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  1. Just 1 of many...Always nice to dream big lol
  2. Worked on stance with different clubs. Trying to feel more automatic snd comfortable at address. Some practice swings, again looking for the feeling of the hip turn/pull and side crunch
  3. Went through the motions again of feeling a low shoulder, shoulder position at impact and hip turn on the downswing. I feel like it’s coming along and I might finally be building some muscle memory. Also worked on some putts inside 5 feet. Trying to make 3 in a row from different positions until I could complete without a miss.
  4. Hit some balls today inside. Didn't have a ton of time so I just hit some half speed drivers. Trying to get the same connected feeling as I'm starting to feel with my irons.
  5. Rotations practice. Helping with flexibility. Weight forward, hips turning through contact. Specifically tailoring this to my driver currently to help with my EE
  6. Practiced getting into my address position in the mirror. Some slow practice swings in the yard.
  7. Today I had a lesson. It was based around the driver. I've had alot if issues making consistent contact. Some of the things we worked on didn't seem to help. We discussed and came up with a short term game plan. I have some bad EE with my driver, so I worked on keeping posture on rotation, similar to what I have been working on with my irons.
  8. Not sure if ill get disqualified, forgot to post the day of. Yesterday: I went to the indoor range to hit balls. Main focus was rotation; pulling it back into impact to help me turn better. I also tinkered with my address stance a little. I ended up bending my knees a touch more with a little more bend in the hips, while still feeling balance and not too far forward. Once I did this, my striking improved greatly.
  9. Mirror work on posture and takeaway/A2 position. I have a tendency to start with my arms, which pulls my arns awsy from my body.
  10. At 12-2 went to the range. Was in a hurry, so it wasn't the most effective session. I've been having big issues with the driver (hitting down and on the heel, disconnected swing, lots of EE) I was working on slow deliberate swings, butt back, swing out, release hands. I'm on my way to play 18 now.
  11. Rotation drills this morning to help with early extension. Butt against chair and keeping shoulder low. Hopefully hitting up the range after work.
  12. That's cool, I really enjoy Stonewolf and most of the Walters courses. I didn't mention that I am not completely new to the area. I moved from Edwardsville to the city a few months back, so I am familiar with most of the metro east courses. It was convenient before to have Fox Creek, Spencer T, Belk, Oak Brook, etc. right in the backyard. I know its not much farther now, but I've had a mental block of driving back east during the week to play. The handful of relatively close courses over here (Highlands, Forest Park, Tapa) are always slammed. It's nice to be able to go out and have a leisurely solo round every once and a while. I like Gateway, but for the price, it makes a private club that more appealing if one plans to play frequently. Although some of the season passes courses have are also tempting, good winter investigation tasks. I'll keep you in mind this upcoming season, as long as you don't mind playing with a young guy trying to figure out this wacky game!
  13. @WUTigerWhich course are you a member at? I am going to go on some visits when spring hits. I've only played at one local club (one of my buddies is a member), so i don't have much insight other than research and going to see them first hand.
  14. One thing i just noticed that I am doing, that seems incorrect, is that I am using my arms to much to start my back-swing. My hands go too far out, which looks like it causes my right elbow to bend early. My shaft angle is very flat, and pointing outside of the ball. Very steep coming down. Posture doesn't looks great in the above video either. All sound about right? Anything to add? I am going to try start a deeper, more connected(i guess that would be the correct term) takeaway, and try to be more vertical to create a better shaft position. The downswing is my nemesis and I am still struggling with that overall i think. Seems like i have a decent push forward, but then the rotation kind of stops and i come in steep. I believe this is why i still am standing up, trying to save myself from hitting it fat.
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