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  1. High Launch High spin Driver

    I have been looking on youtube and apparently if you flip the club it can add loft and increase spin. I assume that and hitting out of the heel is my problem.
  2. High Launch High spin Driver

    The ball speed was about 150 on average. I have a 430 cc driver so it a bit more heel and generally center and below. I have no other data.
  3. High Launch High spin Driver

    With spray my impact seem to be 1 inch to the heel of the club
  4. High Launch High spin Driver

    If my launch angle is 19 degrees am I not hitting up on the ball to much?
  5. High Launch High spin Driver

    With 10 yards of role. At my swing speed I should be carrying at about 275 I am not going to post a swing video. I was just wondering if the machine is off or was it my swing.
  6. High Launch High spin Driver

    I am using a Callaway Warbird ball. The loft of the driver is 9.5 degrees with a stiff flex speeder 57. I dont think a shaft change will knock of 1500 spin. Its my first time on sim with driver.
  7. High Launch High spin Driver

    bad swing is high right push. am i hitting down on the ball from the launch angle given. it is only carrying about 250 with very little roll.
  8. I recently got my numbers from a simulator. driver tm r15 430cc Swing speed 110 mph Launch angle 19 degrees Spin 4000 Apex 166 ft The spin is very high. The system did not record angle of attack but i assume it was positive based on the very high launch. Any suggestion as to why the spin was so high
  9. Swing speed radar accuracy

    Tested the unit against a trugolf simulator. The blue meter was generally lower by 6 to 8 miles than the trugolf system when hitting a ball. There were instances when they were both the same but that was generally with slower swings (sub 95 mph). A 102 mph swing on the blue meter was measuring 109-110 on trugolf. I will have to test it against a trackman.
  10. Swing speed radar accuracy

    Thanks for the replies. I can get it tested next to a trugolf simulator but their accuracy is questionable at best. I suppose I will just have to wait it out until i can use a trackman.
  11. Swing speed radar accuracy

    The product instructions state they are 10 percent higher with a ball. I have read a lot of forums on the product and they are generally deemed to be faster speeds with a ball from most. I am just hoping someone who has a similar problem who tested their meter against a trackman can give some insight as I do not have access to one.
  12. Swing speed radar accuracy

    I was wondering if it is accurate to get these readings as they are meant to be 10 percent higher with a ball. My meter seem to be the opposite of this. I don't know if I am hitting the ball at 105 or 115 because of this. Even when I go all out with a ball it is still only 100-105 so hesitation is not the problem.
  13. I have the blue swing speed radar and it is fairly consistent. The only problem is on dry swings I can get speeds up to 117 mph but when I am hitting a ball the meter registers 100-105 mph. I have read on other forums that the meter usually reads 10 percent higher when hitting a ball in comparison to a dry swing. Its seem to be the other way round on my meter. I am just wondering if anyone has any input on this topic and what numbers are they getting if they have the meter for ball vs no ball swings.