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  1. Has he provided footage of his swing? Quick look at the site showed nada. My prediction is same as it was for Dan...burnout/fail.
  2. Love the change for the Anna N type situation. The word reasonable basically means they can say penalize or not based on a judgement call. I dunno. Kinda half assed imo. I say that because for Lexi it would have been a judgement call. Many people at first look at the video gave Lexi benefit of doubt. Many of those same people after days of review call Lexi a cheat. The problem comes up rarely in any event. A judgement call is what it is...
  3. That's still using math. Yes, maybe bad terminology on my part. What I mean is that for me I don't apply a 'blanket strategy'. I don't decide before playing what clubs I will tee off with for example. For me it depends on that days feel. One hole, a par five that I play could be driver off tee or five iron it depends on the day. This on my home course that I know.
  4. I have a hard time with a notion that strategy should be applied mathematically. For me a lot of my decisions are based on how I am feeling or playing at that moment. If I am playing well I use driver even on narrow holes because I know there's a good chance of getting a agood look at aashorter approach. If am am not though I tend to be more conservative. For me a large amount of my decision making depends on my own confidence. If something's not feeling right or I am not confident I will choose in general to club down and keep the ball in play rather than take a more aggressive approach. Sometimes you are just feeling it and can take more aggressive lines. Sometimes you are better bailing a bit. Thats just my take.
  5. @hategolf I hear ya. Its all about a swinging motion. For the longest time what was screwing me was simply not understanding the difference between swinging the clubhead and trying to employ leverage/make body moves/try to smash the ball by force. I was focusing on what my body was doing but I had no idea how the club worked! I would call it a hands game.
  6. Come on now! Take a bit of time out when you can and come back after that and screw technique just swing and hit good shots! No need to update this thread I agree. You are good. Just do it!
  7. I want to add that having a certain type of gear over say a year might have a significant influence on a golfer. Maybe a one time test doesn't tell the full story. When I had Titleist 905r driver and fairways with Aldila nv green s and mp32 with dgs300 I played fine but I practiced a lot and my tempo got quicker and quicker over time and a couple days off meant I would lose feel/ability to hit consistently. I think I get quick with stiff feeling (to me) gear. It's like I have to swing faster or harder to achieve the feel I like and it requires more timing. Its so much easier now with g25 driver and hybrids and irons with the stock graphite in r. I play fine to my standards without doing range time. The clubs are easy to hit. The shafts have to have something to do with it.
  8. Didn't see that thread. I improved when I went to lighter more flexible shafts. For some reason for me it makes it easier. I wouldn't say so much that there was a difference in my ball flight just that I seem to be able to get it more easily. I haven't hit a lot of different stuff like some.
  9. The other thing is imo its best not to drive the right shoulder down from the top. I like this image of torso turn/shoulder turn. Straightening the left all the way early will also tend to drop the right shoulder. Technical types might argue that there's right side bend and extension or tilt switch nad that Watson is wrong that the spine angle does not change. IMO Watson is correct in the feeling and what he shows is good for most golfers. Also if the hips turn with the shoulders there's less spine twisting which I think is easier on the body.
  10. That guy knows how to swing. That said I think simply pausing at the top has a low likelyhood of getting a person to understand what a swing is. My tendency if I do that is to lunge targetward trying to leverage the clubhead with my body action to create speed from the top. It causes a cast for me and an effortful motion devoid of freewheeling speed. It's leverage not swinging. To me a real swing has kind of a built in tempo not unlike watching a child on a playground swing. From the top coming down not much force is applied it's more about the clubhead finding the arc. If you stay steady in the start down and follow through freely with the clubhead there's more consistency and power. No flip. The power is given after the clubhead has found the arc and continues freely through to a nice finish. My feel on my best swings is that I don't do much at the top but I apply a full follow through. Ive always fought getting quick from the top.
  11. My set starts at five iron from four hybrid. Longer shots I use the hybrid. My max on five is maybe 180 carry. That's a downwind over the front bunker shot. I love hybrids. I don't carry fairway woods.
  12. I don't care for Elk even though his tempo is gorgeous. I don't care for his figjam attitude and all knowing persona trying to come off as a swing guru. i would refuse him if he ever offered me a drink. His persona bothers me.
  13. I looked sorry can't help. Try a my swing thread in member swings.