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  1. Two possibilities: bomb a drive? It is “YOU WANNA PLAY ROUGH? OK!” slice into hazard? Not quite a yell but ”I never liked that guy. I never trust him” Pacino
  2. My take as a person who was instructed in an old fashioned way for a time is that BC is outside looking in and reverse engineering something he doesn’t understand. I think taking that advice is a bad idea. It may or may not happen in a good swing but it isn’t a cause or a good thing to focus on because it is not a fundamental.
  3. @Vinsk 1965 and 1997 Masters tourneys were played at the same length according to Augusta’s website. Tiger bested Jacks score by one stroke. In 65 Player and Palmer finished at 8 under. In 97 Kite managed -6 and I think Tolles was third and at age 48 Tom Watson finished next. Looking over the whole board more guys in 97 shot around par than in 65. So in comparing these 2 events which field was stronger? The field that produced a -8 second place or the one that had -6?
  4. Phil should have admitted that his glutes were activating too much causing him to run over and stop the putt. Then we could lay this thread to rest.
  5. Excercise is great. Balanced healthy meals are great. Starch is great. Fad diets? Not great. There’s a lot of money driving the diet industry not unlike big tobacco. The best advice is eat balanced meals of real foods and excercise. If I had to choose between eating all plant or all animal I would go plant. I would lower my risk of disease if I did that. The bottom line is that it’s much easier to eat calories than burn them. I would not go on any extreme diet unless advised by a doctor, especially one advising people try to put themselves into ketosis which is i
  6. The WEE ICE MON 9 big and 64 deep scoreboard
  7. Phil’s a legend. He was out of it and probably pissed off about the poor setup of the course. USGA screwed with him so lex talionis! If finding out sports figures might not be perfect people bothers you then toughen up. Phil has provided great entertainment to millions for many years. Basically this thread comes down to this: if you like a golfer who takes advantage of the rules then they are labeled smart, if you don’t then they are cheating liars.
  8. The only problem happens when the setup issues create a tournament in which luck factors as much as skill in the results.
  9. I’ve found that often if people in a crowd are loud and funny it’s great fun. It’s fun to join in. But since all of us here are clearly morally superior to all other spectators at sporting events where do we draw the line? Ive seen it where people get into altercations and they get thrown out. Usually though if an individual spectator is cursing near children or crossing moral boundaries stage one is other fans coming down on them. That works. Even if you are not the one to yell quiet down jerk or whatever you can still clap when that gets done. That’s what I have seen. If you want
  10. No. I do know though that there’s no secret or angle or number that can do anything in golf. The swinging action must be learned through feel as EJ said. Search Ron Sisson for a guy that gets it but don’t take his or anyone’s words written or otherwise as gospel regarding a matter that must be learned for ones own self by feel in order to realize anything of use, Golf swing is not a math problem. Good luck, friend, the road can be long.
  11. When I was young and stupid I would have never thought of ditching long irons. I think whatever you can use to hit a higher shot for a given distance is better in most cases. Now that I am over a certain age I find I debate about a five iron for my modern sets. I don’t use a hybrid for that club but in all honesty I should.
  12. Manuel said it’s your job to swing the club and the clubs job to hit the ball. Lotta wisdom there. Ams grip pressure tightens through impact more than pros. Abandoning the body means using your mind the way it was designed. Search internal vs external focus for modern info. All good science.
  13. I think golf is evolving. Ryder Cup is exciting. Fans are getting more vocal and why not? Ever been to a baseball game? It would be hard for me to try to define a line between good fun and throwing a fan out. How would it be done. The host club is in charge of that. Going to an event should be fun for spectators. If an athlete is thrown off by the crowd (as long as it’s not during address or swing) he doesn’t deserve the money. Part of being a professional is ability to focus amid distraction. Fan involvement is fun. It’s up to fellow fans to act to shut up a belligerent drunken
  14. The field is deeper now because of equipment. Speed is prioritized over accuracy because the margin of error is larger now and small misses are barely penalized. Thus, more golfers are able to perform at a high level ball striking wise. This is proven fact. Empirical evidence is available just do a search. Snedeker couldn’t break 80 with vintage gear much less drive like Jack. More parity in the game does not equal stronger fields. It speaks to the equipment more than anything and the USGA knows it. Corey Pavin was very skillful but with modern equipment he cannot compete due to h
  15. The fans fit the modern game well.BOMB and GOUGE ::snoozefest:: The shout I am gonna do is gonna be a coordinated effort in unison WHOOMP there it is! You guys are a bunch of snivelers. Golf lost its soul a long time ago.
  16. The best instruction is the kind a five year old could ‘get’. People are far too concerned with body positions before they understand basic fundamental operation of the tool which is swinging.
  17. Willett win circumstance shows what kind of real heart these modern guys lack. People with perspective in life understand that. Its tougher to beat five guys with heart than a hundred of spoiled sissies.
  18. Ultimately great golf is about power and precision ballstriking wise. The course is supposed to make lower scoring by hitting fairways off the tee farther the better, but rough should be more penal. Jmo. Just blasting it out there and recovering too much is not proper imo.
  19. I’ve been quote fitted for irons at a nice place with Trackman outdoors with good pro and lie board. I dunno lie board is very hard to hit bad shots from. Not sure if that’s even a great way... That said, nothing special happened. I am average build. I like gi irons and lighter shafts. I am a tweener and can use a variety of shafts but I prefer more flexible ones for what I do. I could go a degree or two upright, but don’t want to encourage steepness or hit left of my aim. It was cool to see my numbers and watch ballflight, but basically I like pretty stock irons, Driver, they
  20. One iron To the course of municipal came a swinger one fine day. Hardly spoke to folks around him , didn’t have Too much to say. No one dared to ask him for a round, no one Would be a nag The swinger there among them had a one iron In his bag One iron in his bag It was early in the morning when he came Onto the range He said these folks a swingin they are Lookin mighty strange “He’s an Ernest Jones disciple” it was Whispered he had lag And he’s here to do some business with a One iron in hi
  21. I voted water. It’s what I am used to and forces my attention. One quirk I do that’s helped me a lot is not looking up after address. Sounds crazy but after I address don’t look up on full shots anymore, just swing and try to hit it over my spot.
  22. Personally, I think if you regularly hit and hold greens at that range with 4 iron you are good to go. ive copped out and my longest iron is a modern five. I find I get an easier higher shot at say 175-200 with hybrids vs long irons. I only play four to two irons when I use a retro set, but the lofts are different also.
  23. Wies younger Swing was very special. She did a few things under led man that were very unconventional. It’s not that I have a problem with being unconventional at all, but if it’s being directed by him....I think it’s very suspect. His a swing manipulated move never really caught on did it?
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