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  1. Hi, the authorization code is valid for only one computer - and if you want to move the authorization to another computer, you need to contact Trugolf to do this. Because of this, have heard that we're offering 2 codes per device so you can install on one more computer.
  2. hi slowcelica. can you go to the "other" tab, then click on "e6 info"? then click update. it should show the download in progress - it's going to be slow - believe its updating courses - either the one intial course or if you've been verified - 5 courses - it's at least over a gig. just wait for it to complete. when it's done, you may or may not have to restart e6, cant remember. either way, go back to "e6 info" and click "update" again. I think it should then apply the update (will also take a while). Basically, keep clicking update until it says "your software is up to date". so try this and let me know if it helps.
  3. Yes, I understand why people would be confused. Thanks Ernest.
  4. Hi, the 5 courses are free. There are no fees, unless you'd eventually like to subscribe to E6 and get other courses. For the tittle x setup, there's no USB dongle required. here's the link to the setup manual https://e6golf.com/downloads/Tittle_X_Manual_En_070302.pdf