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  1. In point of fact what do I personally value more? Ballstriking by a large margin. The fact was going into the 14th hole final round Mickelsen and Henrik were tied. Stenson drains twenty footer for birdie. Phil pars. on fifteen Stenson bangs in a birdie from 50 feet. Two shot lead to Henrik. Henrik drains a twenty footer on 18 three shot win. Imo being tied that late in a major and draining a fifty footer and a twenty footer gave him the victory on that day. obviously none of this is even possible without the ballstriking. I am just saying some putts mean more than others like when they are to take the lead or close out the match.
  2. This is gonna sound weird. If I stand facing my kitchen counter and reach for the peanut butter jar there and then put it in the cupboard 90 degrees to my right what happens to my shoulders/hips? For me my hips turn with the shoulders some. I wouldn't keep the hips fixed and twist my spine in a strained fashion to do that. Turning the torso is of fundamental importance.
  3. 3/25 in addition to my five daily minutes on backyard swings went to the range and hit about 45 balls. sw gw 9 8 7 6 5 23 hybrid Dispersion was good good shots on the line small misses staying right. Hit one weird 8 that missed twenty yards left let go of club haha. Hit a couple small draws that fell left but nothing to get concerned about really I enjoyed my 5 the most I was very aware of not getting ahead of it as I am prone to on longer shots and keeping a bit more patient and stable coming down and through. Really hit a couple that came off well with good height. I can tend to hit a bit too low on longer shots sometimes and that can be bad. The kids next to me were excited I was leaving half a large bucket...Pay it forward-no need to grind. i don't range much so if it looks like it's working I leave.
  4. I am not sure it's that cut and dried. I think an argument could be made that professionals could use this to their advantage on approach. The reason I ask is I played a couple rounds with a pro who was teaching me at the time and he claimed it was very different with balata compared to now. He claimed stuffing it tight was easier with the older ball. Watching this guy strike it in the wind was very cool-in crosswind he would hold it up against the breeze. Worked it both ways and everything that I saw and he was very into shot trajectory-he wasn't impressively long but had very good striking. When I played with him we both used vintage gear also which was fun. I have read many comments from different people online who played the old stuff and the general consensus I gathered is that the modern gear ball combo tends to like to go straighter. Maybe the older balls 'responsiveness' to subtle changes in face angle and path could be used as an advantage by a real striking master.
  5. We do? A person is injured in a car crash every fifteen or so seconds in the USA.
  6. It's pretty personal but I have gained the nickname the nestler for my tendency to die putts right around the hole. I take the view that the hole is effectively widened if the ball is moving slowly. A fast mover will lip out a slower ball falls in. im definitely not aa great putter but I tend to avoid three putts pretty well considering my lack of practice. I have had a lot off putts a touch high side that have almost frozen there for a second and then dropped. For myself I don't like facing 4-5 feet coming back. I see many pros really take out the break and bang em in there to keep them on line but can't do it. I've always putted this way can't change now. one thing on the stick in is it might aid alignment. I am not sure but I have felt when playing a quick round by myself sometimes that it's easier to see a line with the stick in.
  7. It's hard to argue against stats but take for example Lefty vs Stenson at the open. Henriks putter got him the win. Stats are accumulated over a time period, but in one round on tour it often seems like getting hot with the putter is the difference. It seems like watching Spieth at the Masters that he holes a lot of crucial putts. In 1986 at the Masters final round Jack made some awesome putts. At the pro level these days it seems like they all get a lot of birdie looks and it just seems like guys who are hot with the putter do better. I can't really back this up with stats. To me some putts are more important than others which statistically makes no sense at all! (Talking pro level golf) My personal experience as a recreational golfer is opposite. I don't really practice putting at all and if I do it's just before a round from 2-6 feet and maybe a couple lags. My five minutes a day is based on ballstriking. Putting for my game tends to stay about the same all the time. Also the more I practice putting the worse I get but that's another story I've noticed the more gir I get the better I score so it's way more important for me to keep the tee shot in play and be able to be decent with the iron accuracy. I saw a few years ago Snedeker played vintage gear and shot 80 I think. On the tour now is a par five really a par five anymore? I like the idea of going back to wood woods or something similar and a ball with similar characteristics as the wound balata. I think if we keep it like it is now so many of the courses are defenseless. Really we would have to build new courses with new dimensions to accommodate the distances now. Look what these guys do now on par fives. It's like if they don't at least birdie they have lost a shot, is that really a par five? I would like to see what a true par five would look like for a pro now, would it need to be seven hundred yards? If the equipment was rolled back you have way less land needed and less maintenance costs and less water used. It would be more 'green'. For the average golfer let them use all the advantages and still tee it forward. More fun! Theoretical question for a pro...Would a ball like a balata make it easier for pros to get close from say 160 and in?
  8. The main thing is in the Nicklaus era and before more precision was needed to hit long due to the equipment. Great driving absolutely separated the best from the rest. The best could hit their lines and keep spin off the ball so it would get out there. Everyone on tour bombs it far now with the giant clubheads they can't miss. They swing out of their shoes and aren't penalized as much for mishits. If they still played a spinner ball and less large clubheads it would make the game more about striking and less about putting.
  9. Really good tempo. Looks really nice on the tempo. Overall a lot of good stuff going on. I would say your ball position in the face on is way far back. Try moving it way forward and see what happens. You kind of have to do this (pic) with the ball so out of position...imo with it forward you will be able to come through much better with the torso rotation which might help that save/flip stall thing
  10. Good call on in person pro instruction.
  11. Find the man in Finland with the green room! welcome!
  12. Post in member swings from decent angles! Root cause of where you get to at top which is difficult to recover from is your WAY inside takeaway direction. It starts in the takeaway imo. the instructor you had was probably right.
  13. Most people don't know how to drive. Brake checking someone is a teenage male move. It's stupid and dangerous as is slowing down when someone is on your ass. Smith system teaches proper driving. How would the brake checker in the video posted feel if the idiot tailgater suffered major injuries or caused a bigger pile up perhaps causing major injuries or death to other drivers? The video is a perfect example of stupidity and reckless immature behavior. If someone gets on your ass it's best to simply signal and move over when it's safe. Part of driving is dealing with the idiocy that runs rampant on our roadways. People are so stupid in their vehicles. They want to race when they have no business doing so. If you like racing keep it on the track. The object of driving is simple...Get from a to b safely.
  14. The last video looks like you are getting some good solid fundamentals in. Question on your finish in that...We're you trying to maintain the tipped spine angle through to finish? Is that normal? Very fundamentally solid action just looked to me like you could let yourself go a bit more in the finish by releasing the spine angle. If there's no strain no worries. I ask because for me if I finish like that it strains my lower back.
  15. I wish they would rollback the equipment some and the ball should spin more and be reduced a bit for pros. In baseball they don't use aluminum bats in the pros. Let amateurs play anything but make pros play with less forgiving equipment. The game has become bomb and gouge. I would much rather watch the pros play this way and the courses would play much better. The driver heads are way way too big and the ball is so long now. Modern golf tends to be pretty boring it should not be so easy for them to swing out of their shoes off practically every tee also let the rough grow.