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  1. @iacas

    A lot of folks here are very shut at the top. 

    As far as the semantics point,  you have to admit clubface control is a difficult thing to describe.

    However I would posit that things are happening so fast at the bottom that we almost truly get a sense of them from memory more than we actual CONTROL the exact alignment at impact.

    I know when my six iron will be a little right without looking up. That's experience. Memory and learning.

    In fact no golfer truly has control.  Pros do well but they do not have control.

  2. In a good swing you don't CONTROL the face.  Face angle consistency at impact is exactly that.  It stems from consistency of all aspects and swingpath really affects this.

    Anyone selling the idea that you CONTROL the face to me is being semantically inaccurate.

    In a good swing the face absolutely does rotate relative to its starting position.  Physics dictates that it will tend to open in the change of direction a bit given minimal torque on the shaft.

    Really,  I have a bit of a problem with looking at the number of folks following 5sk who are absurdly shut at the top.

    This is not a fundamental.

    Again I like most of 5sk but shut at the top is weird and then adding inside path is a strong recipe for a hook miss or rattlesnake in ones pocket.

    fwiw I am not saying I advocate 'releasing' the club at some point during the ds.  To me that's throwing the head.

    Its just that in coming downward there's nothing wrong with the face looking a bit open at hip high.  This goes against those like ggswingtips who advocate a somewhat shut position at last parallel.  IMO the toe needs to come through while the clubhead is being swung.  At impact and past there should still be an intent of clubhead acceleration combined with whatever sensation it takes to get the toe coming through.

    At this late point in the swing it's all feels that you have that you REMEMBER after making correct strikes not a sense of holding on going through.  It's not that I am saying there's an easy answer here.  Imo there's many ways to practice to learn this and it's all hitting balls at slow speed.

    its quite easy to get force on the clubhead itself but without correct impact it's all moot.  IMO the sequence of learning should be first build a neutral path and then work on finding what it means to combine neutral path and square face by low voltage or less than full power swings.



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