is doing when it comes to golf courses. I have been lucky enough to play Turnberry since the renovation and it is the best golf course I've ever played. Playing of the medal tees offers some great golf holes not just visually but also from a playing perspective too. The amount of consideration, work and money that has been invested at Turnberry is exceptional. I played it late last year and the fees were reduced for winter, still cost £180. I played with a member and he knows that rates have been raised for this summer, talking fees of £3
  2. 69, +3 round home course. Course is mostly on full greens bar a few on temporary greens due to usual wet and windy conditions in Scotland! Happy with my round though. Out in 3 over, hit drive OB on 2nd hole but recovered well to make a 5. Back in level par, including a few birdies. Season starts in 3 weeks, hopefully weather improves and I can get in a few more reps before the start of the season. Happy with my game at the moment considering I haven't played as much as I would like over the winter.
  3. Rory is number 1 for me, love his personality, views on the game and life in general. Great to watch on course and actually very approachable. That being said I actually prefer watching Spieth on TV as I thoroughly enjoy listening to his discussions with Mike and see how he tackles his situations, it's just like having your own on course commentator! 3rd would be DJ. I could watch him hit the driver all day long and he has vastly improved his short game. His attitude on the course, neutral whether good or bad things are happening is an effective outlook to have however sometimes I feel like he
  4. Funny you say @David in FL, I entered a regular amateur competition and one of my playing partners had his name embroidered on his bag and prior to teeing off the competition organiser DQ'd him for it! Bit extreme but it's something to do with using your skill/reputation for advertising purposes. Not sure if this is just a UK/European thing though, anyone is the US heard of this before?
  5. Love watching European Tour and PGA Tour, actually prefer the coverage we receive for the PGA Tour...insight, analysis is far better. I think Gary Woodland will have a good week this week, he is in good form. Just needs to be more clinical on the greens. Any other predictions?
  6. Thanks @bkuehn1952@No Mulligans and @Lihu for your insight. Going to read the USGA sloping guide to understand that better as it seems like it would benefit our system here too as some courses here should be weighted differently too. Glad to hear a universal handicap system might be on it's way too. Would make sense if they are simplifying the rules then they should also consider changing the handicap system too.
  7. So you do not submit a scorecard into a handicapping system or handicap official at your club? Your handicap is fully self-regulated? Does seem like a good way to be fully honest to yourself, competitors and the game. Also, it is a bonus that your handicap can be deducted for social rounds of golf too. Sadly we have to wait for competition days only to have the opportunity to lower our handicaps. Maybe this idea is something we should consider doing here.
  8. How many golfers playing off of 1.4 usually make the field for local qualifying? In the UK the entry requirements are 0.4 but even then the chances of making the field are minimal at 0.4...it usually gets cut off at 0.0 at highest. The British Amateur is usually even harder as the handicap cut off is normal at +0.5 or more! Very impressive standard of golf. Fully admire any of you attempting to qualify for the US Open and wish you all the best! I hope one day I can enter The Open qualifying here one day...will need to up my practicing though!
  9. @bkuehn1952 interesting to here how the US system works. So if you play a social round with a friend and if you play well then you can self-report the score and it can decrease your handicap? If so, it seems a lot of honesty and integrity is placed on the individual to self-regulate. As those are two characteristics of the foundation of golf it is much admired and hopefully followed however seems like there is quite a bit of room for a few false scores to slip by. Also, how does the course rating/slope work? Are courses observed/played by USGA officials and a rating is given? I agree with
  10. Hi everyone, I am young golfer in my early 20's and I've played golf for the past 10 years and in that time I have been lucky enough to get my handicap down to an index of 3.7. I am proud of getting myself down to this number and have put in a good amount of practice to do so. However, when I was growing up and entering to play in a number of Scottish National events and UK events I always found myself either on a waiting list or losing out to international players, many of whom were from the USA. I had no issue with this, however many of my friends who played in these competitions were p
  11. Thanks for your reply @Silent. Interesting stats from last week and also your insight in general on Joost Luiten. As I say, I do like Joost and as I am part of the European Tour Fantasy league he regularly has a birth on my team due to his consistency. I hope that he finds a way to manage his short game on the courses which demand an exceptional short game. I will continue to follow your posts and his progress. Hopefully he has another good season!
  12. As a regular viewer of the European Tour over the past 10 years I have seen Joost Luiten become a skilled, consistent player. Indeed, he is often touted as a contender for most tournaments he enters on the European circuit. However, I have noticed from watching him play (both on tv and live) that he struggles around the greens with his chipping and pitching. He often uses a putter in situations where most would chip or pitch. His results suggest that this approach regularly works but often he limits his scoring/up-and-down percentage by putting. With Joost playing in more international events,
  13. Hi @Golfwidow25, Firstly that is a great gift for your partner, sure he will love it! As I live in Scotland I have been lucky enough to go to the Open several times. Indeed, as a golf fanatic I have been for the whole week including 6am starts and 8pm finishes on some days! However, to make the most of your day on the Sunday I would still advise going relatively early as groups still tend to tee off around 9. What I usually do in order to see as much golf and to be as close the action as possible is to pick a hole on the first 9, go there early and watch the whole field come through.
  14. Thanks for all being so welcoming! @DaveP043 thanks for the link will take a look. Also, great to hear you have been in my neck of the woods and have played some courses over here. Hope you enjoyed your experience
  15. Hi Members of TST! This is my first post so here it goes...I am a young, avid golfer that is interested in all things golf. I have been lucky enough to grow up playing a variety of great courses here in Scotland and over the past 10 years I have managed to get my handicap down to low single digit level, however I am always looking for ways to improve. Really looking forward to talk all things golf, whether it be equipment, swing, PGA and European Tour. Excited to talk with like-minded people and to hear opinions from across the globe. Anyway hope you are all well and look forward to
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