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  1. I am heading to Skidaway Island to camp this weekend. Is there a must play course? Is there a good avg course that don't cost $175+ to play? Thanks
  2. I was fitted 2 years ago with warp speed irons. Regular steel shafts. I hit my 7 iron about 120 and 9 iron about 100. I hit the TM M2 driver 220. With that being said, I have most mistakes with irons shots. My driver and wedges are good. Should I upgrade to a ping g400 or titleist 718 ap1 irons or something better. My handicap is 15-20.
  3. Thanks every one for the comments, my daughter is 15 years old 5'10" and 160ish lb so she wears large shirts, but most are cut in on the sides. so fitting is difficult. She tells me that most cloths are old people cloths ( lol teenagers !!! )
  4. I have a 15 year old girl and we are having a hard time finding apparel for her to use. Shoes, skirts, shirts, and golf bags that are for today's teenage style. She has to try them on, so limited stores in the south east (GA) we have a pgs super store, but they are limited and have to order most all things. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Thanks everyone. I've talking to a pga teacher that has the technology at our local country club. $200 for 4 lessons. The PGA Superstore has all kids working there so they are not much help. They gave me a couple of clubs to swing and told me the Adams blue senior was the best and I didn't even swing one of those. So I'm going to call around for fitting.
  6. I have a set of Adams blue senior shaft. The guy at the PGA store said due to my swing speed and new to the sport that these would be the best clubs. That was 3 years ago. My swing is now around 78 to 81 with irons. Would upgrading to maybe to a regular shaft M2 or RSI 2 irons be better. I feel that I have to either choke up on the irons or move the ball back in my stance to get good contact. I currently use regular shafts in my driver and 3 and 5 woods.
  7. THanks for the replies, I am actually heading to Gulf Shores, AL the first week of April hope to find a couples down there. Thanks again
  8. What are some of the best websites to book Golf Resorts, I live in the south east US and looking for a 4 day 3 night mini vacations. I can do travel trailers or stay in a room. Also what are some of the best courses around me. I live in North Georgia and like to travel less than 8 hours to stay.
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