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  1. It was ur 11 or 12 minute video of u in studio doing a few pitches and chips.....maybe it was just the camera angle
  2. @iacas also, i wanted to ask about ball location at address. you mention in this video to keep it toward the front of your stance. however in your other video, you have the ball all over the place....anywhere from even to your back foot, all the way up to even with front foot. so i guess the question is, where would the most normal place be and what result does placement have if everything else remains the same? further back = low trajectory and further foward = higher? does forward produce more backspin or just less rollout i would like to figure out how to use the least amount of rollout as possible so i can just aim at my target and let the ball stick so i dont have to worry about roll
  3. so i tried this for about 4 hours in my yard yesterday. im a high handicapper and still have alot to learn. Ive been using the leading edge with basically a shoulders/putt swing and actually have been decent with it. Just want to say here that forward motion in my swing is something in my year of golfing that i have not grasped at all. I have tried several times to work on it with little drills and whatnot but it NEVER clicked and i just moved on to other things, knowing at some point i would have come back to it. So in the 4th hour of doing this i finally moved my weight correctly thru the ball and a light bulb went off. i immediately starting making much better contact with this method! I still need alot of work with it as inconsistency is definitely still there. Im not sure i have the bounce right....i may still be scooping just right under the ball instead of gliding....or at least some of the time.....cuz i still chunk grass sometimes. Either way, im definitely getting much higher flying shots and some so accurate it makes me all warm and fuzzy lol. Also on a side note....i was randomly walking thru my bedroom and stopped for 2 seconds to do an extensor/pivot drill.....man was i wowed when my body instinctively moved forward thru the motion! I cant wait to see if i actually carry this over to my full swings. So next time you wanna teach forward motion....just make them do these pitches for a few hours haha
  4. @Eklypised at the very top of the page, click on the "Info" tab, and then on "Instructional Content" in the drop down box. Scroll down some and check out the Videos on Key #1.....can also check out the threads on Centered Pivot, and How to make a Centered Hip Turn that are linked near the top of that thread these are definitely great places to start and very good fundamentals to get started with
  5. Any specific putter type that's good for the pendulum stroke? Mine is kinda meant to stand beside the ball and not over it I think. Just a box set strata putter.......maybe face Balance mallet? Here is mine
  6. So right hand needs to rotate slightly to the right?
  7. This is definitely the change that I like the least in the last year lol. But I'll keep at it. Shots are pretty inconsistent but I'm sure that's normal with a big change from what I was doing. Lost about 6 practice balls in the woods to slices....luckily the net caught most of them!
  8. Quick question I was curious about....should my hands and club be continuing half moon through and after impact? Or going towards the target?
  9. @boogielicious I definitely will if I don't get it here soon. Crossing my fingers I might have found a large problem right b4 bed last night. I was taking the heel pad of left hand on top of grip thing waayyy too literally. Making my hand large and bunched up on top of grip. Will try to lay it much flatter and stretched out today and hit a few balls.
  10. i totally agree, definitely not worth the pain.....just trying to find that right spot or one little thing im doing wrong to get this right. im sure if it works for most other people then im just doing something wrong. not that my hands are super special and dont work like everybody elses lol. is it ok or anything major with moving my right hand down a little? once i clear the first thumb joint it helps alot. thanks for the pics @Jack Watson. i cant test it in action but i think u helped with a problem i had with my left hand. i was starting the club closer to the knuckle of index instead of closer to finger tip knuckle. that helped me get the snuff box in place easier without twisting my wrist to get it there.
  11. @iacas currently the post that im trying to replicate.....im really missing something tho and coming from a way different grip. i know mikes post seems dummy proof but apparently......i found the dummy loop hole lol. i really think the thing getting me is placement of my right hand. how low or how high and only somewhat the rotation of it. the problem im having is applying too much pressure from the lifeline of my right hand into the top and middle joint of my left thumb. this is me trying to get my index pad (green dot as mike puts it) onto the side of the club. to have the dot on the bottom right (slightly weak?) gives me room for my left thumb. but putting it where he shows, kinda has my right hand on top of my thumb. i know im rambling at this point. i really wanna get this down if it can improve my game.....ill keep working on it and try what @Jack Watson showed
  12. Ignore the last post.....It still hurts either thumb or wrist or both.....and getting some serious fat shots
  13. Maybe I figured it out....there doesn't seem to be room for my pinky....makes my right hand too far down and that gets my palm on top of my thumb applying pressure. I didnt think about moving my hand up cuz it seems so unconventional to not have the club actually in my hand lol
  14. Ya my grip was definitely Palmy. I'm in the process of trying to change it to replicate Mike's grip post. I haven't had but about 20 mins to work on it this week. But I'm definitely doing it wrong.....I know his post is pretty dummy-proof but I'm missing something. Have loss of movement in my wrist and killing my left (middle)thumb joint. Lots of pressure from my palm (lifeline area) on the downswing which hurts and I think is pinching up a tendon in my wrist as I can't hardly load them up, it hurts. My hands look very similar to how he has it but there has to be 100 different tiny variations I've tried lol. Can't seem to get my thumb in a comfortable pocket without a ton of pressure. And where is your pinky? I have all 4 right hand fingers on the grip but is there not room for that? I'll post a pic up hopefully later today
  15. I figured u were gonna tell me to go with the "V" (which is the last one I mentioned....I think lol) Any chance my current grip is bad for the hands? I dunno if I practice too much or what but Google tells me I have "trigger finger" now....basically tendons are swollen and don't slide right thru the joints