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  1. I lost a bet, help me pay it off

    thanks all for the suggestions. Finished the last 18 today. I got him to within 2 with 6 to go but ran out of steam. I will post pics.
  2. Hey fellas, me and a buddy at my club are always doing fun bets with each other. The previous one we did was a 3 round match where the winner got to chose the custom personalization on a 4 case order of pro Vs for the loser and the loser had to play through all 48 balls in our Saturday morning group. The most recent one is the one I need help on. The bet was a 54 hole match. Loser has to caddy for the winner on masters Saturday (April 8th) in full masters caddy coveralls complete with the name of the winner embroidered on his back. He also has to be in full caddy "character" throughout the round. So it's looking like I'm gonna lose the match (down 5 w 18 to go). I have the coveralls on order already. Whst im looking for help with is coming up with more "caddy mannerisms " to make the payoff more fun. The more creative the better. For instance, I will show up early and get his clubs from the trunk, toss balls to him on the range as he's hitting driver, scoop balls out of the practice green as he is practice putting. I have a buddy who will walk with us and hold one of those walking scoreboards with his running score on it. I'm gonna secretly have his wife run out after the 18th green putt out and give him a kiss. 1/2 Peanut butter sandwich on the 10th hole tee box. Im looking for more creative ideas like this. Any help is appreciated!