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  1. And when you do that with no forearm rotation keeping the right elbow down, attempting to rotate and then just fold, you will get the club way across the line and have to perform some type of actio to get it where it needs to be. Given that you have a good grip....You can take away everything in one piece, start rotating the LEFT forearm around 8-9 o'clock (the club). Notice what the forearm rotation does? It folds the right elbow and sets the wrists. All in one motion. Puts you in a great position to hit it with the pivot .
  2. Jim Hardy's labeling of swings is somewhat flawed. He categorizes people by shoulder plane and not release. Release is what really matters. If you went solely by shoulder plane, you would be camping someone like David Toms with Phil Mickelson, which is absolutely laughable. Mickelson turns the toe towards the ground and releases down the line. David Toms rotates around beautifully and releases left. Two VERY different types of golf swings but Hardy would label both as 2-planers. Jim Furyk and Sergio Garcia have more in common than you think. Immaculate impact positions, very leveraged, and both unwind AROUND. Furyk has some crazy looping in the backswing, but from hip high to hip high, hes one of the best in the business. In regards to arm height, there are different ways to go about it. There are people that are more AROUND, and there are people that are more OUT-UP-Around. Freddie Couples = Out/Up/Around. Anthony Kim = Around. The people that are out/up/around have less left forearm rotation than guys like Anthony Kim. I think Kim and the "around' model is much better as the golf swing is rotational. That being said, Anthony Kim does not raise his arms so to speak. His left arm rotates, this causes his right arm to fold, which brings the club up. Not a lifting of the left and right arm, just a folding of the right arm at the elbow joint. His arms are still very much in front of his chest though. If he was to collapse his right arm, it would hit his right boob. Someone like Hardy leads you to have your left arm all the way across your chest, which puts your arms too far in back of your body. His fundamentals will work, but for using Hogan as his model, he is miles off.
  3. There is one correct answer for a "correct grip"....the left wrist cocks and the right wrist hinges. The ideal grip is neutral to strong left hand with a slightly weaker (than left hand) right hand. This puts the right hand more on top of the club and doesn't allow it to get under which can create a slew of problems, like sucking it inside early in the back swing. Of course, one can tweak it either way, but the grip should not be "palms facing each other". Tiger, Annika, Sergio, and countless others grip the club like this. From a face on view, you won't see any left thumb. Its hard to get used to, but it promotes the correct loading of the wrists. So in short, left wrist cocks UP, right wrist hinges BACK, and this is done in one motion, not 2 independant ones.
  4. First things first, the most important thing is grip, alignment, and posture. Those things happen before you ever take the club away. Its amazing with how much everything takes care of itself once you have these proper fundamentals. And if you don't have them, you will have to work MUCH harder to overcome those deficiencies. The the following pictures of your address position so the club should NOT be in motion. Down the Line, Face On, Rear View, and pictures of your grip. If you do that, I'll be able to give you some advice. FYI, I can't tell much from these pictures, but let me tell you something about the head. Everyone that told you to "keep your head down", that is good and bad advice. Do NOT keep your nose pointed down at the ball through the whole swing. If you do that you will NEVER turn your shoulders to their full potential, your arms will runoff in the back swing, and then you'll have a big gap that you have to cover on the way back down to get synced up again. Let your head rotate clockwise in the backswing. Rotate, not move a foot right.
  5. There are two different types of DTL views and they can change the perception of the shot. The "target line" view where you would line up the camera with the ball to target so this would be out front of you. Then there is the toe line, which is just parallel to the target line. As far as height, some people advocate 4 feet off the ground, I like it a little higher because if its too low, it skews MY perception of the height of the arms. Thats personal though.
  6. All I have to say is BFD....big f***ing deal. This is not even a story. Lynch is just a word. She didn't come out and throw a "real" racial slur, and who cares if shes from the deep South, that means nothing. It comes down to one word...lynch. Thats all. This shouldn't even be a hiccup in her career, but look at what its drawn. And if you actually watch the video, it was casual and she was just trying to talk, it's her job. She didn't make a "terrible mistake". She made a mistake, and its only one because of the sensitivity of all the critics who like to get their panties in a bunch just to get their panties in a bunch. I'd rather hear what Bill Cosby has to say on this issue than some idiot like Al Sharpton.
  7. Don't forget to check the position of your hands at address in relation to your ball position. If your playing the ball in the middle of your stance with a large forward press, you will come down steep and possibly hit ground, then ball. Keep your head behind the ball, turn your shoulders behind the ball getting your weight primarily onto your right foot. At the top, don't start turning your shoulders, feel a little lazy and make a bump with your left him towards the target. DON'T MOVE YOUR UPPER body, your weight should shift onto your left foot and then the downswing SHOULD happen effortlessly. Of course there are many other factors, just make sure your weight shift is happening correctly and your getting behind the ball. And remember, if your forward press at address (hands ahead of the ball) is too great, it will create a narrower arc and a steeper swing.
