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  1. sounds good....just wanted to make sure i wasnt practicing bad habits! if it wasnt for this, im not sure i would ever have my hands in front of club head lol
  2. so after all these changes i lost about 20 strokes and got pretty down.....then let my friends talk me into "not turning so much" and "dont let ur left knee bend like that." that obviously didnt do me any good.....but im back now and committing to S&T. i know alot of my previous posts were relating to the driver but im not even worried about it anymore. i just want to get some fundamentals down with irons and method....hopefully the driver will mostly fall into place after that long road lol. so ive done lots of wall drills and got my center turn back to where it should be (most of the time). im not sure what should be priority out of the following ideas (if not something else) but these are what im working on. i obviously still have a ton of baseball in me and/or i just can figure out: weight forward and shaft lean (instead of massive casting!). as of last week i started to focus on either 1 of 2 ideas that seem to help alot with both.....however im not sure if it is a good or bad habit. a) not hitting the ball until my trail hip passes it (this forces me to have more hip action, more forward weight at impact, and at least have my hands slightly ahead of club head) b) keeping my trail hip and elbow "connected" all the way until impact ive only been doing this for a few days and i got about 12 strokes back from my previous 6-7 games.....with not nearly as many fat shots. they are still there but i think they are mostly when i swing without focusing on the above and basically use my normal turning on top of the ball and casting swing. any thoughts? and as always, thanks for any help
  3. @Joeyvee it definitely is too long and im working on shortening it for all clubs, not just the driver. and yes i probably do squeeze the club too tight....and probably too tense. im not good at this game and i let my brain get to me and think about stuff too much lol. i did also throw my club one day but that was when i had the palmy grip and dont think i was wearing a glove so im kinda scared now of that happening again! but i will try to relax a little....i know i need to
  4. quick question here......i still have ALOT to learn but im primarily working on getting weight forward, forward shaft lean, and what the hips are doing during all of this. i still have tons of baseball (casting and not moving forward) in me and these things are plaguing me. so i think this is wrong but i found a way to kinda do all this for me with 1 or 2 thoughts in mind. so down to the question......is it ok for me to be making impact as my trail hip passes the ball? or the fact that im making sure my trail hip/elbow stay basically "connected" from backswing up until impact? it may not be ideal, i dunno, but these 2 things seem to force me to be way more forward and keep my hands at least slightly ahead of the clubhead. i shot about 12 strokes better than my last 6 games and didnt have near as many fat shots TL:DR: Is it bad to have your trail hip perpendicular to the ball/target line at impact
  5. i have a problem with this myself, and it can get pretty bad during a round if i let it. i still suck and i think about the shots too much and look up at my target and back down and wiggle, yada yada. one thing that i found to help me recently is to have a "key" to start my swing. something simple to let you know its time to swing and stop screwing around. for me...i address with no shaft lean like i always have, but when its time to go....i give it a little forward lean and then start the backswing. obviously u can pick your own "key to start" but this has been helping me
  6. Ill try to get one next time im out....i did down line that time cuz ive never checked my target line and i thought that was gonna b my issue.....to me it looks like im pretty close to on line all the way down.......i really thought i was coming across the ball too much and causing the fade there
  7. The fade/slicey crap is only with 3 wood and driver
  8. Heya fellas, sorry i disappeared for a bit but i havent got to play much and am frustrated with all the changes lol. Im back to hitting around 120 instead of 105ish.....mostly due to fat irons, bad pitches and bad driving. I did finally get rid of my nasty hook with driver. But now im back to great contact and a 50 yard slice. Here is a quick video....i know i prolly need to lower and make backswing a little shorter......am i still coming across the ball too much?
  9. It was ur 11 or 12 minute video of u in studio doing a few pitches and chips.....maybe it was just the camera angle
  10. @iacas also, i wanted to ask about ball location at address. you mention in this video to keep it toward the front of your stance. however in your other video, you have the ball all over the place....anywhere from even to your back foot, all the way up to even with front foot. so i guess the question is, where would the most normal place be and what result does placement have if everything else remains the same? further back = low trajectory and further foward = higher? does forward produce more backspin or just less rollout i would like to figure out how to use the least amount of rollout as possible so i can just aim at my target and let the ball stick so i dont have to worry about roll
  11. so i tried this for about 4 hours in my yard yesterday. im a high handicapper and still have alot to learn. Ive been using the leading edge with basically a shoulders/putt swing and actually have been decent with it. Just want to say here that forward motion in my swing is something in my year of golfing that i have not grasped at all. I have tried several times to work on it with little drills and whatnot but it NEVER clicked and i just moved on to other things, knowing at some point i would have come back to it. So in the 4th hour of doing this i finally moved my weight correctly thru the ball and a light bulb went off. i immediately starting making much better contact with this method! I still need alot of work with it as inconsistency is definitely still there. Im not sure i have the bounce right....i may still be scooping just right under the ball instead of gliding....or at least some of the time.....cuz i still chunk grass sometimes. Either way, im definitely getting much higher flying shots and some so accurate it makes me all warm and fuzzy lol. Also on a side note....i was randomly walking thru my bedroom and stopped for 2 seconds to do an extensor/pivot drill.....man was i wowed when my body instinctively moved forward thru the motion! I cant wait to see if i actually carry this over to my full swings. So next time you wanna teach forward motion....just make them do these pitches for a few hours haha
  12. @Eklypised at the very top of the page, click on the "Info" tab, and then on "Instructional Content" in the drop down box. Scroll down some and check out the Videos on Key #1.....can also check out the threads on Centered Pivot, and How to make a Centered Hip Turn that are linked near the top of that thread these are definitely great places to start and very good fundamentals to get started with
  13. Any specific putter type that's good for the pendulum stroke? Mine is kinda meant to stand beside the ball and not over it I think. Just a box set strata putter.......maybe face Balance mallet? Here is mine
  14. So right hand needs to rotate slightly to the right?
  15. This is definitely the change that I like the least in the last year lol. But I'll keep at it. Shots are pretty inconsistent but I'm sure that's normal with a big change from what I was doing. Lost about 6 practice balls in the woods to slices....luckily the net caught most of them!
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