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  1. I voted number three. However my thinking is always use Driver whenever I can. If I personally am going to play for safety control off the tee it will be five iron or hybrid. I get what Malaska is saying but if you get a lot of penalties hitting driver you need to work on your swing imo. @GST1974 Ive never seen someone who is a good striker that might shoot over a hundred.
  2. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/news/a31520/a-new-version-of-the-old-ac-cobra-is-coming-next-year-with-a-550-hp-v8/
  3. There's one par three I play once in a blue moon that's elevated tee and plays about 165 from the whites and 200 from the tips. Theres no miss right or left-right will go down the canyon gone into bushes left goes into bushes on the canyon wall. The green is two tiered and narrow and deep. Long will roll fifty plus yards down and short is into a very deep bunker. Borderline gimmick to me. If the green were large that would be one thing but it's just a small target with no miss...
  4. I think Brandeis identity as a controversial commentator on the swing is entertaining. I'd never buy his book but I like watching him stir things up with Nobilo or Begay or Duval. That said, I have no idea why he would associate himself with the likes of JM. That's a real mistake imo. Plus how ridiculous is it that JM is not blocked by all real pros? I could beat that guy silly on course. Brandels best when he's Brandel against convention as Lone Ranger. Brandel against convention backed up by JM? That is not good. If Brandel starts citing micro moves then he's totally los
  5. I personally think the gear and distance didn't change much from Bobby Jones era to almost Tiger. Steel shafts were a vast change from hickory. Besides that? I think the gear the classic guys used was a bit of a built in governor on maxed out swings. Big misses on maxed out very slight misses meant more self control was in order. The higher spinning ball combined with lower COR and cc's forced the style. Skill in ballstriking accuracy was more important than power. Even drives were usually placed down one side of the fairway or another based on pin placement. Strategy was paramoun
  6. Or we could have rules and all take turns like in a non third world country
  7. Omg @iacas not you! This is a great shared space look in reality
  8. This looks great! Very efficient! The best part is that you slow down so it takes you three times as long to go places! Brilliant!
  9. LW and SW were way longer on the chart. 7 and 8 were off too short on the chart. all in all pretty close
  10. Hey @jsgolfer The signs tell people how fast they can go it's called a speed limit. Also determined by engineers. To me I think this is a joke. What geniuses dream this up? Maybe have a shared space in BFE USA pop 230. Outside that it's funny to me.
  11. Maybe this is a bit analytical for some but a feel is a sensation, a perception of what's happening. Its very different from an action or intent. Action produces the feel. I think this also explains the player who is lights out one day and shoots 95 the next. They say I didn't have my feel. well that's another way of saying that you don't know what you're doing
  12. You can make your swing and change focal points internally and it will feel like you are making a different swing. Feel is not real because of angular momentum. That's everyone's 1/2 bs feel where the club is at the top far beyond a mere half swing. Also the fact of torso rotation in golf screws up our proprioception as well as our understanding of the movement. To me ultimately what matters when playing golf not swing is does your feel/intent correlate to where the ball ends up. One thing I love about Ernest Jones concept is that you can't really overdo it. People
  13. I think it's funny. Looks like a joke. Its like saying what if everyone had guns and there were no laws against killing people. People would be very respectful to one another and much more cautious.
  14. http://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/watch-murray-tells-joke-nearly-holes-out/ Bill Murray stiffs it.
  15. sorry first link had names and handicaps on you tube but not embedded https://www.golfdigest.com/story/throwback-thursday-40-years-ag
  16. I like this visual face on view of the kinda rocking hip look showing the tilt from face on. This view simplifies the tilts in my brain.
  17. @Yff Theos Sheesh. If that address is crucial then why does Rock avoid all that nonsense? If it's a better way how come no greats did it? Just saying well you need a 3 angle at address with flexed knees to be on hands plane is just terminology not functionality. Macs deal is the whole ice skater concept. The silly thing is he's ignoring the importance of the radius hence my comment about angular momentum which you apparently do not understand. Again, if you are right why didn't Mac teach Robert to address the ball like that? If it's so great how come noe one else whose good do
  18. This address is not making things easy either in surfing terms this is a stink bug stance.
  19. @Yff Theos Lets just say compared to an average of the majority of great golfers of the last 100 or more years. Some nice info here There's no 'perfect' address but there's commonalities of great players. Macs address there and in many of his publicly available swings is an outlier not the norm. Imo he's creating a requirement of a series of compensations. Its all conceptual but imo creating space makes things easier. He's got too many angles going for most players. I think maybe that's a personal quirk of Mac a quirky address position. Not saying I think it's w
  20. Also as to the swing posted Mac draw... Too much knee flex at address hands too low at address shaft points at his groin? Too close to ball. Tush sticking out too much. Raises handle at impact and humps a little to create space since address position was poor. Most guys would cross line at top and collapse right arm structure trying to emulate that. He's trapping himself without space. Also the elbows...Left elbow too far below right too soon coming down. He does have a nice neutral spine through and past impact and I like that. Starting from that address though?
  21. @Yff Theos The argument I am making is that there is no 'best way' Theres ways that match individual tendencies/swings better or worse but really that's about it. Over the years many many golfers fell in love with Hogan/Snead. Mac obviously did. Not one duplicated their swings or results. A good golf swing can have many different geometrical relationships at various points. These variations in kinematics do not correlate to ability in a 1-1 ratio though. So my argument is that your perspective is flawed.
  22. Nicklaus? Norman? Nicklaus won a long drive with the old gear at 341. Chad Campbell averaged around 290. With old gear 243. Snedeker couldn't break 80 with old gear. 50-60 yards distance disparity between new and old. Seems to me the new guys were the ones mishitting old gear. Davis Love hit over 400 with new gear. He's another who wasn't hitting low spinners with persimmon. Tiger also. I do agree though about Tiger maybe winning more if the new equipment had not come out. At that time he had more skill and the gear leveled the playing field somewhat. Maybe thi
  23. The bottom line is very simple. If you are developing your swing or a students is it made better by more or less feedback? I recommend anyone developing to use the highest spin balls they can find because it gives more feedback. Higher spinning ball is more feedback. Tour players today would hit straighter with a ball just like a Pinnacle. Rocks were available back in the day. No spin isn't what pros want in a ball. They don't choose no spin because of many reasons. Often players now aim at rough because it's often not what anyone would call rough. I think it's obvious that I
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