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  1. That's not a correct paraphrasing of what he said in my way. He said the players at the top today would equal the superstars. Not top thirty. He also said this: even more unfortunate to my mind than the impact of equipment advances on our finest courses is their contribution to the homogenizing of the players. Simply put, the more forgiving the tools, the tougher it becomes for the best to rise above the rest. Much as Seve Ballesteros and Nick Faldo, for example, stood out from the crowd in their peak years, I believe their talent and dedication would have separated them even more had all the players still competed with the equipment of my early professional years. Facts are facts. Less forgiving equipment took more skill. No one can argue that. he owned his swing and almost no one thinks that's even possible now and that's sad.
  2. @Vinsk Find a mod PGA guy who says the olden times players were not as good as they are now. Present evidence... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/how-would-modern-tour-pros-do-hitting-ben-hogans-old-clubs-we-had-them-try-and-it-wasnt-pretty I challenge anyone to present evidence that modern tour players think that they are better than their predecessors... This is a simple fact. The old times players had to strike with greater precision.
  3. @Vinsk You have not shown a shred of evidence to support your view as I did. Snedeker agrees with me and he shot 80 with vintage gear. Where is your evidence? I offered mine. Platitudes do not qualify as arguments.
  4. @Vinsk I am sorry you shank. I am and I offered a suggestion to help not sure if you tried it. I only ask that if you disagree with me please present supporting evidence. Snedeker agrees with @joro and I. You have yet to make a counter argument. I don't think you have one.
  5. Strong argument... @saevel25 No one is saying to go backwards. It's only that a retro event or two would be great for the tour. We don't need more crap tourneys no one watches imo.
  6. I like the idea and I believe the players would LOVE it.
  7. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/02/watch-pga-tour-pros-try-to-play-with-really-old-golf-clubs see? They like it! Snedeker... https://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/golf/pga/2007-07-12-oldclubs_N.htm
  8. us? The new stuff makes golf easier. My point is that tour players have some pride. They would want to win regardless. I'd bet many on tour couldn't break 76 with vintage gear because their ballstriking is not good enough to use it. Snedeker tried it and look what happened. They should have enough pride to actually want to do this. Let's see who can REALLY hit it. I've never been a long hitter relative to others even with old gear. I grew up on Kenneth Smith custom hand me downs. Now, I have suffered some health probs but a couple years ago with mod gear at sea level I could carry in the 270 range or so maxing out on range. On course less. On a good day when I played a lot I had the left side blocked out with driver and it was on a string. I haven't hit EVERY GIR but come within a couple before when playing often. Now I am in the 240 255 range average with mod gear. Older stuff will punish poor contact but still gets out there if hit correctly. Good golfers should try a few rounds before dismissing the idea as crap. There's a lot of different ballflight that no longer exists because of the gear and it takes variety out of the game. Us?
  9. @Pretzel Its not nostalgia; it's a desire to separate the wheat from the chaff. Old gear is not CRAP. Whats crap is 460 cc drivers and a ball that is hard to even curve. This enables everyone to swing out of their shoes with no consequence. Snooze.
  10. No. These guys are rich. Playing with some real gear on a classic track would be a great test. It would show which of them are true golfers and would turn into a pride thing. Any of the great ballstrikers from the vintage era would be top ten every week hitting the mod gear. It'd be like cheating for them. That's why past greats all agree the mod gear is not the true test.
  11. A more varied product would be profitable. The players would get into it IMO. Also, @phillyk there have always been longer players, and Nicklaus was much better with that club than anyone playing today. It took much more skill ballstriking wise with vintage gear because the ball actually curved back then. I think that 1-3 retro events would add something different that is sorely needed in golf. There's so many marketing angles possible on it.
  12. It absolutely was much more of a skill game before but now it's becoming a power sport. Bash driver flip wedge. Yawn.
  13. I'd like maybe 1-3 events on the tour per year changed into retro events where they play older clubheads and they all use the same ball, maybe something made to play as close to wound balata as possible.