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  1. I definitely lost my balance on the first swing. The others I didn't feel so. So, by coming over the top, means I should bring the club back on a flatter plain?
  2. I was bored and just got my new 3 wood in, so I decided to throw together a quick video. If responses come that I need a better video, I will do so. Just looking for any critique I may need. I took a 1 minute video of 2 swings from down the line and caddie view. This was just in my back yard...so, again, if I need to take a better video at the range, I will do so. Thanks
  3. Great round! What is your best round to date?
  4. hey DesertEagle, if your interested in adopting a 28 year old with a job, I'm open for it! :D
  5. after doing some research on the clubs you bought, it says your 4 iron should be a 24*. So, you should be looking at something around a 21* to stay consistent with your set. Good luck in your search!
  6. check and see what loft your 4 iron is on that set and then pick out a nice hybrid that would compliment your set. You don't want to leave too big of a gap between your irons.
  7. I got this as a hand me down from my Dad. I like it a lot. Especially for free! Lots of storage space and the revolving head comes in handy!
  8. you can find them cheaper on craigslist or something. I"ve found quiet a few locally for $250. I've used the G5 quite a bit and definitely like it. Callaway now has the UPro. Instead of a generic picture, you actually see aerial pictures of the course. Haven't seen one in person, but definitely looks pretty cool.
  9. I use Mizno MP-T Wedges. 56* and 52*. One thing you need to take into consideration is what bounce/loft combo works for you. **just saw your response saying the same thing I suggested, lol.
  10. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm leaning towards the G10 3 wood. I'll see if someone local has one for sale. My swing speed was 89 last time I checked. I thought that was pretty low. But, it is what it is. I'm guessing regular flex will work then?
  11. I was trying the F50 the other day. I liked it. But it was a stiff shaft. When I return the club I'm gonna have them fit me for new irons, 3 wood and 5 wood.
  12. I've been using the Mizuno MP-001 3 wood with a stiff shaft flex for the last 3-4 years. I've been thinking of upgrading in this department since I have no business touching a driver. So, my question is, which 3 wood you suggest. I'm also thinking about going with a regular flex this time around. I've been thinking a Ping or Titleist. Just wanted to see some suggestions you guys may throw out. Thanks!
  13. last 2 rounds 103 103 2 different courses. Same shitty result!
  14. those look almost like them. Minus mentioning the Tommy Bolt Signature Series part. Thanks for the info!
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