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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but I HAVE read and reread the instructions in the original post. As to the 3% slope, where I play there is slope to almost all of the greens. 3% here is considered fairly flat. Since it has been determined that my data is not useful then I will forego any further testing as I would not want to upset the data being captured any further.
  2. Okay... I see we had a small failure to understand each other. I placed them all at the 12 o'clock position based on my gps. I see what you meant was to put 12 balls around the hole in the 12 hourly positions. Okay. No biggie as the green is fairly flat. I can go and do this again tomorrow. If nothing else it is improving my putting.
  3. Yes, they were all hit from the same place at what I thought was the same pace. I took approximately 30-45seconds per putt. Those I missed were too the left. Now I say the ones were 5-7 feet. They may have been between 5' and 6'. While I guess they might have been struck a little firmer I did use the same timing. Tick, tock. I can tell you only what my experience was. I used the same green to putt on as the time before. Normally when I miss I am no more than 6"- 2' past and generally just off the rim. Anything else you would like me to try?
  4. Age: 62 Height: 5'10 Where are you from: South Carolina How Long have you been Playing: 34yrs with a 24yr break. Back at it again in the last 6 months Best Score: 68 Ramstein Air Base GC Favorite club in the bag: 3 Wood Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: You tube and this site Where do you play: Gordon Lakes GC in Augusta, GA is my home course but play any of the public courses in the CSRA Best courses you've played so far: Several links courses in Scotland back in the 80's Things you enjoy most about golf: Being with friends, meeting new peo
  5. Well here is my report from yesterday. Again, 36 putts with and 36 putts without with enough power that it would go the distance requested past the hole. I practiced that until I was consistently within half a foot. So here are the results: 1st 12 putts without the stick: 9 of 12: 1st 12 putts with the stick: 9 of 12: 2nd 12 putts without the stick: 10 of 12: 2nd 12 putts with the stick: 7of 12: 3rd 12 putts without the stick: 11 of 12: 3rd 12 putts with the stick 10 of 12. Those that missed were off to the left and bounced off the rim and went 4'-5' pa
  6. Okay, I won't hit them from 10'. But will try to hit them firmly enough that they would go the 4' asked.
  7. I think tigerrag is right. Tomorrow morning I will go and hit another 72 putts from 10 feet which I normally hit firm and when I miss go 3' - 6' past the hole. This may be a better test.
  8. I just got home from trying this experiment. I took 36 putts with the flag stick in and 36 with the flag stick out. The green was fairly flat, Maybe a 1" right to left break. My results are below. To be fair I took a few minutes to warm up (it was 48 this morning) and hit about 20 putts from various distances, then took my shag bag and got out 12 balls. I hit 12 putts with the pin in and then 12 with the pin out. I am usually pretty consistent with 5' or less making 8 of 10. My problem when playing 18 is that I am rarely within 10' when I hit the green(working on that). 1st 12 putts
  9. I can only second what Marv said above. I am sort of like you. I played daily back in the mid 1980's while in the Army. Shoulder dislocation and came back to quick. Developed a wicked slice that I couldn't cure. Quit the game for 23yrs. I had to pick it back up when I was asked by a customer to go play. Since we were trying to renew the contract I agreed. Discovered the game again. Stopped again for 2yrs and retired. 2 other guys here at the airpark invited me to play so I went. Found I really love the game and have been playing since. Like Marv, find an instructor who spec
  10. I was surfing around Amazon this morning and ran into this: It looks like it is by Epson. Reviews are mixed. Does anyone here have any information about this? http://amzn.to/2nirgLy
  11. Per iacas' request I have deleted my layer and added to main layer.
  12. In the almost 30yrs I have lived in the area I have only been lucky once and that was when my wife was given practice round tickets back in 2006. Although I used to get to go out to the course communications and press room many years ago when I worked for a media company. I was in charge of the network and computer setup and stability during the tournament. Unfortunately at the time that was ALL I got to see. In 2006 the course was in amazing shape and we got to follow all of the major players, including Tiger, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and more. It was an amazing
  13. Thank you for the recommendations. I found the "Reading Room" and have been marking books to read.
  14. That is sweet! Being a member of Gordon Lakes gives me reciprocity at all Military courses. One of these days I hope to play Greenville as well. I really need to reduce my Hi first. In the past month I have gone from shooting 115 - 120 and now routinely score between 102 to 108. Not a lot of improvement but some. Back in the 80's I was a 5Hi then hurt my shoulder and developed on of the most wicked slices you can imagine. It was so bad that I quit playing until January this year. But I am working on it. I am way over the top and outside in with my driver. Hopefully aft
  15. That would be a smart move although, even Greenville gets pretty busy Masters week but should be much better than Augusta.
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