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  1. I shot a 55 this morning at Green Valley Greens. It's an improvement for me so I can't complain. I thought I'd do better seeing I started out with par on the first 2 holes. My drives were great. I hit at least 6 out of 9 fairways. I just need to seriously work on my short game. I was able to use the flop shot fairly well after hours of trying to succeed in the "Flop Shot Challenge" lol. Either way I'm on the way to breaking 100 and I had a great time.
  2. Personally I think they should hold an LPGA tournament that is based on clothing. The more clothes they wear. The lower the handicap. The only thing mandatory is shoes. Golf shoes are required...
  3. Impressive after a Tough Mudder! I've done 2 Tough Mudder's and I couldn't imagine trying to play a round the next day. Hell, I'm still trying to break 100. I'm going to play a round in the morning. Maybe I can get it done...
  4. It was horrible. So much for breaking 100. I felt real good about it and then my shots went to shit... Shot 114... Callahan Golf links
  5. That is a really nice shot @iacas. I'm going to give it a go again soon.
  6. I picked up a Garrett Ace 350 for about $300 a few years ago. I've found some really cool stuff seeing I live in an area that had plenty of action during the Civil War.
  7. Ha ha! That was awesome!
  8. My first birdie occurred today! Second shot on a par 4. 170 yards! Landed and stopped about two foot from the hole!
  9. Good point. I thought about using one of the lifts at my place of employment for patent demonstration pictures. I will definitely rent a lift for that purpose instead after the points you made. I'll also contact my drafting teacher and do my drawings through him as well. We have been in contact recently and I'm sure he would not mind helping me out. Thanks a lot man.
  10. I have an uncle that is an attorney. I'm going to have him look my application over before I submit. I don't want to be arrogant, but as much as I may seem like a dumbass. I do have a pretty good head on my shoulders. I think.. oh shit...
  11. @wannabe I am looking to obtain a utility patent. My idea is a tool for scissor lifts, the aerial work platforms. I have a degree in Electrical Control Systems and have worked in an industrial manufacturing plant that is state of the art in robotics and automation for 8 years as of now. I've had years of experience with scissor lifts. There are no tools that I can find anywhere online that are designed to perform the required task, that has to be done daily on these lifts, in a safe manner. My idea is so simple that I can't believe it doesn't exist. I guess I'll find out when they do their patent search. I'm building a prototype this weekend. I also have access to lifts to take pictures showing the prototype in use. I spent all 4 years in high school drafting and I have access to AutoCad at work so the drawings will be top notch considering the simplicity of the design. I've read what feels like half of the US Patent office website and browsed numerous example patent applications. Bottom line is I feel really good about this. In this day, industry is really big on safety and it would be awesome to invent something that could be possible required by OSHA one day. Thanks for all the suggestions. Affirms to me that I'm on the right track. I appreciate it.
  12. I've got an idea I've been working on and I think I'm about ready to apply for a patent. I would rather not blow a bunch of money hiring a lawyer for something that may go no where like a lot of things like this do. I've been doing research on the patent process and I feel I can do it on my own. If anyone has been through this process and could give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, I can see that. I've only played 9 as a single but I was also on a cart. It was kinda disappointing because it only lasted about 45 minutes max and I felt like I didn't have time to enjoy it...
  14. I haven't played enough to know for sure. I do know that I usually blade my 60 degree wedge to around 200 yards... LOL