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  1. How long is your golf commute?

    That's cool, I really enjoy Stonewolf and most of the Walters courses. I didn't mention that I am not completely new to the area. I moved from Edwardsville to the city a few months back, so I am familiar with most of the metro east courses. It was convenient before to have Fox Creek, Spencer T, Belk, Oak Brook, etc. right in the backyard. I know its not much farther now, but I've had a mental block of driving back east during the week to play. The handful of relatively close courses over here (Highlands, Forest Park, Tapa) are always slammed. It's nice to be able to go out and have a leisurely solo round every once and a while. I like Gateway, but for the price, it makes a private club that more appealing if one plans to play frequently. Although some of the season passes courses have are also tempting, good winter investigation tasks. I'll keep you in mind this upcoming season, as long as you don't mind playing with a young guy trying to figure out this wacky game!
  2. How long is your golf commute?

    @WUTigerWhich course are you a member at? I am going to go on some visits when spring hits. I've only played at one local club (one of my buddies is a member), so i don't have much insight other than research and going to see them first hand.
  3. My Swing (byrne092)

    One thing i just noticed that I am doing, that seems incorrect, is that I am using my arms to much to start my back-swing. My hands go too far out, which looks like it causes my right elbow to bend early. My shaft angle is very flat, and pointing outside of the ball. Very steep coming down. Posture doesn't looks great in the above video either. All sound about right? Anything to add? I am going to try start a deeper, more connected(i guess that would be the correct term) takeaway, and try to be more vertical to create a better shaft position. The downswing is my nemesis and I am still struggling with that overall i think. Seems like i have a decent push forward, but then the rotation kind of stops and i come in steep. I believe this is why i still am standing up, trying to save myself from hitting it fat.
  4. I played a round recently without the belt clip...never again! It wasn't bad, but much more cumbersome using the app to add shots. Quick tip, dont wait until you are on the tee box to try and pair your device to your phone (if you plan on using your phone; I use it as a rangefinder now in place of my garmin watch.) sometimes it can take a minute or so to get it synced up.
  5. When is it too cold to golf?

    Temperature doesn't seem to be as much of a factor as wind speed and if the sun is out. The big problem this time of year is I can't golf during the week because the sun goes down before 5!
  6. My Swing (byrne092)

    Swing from last night. Still working on rotating/clearing my hips properly to create room. With working on the rotation I am hoping this will improve my shoulder tilt, lower position at impact.
  7. My Swing (byrne092)

    I forgot to mention; obviously in the video above that is not my typical setup. I have been starting at the impact position, trying to ingrain that feeling. I think it has definitely been helping.
  8. My Swing (byrne092)

    Working on keeping my butt back and striking the ball first. Making progress, slowly, but surely. Figured out my biggest flaw on the course is keeping my tempo/adrenaline in check. I was getting way to fast and overswinging, causing numerous problems, that resulted in some bad golf. Been really focusing on staying smooth the past few rounds and I have played much better! vimeo.com/240202313
  9. @klineka Thank for the info and words of confidence! I am definitely liking the belt clip, no issues with tagging and accuracy so far (only 18 holes in). I will be interested to see the data once i get an inventory of rounds under my belt. @missouri swede I actually experienced this yesterday. I was playing a couple balls on a hole and it accounted for the extra shots. Easy enough to go back and edit out and make sure the hole is correct, which is nice.
  10. Picked up the GG Live this week. Played 9 with it last night and was very happy with it. For me, it was about getting fairly accurate distances and shot direction. I am a high HC so I feel like getting this feedback could help me improve overall. The tapping wasn't a big deal, just have to be mindful if you are rushing around. I did run back to where i hit a few times after forgetting to tag a shot. @ssbn611 I didn't even notice the tags or the belt clip, everything is very lightweight. One question i did have for the more seasoned users was how are punch shots and greenside bump and runs figured in? If i use a 6-7 iron around the green, does this skew overall stats? I am not worried about it, but just curious.
  11. can't take it to the course

    I know this is an old thread, but I just had to comment on it in regards to creating a pre-shot routine. Recently I have been having great success on the range; hitting the ball clean, nice flight path, just feeling really good. I played on Wednesday and it was like i had never touched a club. Bad shot after bad shot, with a few decent ones mixed in. Obviously frustrated I started looking for info that could help. I have heard of trying to simulate a round on the range, and somewhat dabbled with this is the past. I also have heard of having a pre-shot routine, but never gave it much thought. Well i played 9 holes last night and included a pre-shot routine...night and day difference! I kept it simple (i think); stood behind the ball, 2 slow deliberate practice swings, lined up my target and picked a spot 5 feet in front of the ball. Stepped up to my ball, confirmed my target line, and swung. My contact was immensely better. I think the pre-shot swing thoughts helped clear my head for when i finally stepped up to make my shot. Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and I am on to better course play! For anyone struggling with range to course and doesn't have a pre-shot routine, i would definitely recommend giving it a try.
  12. My Swing (byrne092)

    Also going to throw this out there. From looking at the slide thread, it looks like i am not getting my left hip for enough forward and turning my hips enough. Probably apparent in the video, but ithought the visual might help too.
  13. My Swing (byrne092)

    Was going to start a thread about this, but decided to just update my swing. This was tonight during a long practice session. I've been struggling big time with hitting down/ball first. As hard as I practice and try, I can't seem to get close to this position, even when trying to exaggerate it. I have some things I've been working on, but wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Also, does this type of change usually take a long time?
  14. Best Shot of the Week

    Haven't chipped in a shot for as long as i can remember, but i did this past Sunday. I am not even sure if it is considered a "chip" in, but i have been working on some bump and runs with a 6 iron from the fringe lately. I was about 20-25 ft. out, bumped it on and watched it track down and in for par! Might not be super impressive, but i was stoked!
  15. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Broke 90 again this week! 89, but i'll take it!

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