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  1. You haven't played a round or two at the local 9 hole cow pasture or goat farm? I know I have.
  2. I got in a twilight 9 yesterday evening and shot a 42 (par 35) with a triple bogey 7 on a very short par 4.The putter really let me down today. I had 3 putts at birdie that were under 10 feet and only hit the edge on one of them I even 3-putted for bogey once. Stats......5 of 7 FW and 4 GIR, 4 pars, 4 bogies, and the disastrous triple, 17 putts
  3. 187 yard uphill shot onto the green with my new (to me) Hogan Speed slot laminated 5 wood with an old balata ball.
  4. Not exactly from a golf store, but from a local goodwill. Hogan PC 2-SW (the sw is a Hogan Radial) with 1, 3 & 5 speed slot laminated woods with matching numbers. All are sporting newer grips, and regular flex apex 3 shafts. The best find was an older TP Mills 12 putter. It's hard to believe that these clubs are nearly 30 years old! Grand total for the purchase was $30 after I rounded up for the veterans. The shafts have some duct tape residue that should be easy to clean off. This is a very sweet feeling putter!! I played today using these clubs on
  5. I went retro today. Played a balata ball and laminated Ben Hogan woods and old Hogan PC irons and an old TP Mills 12 putter. I bought all this equipment last weekend at a local goodwill for $30 People were giving me some weird looks on the tee when I pulled out that wooden driver . LOL 5737 yards par 71 67.9/113 Score 86......41/45......6/15 FW and 4 GIR. 32 putts including two 3 jacks. 1 triple bogey, 2 double bogeys, 9 bogeys, 5 pars and 1 birdie. First round ever with "classic" equipment, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I will be doing this again. First t
  6. To quote myself in this thread from 2010 and still no glove here. To say you can't get a proper grip without a glove in hot humid weather is ludicrous. We have some pretty hot and humid summers here in the mid-west and have never had a problem with gripping a club.
  7. My old home course has 3 sets of men's tees at 6196, 6839, and 7621 yards. I never played from the tips, but scored just about the same from the two sets of forward tees. My only rule is that anything over 7000 is just to long for me.
  8. I use a 1958 silver quarter. I got it in some change I received in a purchase I made. When I put it in my pocket it made a different sound than any quarter I've ever heard. I thought it was counterfeit until I did some research.
  9. #1 is a 520 yard par 4. Granted it is downhill, but damn man what a brutal way to start a round. If you miss the fairway then you are just laying up and trying to get up and down for par. Here's a hole by hole preview. http://www.olyclub.com/Default.aspx?p=DynamicModule&pageid;=342338&ssid;=243551&vnf;=1
  10. 6045 yards par 70 68.8/118 score: 83.......37/46 6/14 FW and 6 GIR. 31 putts including one 3 jack. 1 triple bogey, 2 double bogeys, 7 bogeys, 7 pars and 1 birdie. I hit the ball decent, especially on the front. A couple loose swings with the driver cost me big time on my back nine. You couldn't ask for a better day........75 and sunny in Cincinnati in March is very rare!! All in all a good day.
  11. 6010 yards par 71 69.5.8/115 score: 88.......45/43 6/15 FW and 4 GIR. 32 putts. 6 double bogeys, 6 bogeys, 5 pars and a birdie at the last. PURE CRAP!!!
  12. 6010 yards par 71 69.5.8/115 score: 89.......45/44 10/15 FW and 2 measly GIR. 34 putts including three 3 jacks. 5 double bogeys, 8 bogeys, 5 pars. The wind was howling 20-30 mph. Off the tee I was great, but I was hitting my irons like crap, hooking, pushing and fat. I had several 3/4 wedges into the greens that I flat out laid the sod over the ball. The wind effected my putting as well. It's just so hard to stay steady in the wind and with the ball oscillating it makes it even more difficult. Hopefully better things to come this weekend!
  13. 6010 yards par 71 69.5.8/115 score: 84.......40/44 5/15 FW and 6 GIR. 31 putts including one 3 jack. One quadruple bogey, 3 double bogeys, 5 bogeys, 7 pars and two birdies. I played a ton better than my score.The quad was the result of a wiffed tee shot on a par 3 into water coupled with a terrible 3 putt!
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