  8. If you hit the Nickent well, why not? I've seen several conversations on other golf forums where players are taking their fairway woods out of the bag and replacing them with lower lofted hybrids (like a 2 or 1 iron equivelant). That being said, maybe the Nike just doesn't fit you. It also depends on what situation you hit it in, are you hitting it off the fairway, out of the rough, or off the tee only? Different face depths/widths and sole profiles make huge differences in where certain fairway woods can be utilized. They AREN'T all the same, by any means. But back to basics, if your hitting the Nike 3 wood 230 one time and then then next 4 times you hitting the ground then ball and its flying 120, why not get the Nickent 2i hybrid. I'm not sure of the distance you can expect from it, but lets say it only goes 210, thats still better than your average with the Nike. Not to mention that hybrids are versatile in that they can be played well from the rough and for chipping around greens. Good luck!
  9. There was a lengthy article that involved an interview with Mickelson on Golf online earlier this year. It really made me think about the way Phil Mickelson plays and with the exception of the 72nd hole this week, he lived up to that this weekend. Face it, the guy has balls, you HAVE to give him credit for that. He's a risk taker, the modern day Tin Cup (which is funny because he was in the movie for a brief moment during the best ball tourney). He sees a gap in some trees when hes in a fairway bunker, and nails it right through. He doesn't see the trouble thats surrounding, he only sees the space in the middle of those trees, visualizing how he's going to hit it right though to save par or do better. Everyone is always bringing up, "are you a Tiger or Phil guy?" My answer is, I'm a golf guy, I like em' both, a lot, as well as a lot of other players. I love watching Phil when he's in contention, it inspires me to make it over the tree tops at special moments when i'm out on the course, even if I am playing like crap. Like the article said, many think that the risks he takes are stupid and he would be better off not taking them, but I love the guy for it.
  10. Naruto, I didn't start this thread but you are so right. I hang on to every word Tiger says and I'm in love with him.....
  11. Gimmicky...maybe. But I would like to see Rory Sabatini fall off the walkway and get dragged under by a gator while heading to the 17th green. Okay, maybe thats a little excessive.....I just can't stand the guy, at all!
  12. I can't answer as to why your having the issues without seeing your swing but here is what I do. My feet should be closer together when hitting a full pitching wedge, about 1 feet apart. The ball should be positioned in the middle to promote a descending blow, changes should be made to deal with wind conditions. Make sure you are setting up with your head behind the ball (I should be able to draw a line vertically through my left ear down through the ball if I was looking at a picture of myself from face one). I made sure I'm loading my weight on my right side in the backswing (Not swaying my hips though!) and then initiate the downswing with a slight bump towards the target which starts the ROTATION of the hips (a slight bump is not a huge lateral movement) and shifts my weight to my left side. When I made this changes recently I didn't FEEL powerful at first, but boy am I much more powerful and under control. I hit solid golf shots and take proper divots when I swing like this. I was trying to do the Jim Hardy model of the one plane swing, studying it endlessly. My body just works better with my being a hybrid swinger and my results are better when I swing like this. I finally understand what golfers are talking about when saying the swing starts from the ground up. If I transfer my weight from one side to the other correctly, I can easily maintain my wrist angle and lag on the downswing without forcing anything and hit very solid golf shots. No issues with early releases. Another note, remember, address and impact are NOT identical positions. If your hitting a lot of shots off of the toe of your club with your wedges, set up with the ball more around the inside of the face (closer to the hosel). This is perfectly normal. In fact, Vijay's setup looks like he's about to hit a huge hosel rocket right off the club.....but do you see him doing that? Just focus on your weight transfer! Pay attention to how heavy each foot feels, it may feel like your weight is on your right, and it may look like it, but you could be really hammering your left foot down in the backswing. Its impossible to get consistent, positive results with a reverse weight shift/pivot.
  13. I have been playing a set of Titleist 695cbs that are shortened a 1/2 inch because I have pretty long arms. I was just wondering, how does this affect the swing weight since they were originally D2?
  14. I have the MP67's and Titleist 695cb's. Since you play MP-60's, I'm sure you can hit the 67's. Its not like going from a huge game improvement iron that you can hit 3 inches behind the ball and still get it up in the air, and then going out and buying some blades. Don't underestimate your abilities. You CAN play blades, if you don't hit them well at first but you are dedicated to improving your swing, they will exploit your faults and you will adapt and improve. I think game improvement irons are for people who just want to go out and have a good time, don't really have any deep desire to improve, and don't make very good contact on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with that at all. That being said, your playing an MP-60, thats a solid players iron, you can hit a blade. Don't let it intimidate you.
  15. Nikki and Kelly's analyzing of the green was pretty obnoxious. It was more driven by Kelly, Nikki is just following his lead. I like Kelly's positive personality but the guy is definitely a free spirit.....a little too free. I was a little surprised with Pam's sand issues as well, I mean, give me a break. Confidence is so key in this game and some of the players just totally psych themselves out, that or they are trying to help the shows ratings. As far as Eddie, he got booted but he gained a girl so I think he's happy. I'm kind of glad Val is gone, I thought she was kind of annoying. When it comes to Gary.....the guy has the confidence, but he is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. He had the most AWKWARD finish I've ever seen on the knockdown from 200 yards to that green into the wind on the first (or second) show. It was just UGLY. That aside, his strong personality is exactly why he got on. Some of his comments really took me by suprise after he got booted off. He didn't take responsibility for loosing to Mark, he basically said, "well i thought they would want the best players to win but I guess thats not the case." So what he was saying is, "they kicked me off the show, i didn't lose." What an idiot....
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