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  1. The best instruction is the kind a five year old could ‘get’. People are far too concerned with body positions before they understand basic fundamental operation of the tool which is swinging.
  2. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Willett win circumstance shows what kind of real heart these modern guys lack. People with perspective in life understand that. Its tougher to beat five guys with heart than a hundred of spoiled sissies.
  3. Ultimately great golf is about power and precision ballstriking wise. The course is supposed to make lower scoring by hitting fairways off the tee farther the better, but rough should be more penal. Jmo. Just blasting it out there and recovering too much is not proper imo.
  4. I’ve been quote fitted for irons at a nice place with Trackman outdoors with good pro and lie board. I dunno lie board is very hard to hit bad shots from. Not sure if that’s even a great way... That said, nothing special happened. I am average build. I like gi irons and lighter shafts. I am a tweener and can use a variety of shafts but I prefer more flexible ones for what I do. I could go a degree or two upright, but don’t want to encourage steepness or hit left of my aim. It was cool to see my numbers and watch ballflight, but basically I like pretty stock irons, Driver, they couldn’t do what I would want. I choke up 2 inches and don’t bother cutting things down. To me drivers stock are way too long, not enough true customization, but good to hit what’s available.
  5. What are you listening to?

    One iron To the course of municipal came a swinger one fine day. Hardly spoke to folks around him , didn’t have Too much to say. No one dared to ask him for a round, no one Would be a nag The swinger there among them had a one iron In his bag One iron in his bag It was early in the morning when he came Onto the range He said these folks a swingin they are Lookin mighty strange “He’s an Ernest Jones disciple” it was Whispered he had lag And he’s here to do some business with a One iron in his bag One iron in his bag On this range there taught a dumass by the name of David Led Many golfers read the a swing and he got Into their heads He was anbs artist with a cap at Twenty four And the lofted woods inside his bag numbered One and thirteen more One and thirteen more Now the new guy started talkin made it plain To folks around He was an Ernest Jones disciple couldn’t stay long In this town He was here to play some real golf by swingin That club head And he said it didn’t matter that he was after David Led After David Led Wasn’t long before this story was relayed to David Led But that dumass didn’t worry, his a swing Kept him fed Twenty strokes he’d be given twenty no this Was not a gag A loss would go to that swinger, with the one Iron in his bag One iron in his bag Now the morning passed so quickly and it Was time for them to play It was twenty past eleven when they made the tee that day Golfers watching from their tablets Everybody placed their bets They knew this unknown swinger was old school As it gets Old school as it gets There was a hundred yards between them When their second shots they played And the distance of that swinger still talked About today David Led just passed the ladies tee when he Saw that awesome lag And the swingers aim was deadly, with the one Iron in his bag One iron in his bag It was over after nine holes, it was plain for All to see There before them that dumass with an a swing Began to flee Oh he might have went on teachin, but his bank Account did sag When he tried a match the swinger with the One iron in his bag One iron in his bag One iron One iron He tried to match the swinger with the One iron in his bag One iron in his bag
  6. Your Favourite Form of Punishment

    I voted water. It’s what I am used to and forces my attention. One quirk I do that’s helped me a lot is not looking up after address. Sounds crazy but after I address don’t look up on full shots anymore, just swing and try to hit it over my spot.
  7. Long Irons

    Personally, I think if you regularly hit and hold greens at that range with 4 iron you are good to go. ive copped out and my longest iron is a modern five. I find I get an easier higher shot at say 175-200 with hybrids vs long irons. I only play four to two irons when I use a retro set, but the lofts are different also.
  8. Michelle Wie's Swing Looks Different

    Wies younger Swing was very special. She did a few things under led man that were very unconventional. It’s not that I have a problem with being unconventional at all, but if it’s being directed by him....I think it’s very suspect. His a swing manipulated move never really caught on did it?
  9. Are Golfers Better on Faster or Slower Greens?

    For me quality of roll is number one or I guess smoothness. For short putts which to me is the biggest part of putting I’d rather have a faster surface most times. Distance control to me is all feel. Don’t have a formula for it, but faster greens are probably a bit tougher for me lag putting wise especially downhill... Thats been my experience.
  10. Jack Watson

  11. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    @saevel25 It’s a fact that for a given course for a given length it’s tougher to shoot 66 with gear from 66 than with gear from 2000. So, the skill of fields in 66 is being hugely underestimated round these parts.
  12. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    Ok, what do you say to course length club tech. Pebble 72 same length as 2000 US Open. I could go on, but it’s obvious there was a huge difference in relative length played due to tech. Dismissing facts and saying everything another poster says is a joke is not making a counterpoint.
  13. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    @saevel25 1960 PGA at Firestone par 70 almost 7200 yards 1960. Hogan vs Singh Augusta...53 Hogan playing 53 gear would have beaten Singh on a course the same exact length but with Singh with 2000 equipment. If you start looking at the course lengths it becomes apparent. Its self evident that 1950 tech is not as good as the stuff from 2000.
  14. Strength and Depth of Field in Jack's Day and Tiger's Day

    @saevel25 So you are just calling Barkow a bs artist? Another way to look at field strength is course length relative to club and ball tech. Augusta for example played the same length in 2000 as 1950. Then look at scoring at the top.

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