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  1. Dennis JA

    Anyone used Thomas Golf hybrids?

    Hello Marv, things for me have changed. The surgery outcome would not really gain me a huge amount. I would have to say that suits me just fine. I am therefore working on my game from a different perspective. It would have been 2 long surgeries about a week apart. All of the golf work is done by my shoulders and arms, no weight shift etc. This is beginning to show results. Driver to 200 metres, 5 wood about 170 and so on. I have 2 Callaway hybrids and intend to buy a #5. While I am not a long hitter, I am forced to be a straight hitter. Overall I am enjoying the game. Thank you for your interest and help, Kind regards, Dennis
  2. Dennis JA

    Anyone used Thomas Golf hybrids?

    I do mean Callaway, another thanks to auto correct. regards
  3. Dennis JA

    Anyone used Thomas Golf hybrids?

    Good day Bucky, They are an American company, google Thomas Golf, the company offers good results and of course testimonials. Nothing like genuine feed back though. My interest is related to using the hybrids after upcoming back correction surgery. I am 68 and would like more years of golf. I do have some hybrids (Callahan RZR X #3 & #4) and like them. I believe that the hybrids may help me to continue to play. Thanks for your interest, regards Dennis
  4. Hello, Has anyone used Thomas hybrid golf clubs please? I am having a back repair (68 yrs) and am considering hybrids as a way of continuing to play golf if my movement becomes more restricted. Also how do reduce the line spacing on the tags and replies? Thanks and regards, Dennis
  5. Good day, I have been playing in a very average manner and not very often for almost forty years. Now I have retired I am wanting to improve my play, not a big ask when I score 20 over for 9 holes. I play left handed. Due to a bit of a back problem 65% of my weight is on my left leg. My question: has any member of Sand Trap successfully swapped left hand to right hand please? I have some 20 years or so of playing ahead of me I would like to think. My aim is to drop to an eighteen hole handicap 24 or so by December this year. Many thanks, Denns

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